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Intensify your intuition, communicate with Spirit, develop Psychic abilities, and Channel Energy

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Psychic, Mediumship, Channeling, and all mystical abilities are advanced intuitive skills that all of us, with mentoring and practice, can develop and master.

From beginner to expert, this experiential circle will expand and accelerate your gifts in amazing ways. You will grow in your abilities to accurately access extra sensory information.

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Development Circles - a group of people who are open and interested in improving their natural mystical abilities, synergistically. Ideally, the same people commit to participating regularly for a complete season.

Mystic - devoted to a mystical life, seeking to unlock esoteric mysteries and validate spiritual truths for ultimate communion with the Divine and Spirit.

Psychic - intuits the past, present, and probable futures for people and events in this life.

Medium - translates messages for spirit people, usually loved-ones in spirit.

Channel - speaks or writes inspiration coming directly from Spirit.

Divination - a tool such as tarot to interpret messages from Spirit.

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