My Little Passport- Spanish only Classic- 0-24 months Winter Semester 2017...

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UES 96th and Park- Address will be provided with reservation.

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Our Winter "Semester Abroad" is about to start! Every Wednesday at 11:30 am in the Upper East Side- through March 29th. This semester we are offering a 30 minute immersion in Spanish. The "Semester Abroad" includes 8 Spanish sessions. Come join the fun at My Little Passport where we train your child's ear for a lifetime of linguistics.

Class Schedule:

Every Wednesday 11:30-12:00

February 8th-March 29th

Make Up class and Refund Policy:

Please note that there will be NO make up classes available for those puchasing a "semester abroad". Drop in tickets are NON- Refundable- and can be used for any class during the semester pending availability for classes.

What is My Little Passport?

Did you know that when an infant is born they can make and hear all the sounds in the languages in the world? There are anywhere from 150- 200 different sounds found in language (about 6500 different languages!) These sounds are called phonemes. As a child develops his or her language skills, the little one starts using only the phonemes that are found in their language. English, for example, has about 44 phonemes. As we grow up, we lose the ability to really hear and perceive those other phonemes we are not using. By exposing infants to different language sounds on a consistent basis, there is a possibility of the little one grasping and internalizing these sounds for learning different languages- now and later in life. It also enhances the ability to think quickly as they learn the skill of changing attention between languages. At My Little Passport, we plan on incorporating a form of the Suzuki Method in our class structure for a more well-rounded class participation and happy baby! The Suzuki Method was developed by a musician, Shinishi Suzuki, to aid children in becoming successful musicians with a more parent-involved encouragement and practice format. The parents learn alongside their children so that they too can teach what was previously taught in a lesson at home. Repetition, positive encouragement, learning with other children are just some of the ideals of the Suzuki Method. My Little Passport plans on including the Suzuki Method in the class structure as parent involvement and repetition are some of the key aspects of the language and learn format. My Little Passport is a class that is focused on not primarily teaching your child a new language, but rather introducing your little one to the sounds, rhythm and phonemes that make each language distinct. It is also important to us that each caregiver feels involved in the class and learning alongside the child. We hope you will enjoy dancing, singing and reading in the different languages taught in each class, and want to sing the songs outside of class because it was that much fun!

How is My Little Passport Taught?

Other than a brief introduction by the instructor in English, the entire class is taught in the particular language the students have signed up for. We structure every class the same way: 4 sections designed to engage your baby in the way he or she learns. We Dance ! Speak! Sing! Listen! The parent or caregiver will follow along with cues given by the instructor.

Who is behind My Little Passport?

Nathalia Duran and Kristen Luther are the masterminds behind My Little Passport. While doing the mommy circuit in the UES, they noted that there were not a lot of places where their infant daughters could interact in another language. They found that primarily all of the language classes offered were for older children. Both Kristen and Nathalia have a passion for languages and understand the importance that language plays in the development of a child. It was imperative that they create the base for language learning in their daughters at a young age. Thus My Little Passport was born.

Kristen is a first-time mom who originally hails from Maryland, and has lived in Manhattan for 13 years. When Kristen was in college, "for fun" she took many child development classes. It was something that really intrigued her (and still does to this day!). She moved to New York to pursue an acting career, and her day job was babysitting and nannying on the Upper West and Upper East sides until her little one came along.

Nathalia is also a first-time mom originally from Bogota, Colombia. She has lived in Manhattan for 10 years. Her native tongue is Spanish, but she also speaks Italian and French. She has also studied Portuguese, Arabic and Hebrew. An enthusiast for different languages, she is aware how important the ability to be multi-lingual has been in her experience of the world. She wants to make sure her daughter Simone also has that same experience and knows that the younger she starts the better.

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UES 96th and Park- Address will be provided with reservation.

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