Nasty Women of Evanston Fundraiser

Nasty Women of Evanston Fundraiser

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1100 Florence Ave

1100 Florence Avenue

Evanston, IL 60202

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Join us at the Nasty Women of Evanston Fundraiser in support of Planned Parenthood, and many other fundraisers for Reproductive Rights!

About this event

Saturday, August 20, 6-9p, join us at the Nasty Women of Evanston Fundraiser in support of Planned Parenthood. Shop for art donated by artists who identify as Allies of Reproductive Rights, 12”x12”, at $100/each. Preview art, 12-5p. Shop for art, 6-9p.

RSVP to attend the party and to receive updates! Enjoy refreshments donated by Temperance Beer, Sketchbook Brewing Co., The Wine Goddess and delicious cookies by Lynn Altfeld!

Happening at the same time, Florence Avenue Block Party and more fundraisers!

10a-6p, Florence Avenue will be closed, Crain to Greenleaf Streets.

Everyone is invited to gather in the street to make art and meet the neighbors who make the West Village of Evanston one of the BEST neighborhoods in Evanston!

On the block:

•Kids Create Change Youth Booth with button making and cookie sales to support reproductive rights! 2-6p

•Judith Lewin is selling cards and original at Mill Creek Miniatures Studio Sale, 1127 Florence Ave., 1-4p

•Beth Adler is selling cyanotypes with a portion of sales going to Planned Parenthood at her art studio, 1125 Florence Ave., 2-7p

•Nasty Women Evanston Art Fundraiser in support of Planned Parenthood. Preview art, 12-5p. Shop for art, 6-9p.

In the neighborhood:

•Xiao Space Photo Sale. All proceeds support Planned Parenthood. 1522 Greenleaf street, August 20, 6-10p

•Gather at RetroFit for a day of snacks, drinks, fundraising & community! We are joining forces with other Evanston businesses to collectively raise $100,000 for Planned Parenthood of Illinois by August 31, 2022. Retro*Fit will have special sales, an in store raffle and free gifts for donations. Sat, Aug 20, 2- 8:00 PM

Evanstonians for Reproductive Rights

The Nasty Women Evanston Art Fundraiser is hosted in partnership with Evanstonians for Reproductive Rights. Together, our goal is to raise $100,000 by Aug. 31st to support Planned Parenthood. As of Aug. 17, $35,000+ has been raised! Visit the GoFundMe and donate any amount of money.


Join us in celebrating artist Maya Kalabic for creating this inclusive and ADORABLE poster! Make a $20 donation and take a poster home!


Nasty Women Evanston is an annual art fundraiser dedicated to raising funds for reproductive rights.

The main reason for Planned Parenthood as the beneficiary is that they are opening more clinics on the border of Illinois’ surrounding states that either already had trigger laws in effect (MO) or are attempting to have more restrictive laws in effect soon (WI, IN).

This will provide better and safer access to people who need to travel for safe and legal care.

Not only that, the reversal has made other reproductive health care options put into peril, such as care after miscarriage (not just D&C during miscarriage but other medical needs), necessary prescriptions being targeted, and more.

Additionally, PP serves significant numbers of humans who are poverty-stricken, disenfranchised, marginalized, trans, non-binary, or otherwise wouldn't feel safe going to a doctor in a different network for any reproductive care.

Please also consider donating to Chicago Abortion Fund, The Trevor Project, Elevated Access, Onward Together, or any other org that you want to support. It's important right now to do as much as we can, together.

Contact: 1100 Florence Ave. Evanston, IL 60202•••(847)544-8205

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