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Multi-Family Quality Control Inspector (QCI) (C431)

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3406 Redwood Ave

Bellingham, WA 98225

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A Note About Ticket Types:

There are three different Ticket Types. You will need to choose the appropriate one in order to register.

WA State Weatherization (WX) Agency, Tribal, or WA State Department of Commerce Staff:
Those who are employees of a Commerce-recognized WA State Wx Agency, a staff member of one of WA State's Tribes (with approval by Commerce), or Commerce staff. The list of Commerce-recognized WA State Weatherization Agencies can be viewed here.

WA State Wx Agency-Associated Contractor:
Contractors working under one of the WA State Wx Agencies (see above). At registration, you will be required to list the WA State Wx Agency(ies) you are associated with.

General Public/Non-Associated Contractor:
Those who neither work for nor under (as a contractor) one of the WA State Wx Agencies (see above).

Session Description:

Multi-Family Quality Control Inspector (QCI)

Instructor: Matt Redmond


This course is designed for WAP personnel who presently perform and/or having a working knowledge of multifamily auditing and/or multifamily project management and/or multifamily post inspections on low to mid rise multifamily units of wood, steel, or masonry construction. These buildings can be centrally heated/DHW or individually heated/DHW.

This course is based on the NREL Multifamily QC Inspector Job Task Analysis (JTA) which can be found at:

This course is specifically tailored to those in WAP who can document experience performing one or more of the following:

initial multifamily audits or assessments and/or
has managed multifamily WAP projects to completion and/or
has post inspected completed multifamily projects and/or
has a current BPI Multifamily Building Analyst Certification and/or
has a current BPI HEP QC Inspector Certification and/or
Is presently employed as a WAP grantee technical monitor
Please submit a short resume detailing your previous or current multifamily experience and other work or training experience that is relevant to multifamily projects to at time of registration. The course instructor will review prior to the course date to determine your eligibility to sit for the course and final test. All course attendees that pass the final 50 question multifamily test will receive a NYSWDA Certificate of Successful Completion.

Course Instructor: Matt Redmond, NYSWDA’s Director of Training

Course Length: Three (3) Days

Course Handouts: Attendees will be provided a NYSWDA Multifamily Course Manual covering all material presented in the course.

Final Course Evaluation: Students will take a written 50 question multiple choice written exam at the end of the course. Students must score a final passing score of 70 to receive NYSWDA’s Certificate of Completion.

Course Schedule:

Multifamily Quality Control Inspector Short Course Schedule

Day 1

• 9:00- 9:15: Introductions and course paperwork
• 9:15-10:00: Multifamily Video and Introduction to the DOE QWP requirements
• 10:00-10:15: Coffee break
• 10:15-11:15: Overview of DOE/State Multifamily Policy and Requirements
• 11:15-12:15: Introduction to the NREL Multifamily SWS’s
• 12:15-1:00: Lunch
• 1:00 -2:15: Introduction to Multifamily QC Inspector Job Task Analysis (JTA)
• 2:15-2:30: Coffee break
• 2:30-4:00: JTA Duties and Tasks (A)-Reviewing Project Documents
• 4:00-4:45: Multifamily blower door testing
• 4:45-5:00- Q&A/ daily course wrap up
Day 2

• 9:00-9:15-Daily course sign in
• 9:15-10:30: JTA Duties and Tasks (B)-Developing Quality Control Plan
• 10:30-10:45 Coffee break
• 10:45- 12:00: JTA Duties and Tasks (C)- Conducting Pre-Installation Site Visits
• 12:15-1:00: Lunch
• 1:00-4:45: JTA Duties and Tasks (D)-Conducting Site Visits
• 3:00-3:15: Coffee break
• 4:45-5:00: Q&A/daily course wrap up
Day 3

• 9:00-9:15: Daily course sign in
• 9:15-10:30: JTA Duties and Tasks (E), Reporting QCI Observations and Findings
• 10:30-10:45: Coffee break
• 10:45-12:15: Final written test (50 question/multiple choice)
• 12:15-12:45 Course final wrap up and Q&A

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3406 Redwood Ave

Bellingham, WA 98225

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