Mystic Soul Teach-In: Intergenerational Trauma & Indigenous Reclamation

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The Mystic Soul Project is excited to announce the 3rd in a series of VIRTUAL TEACH-INS which will lean in deeper to areas of interest at the POC-centered intersection of mysticism, activism and healing. We are excited to engage in co-teaching and co-learning space virtually with The Mystic Soul community and offer up concepts and content that will engage us further in this exploration of POC-centering in our spiritualities, our healing and our engagement in action in the world. This THIRD SESSION will engage in Intergenerational Trauma & Indigenous Reclamation. This will be an interactive widening and deepening of engagement related to what was discussed on our most recent HEALING JUSTICE PODCAST EPISODE!

More on that and our other PODCAST EPISODES here:

These Virtual Teach-Ins will be at no cost for attendees to make sure that this community dialogue and learning is accessible to all regardless of means. That said, we would be glad and grateful for you to give back into the economy of this community with a donation. You can donate to The Mystic Soul Project and our work here:


This session will explore the ways in which we, as POC, carry intergenerational trauma -- attached to our DNA, in our embodied memory and into our contemporary lived experiences as well as the ways we can reclaim our lineages before the rupture of this trauma and how this process of reclamation has potential ingredients for repair and healing of past and present trauma, today. It will explore the ways in which people are claiming and reclaiming their ancestral and indigenous lineages - through names, geneologies, storytelling, healing and spiritual rituals and more. We will have time and space to share in collective practice and community conversation. We will discuss the depth of our hurt and the gateways to healing - as well as the realities of our times that complicate both intergenerational hurt and reclamation.


AnaYelsi Velasco-Sanchez is an IndoLatinx mujerista working to create and agitate her way through the latin diaspora.

She has been working as a faith-based community organizer for a decade and her experience both in interfaith and multi-issue organizing has provided her a unique understanding of the complex work involved in bridge-building and unifying diverse people around a shared purpose. The former Organizing and Programs Director for The Reformation Project (TRP), AnaYelsi is now a faith organizer, consultant, public speaker, writer, and visual artist.

AnaYelsi is working towards a vision of a liberating Church that faithfully pursues the biblical call to do justice in a way that honors Creator and creation. Committed to this vision, she is acting on faith and moving outside of traditional models of missional/prophetic work that hinges one’s ability to pursue justice on their relationship with systems and organizational hierarchies. She is trusting in a community of believers to partner with her in this endeavor – freeing her to go when called and to act and speak with the integrity necessary to fulfill this vision.17358555_10154675047937862_3730680352790471377_o

AnaYelsi is also a member of the Racial Justice Institute team (an initiative of Evangelicals For Social Action) and the Union of Affirming Christians.

She loves disappearing for hours in an art museum, feeding people a homemade flan of which she is unabashedly proud, reading everything she can get her hands on, and watching an absurd number of problematic made-for-tv holiday romcoms.

AnaYelsi lives in Washington, D.C. You can follow her on twitter at @brwneyedamzn and on Facebook.


Kwame Pitts, although having a male African name, is one of the only African Descent women in the Americas with the first name. She is also aware of the gravity and responsibility of her name, namely because of Kwame Nkrumah. She currently serves as a licensed, ordained minister specializing in Campus Ministry at the University of Chicago. She also engages theology and importance of ritual in trauma healing as an STM student at Chicago Theological Seminary, working on her final thesis. Through both the academic and the practical, she hopes to explore incorporating ancestral practices and traditions for those who are questioning about their current faith practice, how indigenous spirituality can either be experienced alongside or learned as a new spiritual practice, most being based in African Diaspora traditional spirituality. Kwame has experienced this personally through her introduction to both Vodun and Ifa; this year she was initiated in Ifa and studying under her Padrino, Babalawo Victor Guzman of the Botantica Orisha IIe Ifa Chicago.


Attendees will all receive a login link for The Mystic Soul's zoom meeting to this event the night of the call. Look out in your email box for this message via EVENTBRITE. Make sure to check your spam or other folders as it may not funnel to your main email account.

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