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Washington, DC

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You are invited to attend the National Conference on Student Leadership’s (NCSL) fall conference.

The entire conference is designed for you to:

  • Grow as a student leader
  • Share your experiences with hundreds of students from across the U.S. (and world)
  • Prepare for your career after college

Fall 2017 Offers Exceptional Programming

No other conference matches the dynamic educational program led by speakers who are committed to your personal and professional growth. Here is some of what you can expect at NCSL:

Developing as a Student Leader

Discover the tools you need to understand yourself, strengthen your campus groups and organizations, and discover what it takes to impact your community. We’ve invited practitioners from a diverse range of backgrounds and experiences to bring the best in student leadership education to you.

At NCSL the focus is on you, the student leader.

You will create your conference experience by choosing from workshops that focus on self-development, group development, and civic engagement, all within the context of the social change model of leadership.

But we offer more than that. If you’re thinking about your next steps after college you’ll find educational sessions that offer guidance in the job search process, interviewing, professional polish, even dining etiquette. In other sessions, you will discover tools for healthy living and learn from social justice practitioners making a difference in communities across the U.S.

What Makes NCSL Unique

It’s YOU: the students and student advisors. Over 38 years NCSL has honed what we offer to bring the best educational program to you. Every conference we hold has a personality of its own, a dynamic group energy that you create in participation with your peers.

Our attendees return to campus energized and enlightened by the community learning experience at each conference. NCSL has the potential to change the course of your college and professional career as you embark on your own journey of self-discovery.

You will sharpen your leadership skills, explore your passions, and be emboldened to be one who serves to help solve social problems we face in our communities.

Optional Programs

Certified Student Leader Program
Our highly trained facilitators work with you to strengthen your leadership foundation by developing your skills in three core areas: self, group, and campus leadership.

Advisor Preconference Workshop
Attend this workshop to learn some simple techniques and subtle adjustments to everyday activities that will help you to be calmer, more focused, more productive, and happier.

Why Attend

At NCSL the focus is on you, the student leader. You have the opportunity to develop yourself based on your personal journey to leadership, including self-knowledge and effecting positive social change in your campus group and in your wider community.

You’ll also find educational sessions that offer guidance in the steps beyond college including the job search process, interviewing, professional polish, even dining etiquette. In other sessions, you will discover tools for healthy living and learn from social justice practitioners making a difference in communities across the United States.

Attention Students: Email Your Advisor

Hands-on breakout sessions are rich with practical takeaways. Below is a partial list of topics.

Bring your newly acquired skills to your next student organization meeting

  • Recruit with a purpose
  • Establish relevant and achievable group goals
  • Discover strategies for conflict management
  • Develop an engagement system in your organization
  • Learn skills for strategic listening
  • Build systems for sustaining group legacy
  • Nurture strong team connections
  • Discover the art and science of negotiation
  • Run effective meetings
  • Sustain an aligned group culture

The chance to start shaping your career

  • Create an action plan to guide career choices
  • Hone your personal and professional polish
  • Plan your personal branding strategy
  • Cultivate a personal code of ethics
  • Write a core purpose statement
  • Uncover the power of personal vision
  • Demystify public speaking
  • Master proper dining etiquette to master an interview over a meal
  • Uncover the power of your own voice
  • Build self-esteem and discard self-criticism
  • Create a plan to achieve a fulfilling future

Leadership topics for personal growth

  • Learn 11 phases of emotional development and how they apply to your journey
  • Understand how leaders empower others
  • Listen, commit, and connect through communication
  • Find the power of words and create connection through acknowledgment
  • Learn your personal conflict and leadership styles
  • Translate psychological concepts into personal action
  • Reduce stress
  • Identify actions to take when you’re wrong
  • Explore the five practices of exemplary leadership
  • Create a supportive campus community
  • Learn money management basics: your credit score, student loan debt, spending, and saving
  • Tame the emotional side of managing your money

Focus on health and wellness

  • Adapt to change
  • Review substance awareness and education
  • Learn to dealing with stress in a healthy way
  • Understand the difference nutrition and healthy eating make
  • Improve your sleep
  • Exercise for a healthy lifestyle

Network with thought leaders from all across the U.S. and around the world

  • Connect with others in a diverse world
  • Develop multicultural awareness
  • Learn the art of the introduction
  • Play to your strengths: for Introverts and extraverts
  • Build rapport
  • Make the right first impression
  • Be authentic

Civic engagement and social justice

  • Civility and why it matters
  • Communication strategies
  • Storytelling as a means of getting along
  • Social responsibility
  • Model civility at home, on campus, and in the community
  • Create a culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Challenge and dismantle stereotypes
  • Solve community problems with public-private partnerships
  • Find youth leadership programs that work
  • Discover your personal responsibility in the community

Just for student affairs professionals: Develop skills for personal and professional growth

  • Strategies for developing a digital identity
  • Model effective technology use for students
  • Manage stress in the workplace
  • Prioritize competing demands as an SA professional
  • Discover work/life balance
  • Improve emotional intelligence
  • Build morale, productivity, and leadership skills
  • Learn collaborative practices to use between professionals and student leaders
  • Find mindfulness in the workplace
  • Explore social media platforms for professional development



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Washington, DC

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