MycoSymbiotics Urban Mushroom Farmer Training
$350 – $450
MycoSymbiotics Urban Mushroom Farmer Training

MycoSymbiotics Urban Mushroom Farmer Training

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MycoSymbiotics MicroFarm Pennsylvania ave, Lemoyne, Pennsylvania

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MycoSymbiotics Presents

Urban Mushroom Farmer Training

Next Training March 16th-19th, 2017

New Cumberland/Lemoyne, Pennsylvania

"As above so below" - Hermes Trismegistus

Our Training

10425396_1645519158995648_2203711452292919166_nLiquid Cultures of Fungi

Our Trainings are for those ready to immerse themselves in fungal culture! Four 10hr intensive days(w/breaks for lunch and dinner), covering what it takes to work with fungi and in turn cultivate them. Small class size ensures everyone is addressed, and encourages communication between participants which can be very helpful. We will go through a series of presentations, and hands on workshops. Our Trainings will be held 3 times a year mostly in New Cumberland and Lemoyne, Pennsylvania on Permaculture Designed Properties, with field trips to our Micro Farm Facilities.

What We Cover

-Intro to Fungi, fungal biology, anatomy, and what mushrooms are.

-Effective and Inexpensive Home Labs and Lab practice. How to make a Still Air GloveBox. How to culture fungi. How to Clone mushrooms. Sterile Environments and HEPA filters. Equipment you will need, and where to get it.

-Cultivation Processes of expanding your culture to liquid, grain, and sawdust, Fruiting chambers and rooms. Lo Tech No Tech Methods

Fungi in the VermiBinFungi in the VermiBin

-MycoRemediation Theory, History, Safe Application and Monitoring. Citizen Science

- Mushroom Culture, History, Societal Implications

- Nutraceutical Mushrooms, How to make your own capsules, How you can benefit from mushroom teas, Unique medicinal application.

-MycoPermaculture using fungi in whole systems design. Ecological design with Fungi in Mind!

-Creating Complex Bio-Soils and Micro Environments by feeding your Fungal Wastes to Red Wiggler Worms, and Beatles.

Will's Partner w/ Pink Oysters

Learning Environment

We will be both inside and outside 2 Permaculture Homesteads. We will be facilitating hands on workshops, and powerpoint presentations. You may get messy if you want. We will get a chance to work in an Urban style clean room and lab, and fruiting facility. Depending on time of year and weather we may be inside the whole time.

20715_1618436335037264_3576040305609450316_nClasses will be no more than 15 people to make sure everyone gets addressed!

Our Intensive will be led by William Padilla-Brown. William is a Certified Permaculture Designer. Will has been studying Fungi and Growing Mushrooms for 5 years. For the past 4 years William has been studying and applying sustainable practices. Over the past year Will has educated both children and adults in Pennsylvania, Maryland, DC, Delaware, New York, Colorado, Georgia, North Carolina, and South Carolina. Will operates 2 Mushroom microfarm facilities producing Oyster & Lions Mane year round, and works on experimental Urban MicroFarms. He has studied Fungi with his mentor Tradd Cotter, and workshops from Fungi for the People! Will organizes an annual mushroom festival in Pennsylvania, is a contributing editor for Fungi Magazine and a returning speaker at the Telluride Mushroom Festival.

There will also may be some Guest Speakers from the MycoSymbiotics crew

Immersion F.E.E. and What you Get

F.E.E. Stands for Fair Energy Exchange, like the fungi we do our best to make sure we have a fair give and take.

The Immersion is $450 standard $350 for Students RSVP here. Diversity Scholarships and Work Trades available email

The Immersion includes

Local Organic Vegetarian Lunch & Dinner for all 3 days

Access to Fresh Glass Bottled Local Spring Water

5 Mushroom Cultures to take home

Worms to start a Vermi-Bin

A Workbook

Free off and on site Tent Camping w/ Kitchen Amenities (Depending on Season)

Other Lodging

Rent a Room on site sliding scale ($25-$75) depending on what you can afford *Limited*

Air BNB New Cumberland/Lemoyne/Camp Hill

Quality Inn New Cumberland - Harrisburg South

Budget Inn New Cumberland

(We will have a chauffeur to take people to class and back to there resting locations)

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MycoSymbiotics MicroFarm Pennsylvania ave, Lemoyne, Pennsylvania

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