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Naked Men's Yoga+Tantra Paris with Brandon Anthony

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Refund Policy

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An Exploration of Self Love and Intimacy...

I invite you to dive into a night of self love and intimacy explorations with me. Let's let go of shame and enjoy ourselves as we truly are. We'll begin by building heat and confidence flowing as one in Naked Vinyasa Yoga, warm into body connection and sensual expression in Tantric Partner Yoga, and build to full bodied sensation and energetic release in Tantric Touch - deepening our connection to self and community as we move through this arc together. All men are welcome. Come shed your clothes, release your inhibitions, and celebrate every inch of your beautiful self.

Naked Men's Vinyasa Yoga

5p - 6:15p

Practicing naked yoga has always been really therapeutic for me, but there's something incredibly special about sharing the experience with a group of like-minded and loving men. In our Naked Men's Vinyasa Yoga class, men of all ages, shapes, and backgrounds come together to celebrate what their bodies can do. Lit by candles and backed by music, we flow through a sequence of traditional Sun Salutations and standing postures as we build heat, strength, and flexibility in the body. Although the 1st part of class can be challenging if you let it, everyone works at their own level. I'll give variations of every pose, and you'll be able to choose the one that feels best for you that day. After working up a sweat, we'll move into deep restorative stretches, ending the session in an open and well earned savasana.

Tantric Partner Yoga

6:15p - 7:45p

Our Tantric Partner Yoga class is about exploring intimacy, touch, and the balance of energy between bodies. Shifting and grinding in contrast and sync with our partners, we work to unlock new levels of sensation with one another. We take our time exchanging weight and energy through Tantric yoga poses and skin to skin exercises. By working to slow down, be present, and truly listen to the body language of our partners, we become more connected and attentive lovers. By allowing ourselves the courage to be vulnerable and let go into each other, we get the chance to discover new ways to be pleased. There's no pressure to perform and no conclusion to rush towards. Just you and your partner in that moment exploring. We'll partner up randomly and rotate partners multiples times, so you'll have the opportunity to share with a few different men if you attend solo. Couples have the option to join the rotation or partner only with each other.

Tantric Touch

7:45p - 9:15p

Our bodies overlap and intertwine as we glide across each other, using oil, hands, and every other part of ourselves to and stimulate sexual chi. Breaking into 3 groups, we'll place 1/3 of the men in the center to receive, while the rest move from body to body every few minutes giving. We'll enjoy each other, finding new pathways to sensation together. You'll have the option to switch between lying on your belly or your back at any point during your , and you'll also have time to let your givers know what kind of touch you're looking to receive that day. We make sure everyone experiences touch at their own comfort level. Once everyone has had their time in the middle, we'll come to the mats as one, finishing the session with slow, connected, full bodied group release.

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Are there ID or minimum age requirements?

All attendees must be 18+.

Where is the workshop taking place?

The address will be a private location in Montemarte. An info email with the full confirmed address will be sent 1 week before the workshop to the email you used when purchasing your ticket. If you purchase a ticket within a week of the workshop, the address will be in your confirmation email from Eventbrite. Make sure to adjust your email settings so Eventbrite messages are sent to your primary inbox, and check your spam and promotions folders if you're worried you've missed a message.

What do I need to bring to class?

You'll need to bring a yoga mat, water bottle, and at least one towel to cover the mat and clean up with. If you're unable to bring a mat, you may want to bring an extra towel to use as cushioning for any floor work we do. Massage oil will be provided at the Tantric Touch workshop, but bringing your own personal preferred lubricant is encouraged for the ending group release.

Is it okay if I'm new to Yoga/Tantra?

Newbies are welcome, but the Vinyasa Yoga class can flow pretty quickly. You may want to take a beginner's class at another studio or even online before attending if possible. No worries if you don't get the chance though. Each pose will be broken down and explained in both the Vinyasa and Tantric Partner Yoga classes. I'll also give a brief Tantric massage demo at the start of the Tantric Touch class.

Is it okay to attend a Tantric Partner Yoga workshop solo?

Definitely! Most people do. You'll be able to work with others in the group. Solo attendees will change partners multiple times during the workshop. Couples will have the option to rotate or partner only with each other.

Do I have to fit a certain body type or age to attend class?

Not at all! All shapes, sizes, and ages 18+ are welcome and encouraged to come celebrate themselves. This is a judgement and shame free zone. As long as you are fit and healthy enough for an athletic yoga practice, you will be able to participate. These events are open to anyone identifying as a Man. Discrimination of any kind will not be tolerated.

Is there sex involved in these workshops?

While there will be no penetration, the workshops are sex positive experiences and sexual activity between consenting adults may take place. Each workshop begins with a discussion on navigating consent with one another, and special care is taken to make sure everyone feels safe. You will never be directed to perform a sex act. Each person interacts with the group at their own level of comfort. You'll have the option to stimulate to completion at the end of Tantric Touch class, either alone or with other members of the group. The Vinyasa Yoga workshops do not involve any sexual activity.

Are there showers available at this location?

There is a shower, but because of the quick turnover between events, it will only be made available to those who are taking multiple workshops. Men attending more than one are welcome to rinse off briefly between workshops, but may want to bring an extra towel. Body wipes and mints will be provided for All Attendees.

Will there be a filming/photography?

No photos or video are permitted. Any photos or video footage you see on my website or social media pages was taken from shoots specifically designated for filming. We also ask everyone attending to respect the privacy of their fellow participants and not disclose who was in attendance to anyone outside of the group.

What is the refund policy?

Full refunds are available through eventbrite up to 7 days before any workshop. If you discover you are unable to attend within the 7 day window, you are welcome to gift or resell your ticket. That person will need to have your ticket or confirmation email printed or pulled on their phone when they arrive for the workshop.

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Refunds up to 7 days before event

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