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MSU Alumni Band 2019 Fall Reunion

MSU Alumni Band

Friday, September 27, 2019 at 6:00 PM (EDT)

MSU Alumni Band 2019 Fall Reunion

Registration Information

Registration Type Sales End Price Fee Quantity
Annual Alumni Band Dues
Alumni Band annual dues run from September 1st to August 31st of each year. Annual dues are required to participate in the reunions. Exceptions are new graduates (see next ticket option). Please use this ticket to pay dues even if you are not attending the reunion.
Sep 24, 2019 $20.00 $0.00
Annual Alumni Dues - New Graduates Only
If you graduated from MSU within the past year, your first year dues to the Alumni Band are free! Use this ticket instead of the one above. You MUST supply your graduation year later in the registration process.
Sep 24, 2019 Free $0.00
Reunion Registration - No shirt (you already have it!)
This ticket is ONLY for Alumni Band members who received their shirt at a previous event and are using it for this performance.
Sep 13, 2019 $10.00 $0.00
Reunion Registration - need shirt
Everyone attending the reunion must select this ticket or the previous ticket. This ticket includes the required shirt (specify size later).
Sep 13, 2019 $20.00 $0.00
Reception - Friday evening
The Alumni Band will host a reception at Dem Hall or the MSU Union on Friday evening, following the music rehearsal. There is no cost, but we do need to have you register! Hors d'oeuvres will be available with a cash bar
Sep 24, 2019 Free $0.00
Homecoming Parade - September 27th
Participate in the Homecoming Parade through the streets of East Lansing and on to the MSU campus. You can ride on a flat-bed trailer (no marching!) or walk, while playing familiar tunes for the Alumni Band. Parade kicks off at 6:00pm.
Sep 24, 2019 Free $0.00
Reunion Lunch Option 1 - Turkey   more info Sep 24, 2019 $8.00 $0.00
Reunion Lunch Option 2 - Cold Cuts   more info Sep 24, 2019 $8.00 $0.00
Reunion Lunch Option 3 - Veggie   more info Sep 24, 2019 $8.00 $0.00
Spartan Marching Band Jackets
The Alumni Band is supporting the Band Jacket fund - helping to provide a band jacket to all freshman who have earned their jacket by marching with the Spartan Marching Band.
Sep 24, 2019 Enter donation ($)
Ken Bloomquist Scholarship fund
Each year the Alumni Band provides a scholarship to one deserving music student in recognition of Ken Bloomquist.
Sep 24, 2019 Enter donation ($)
John Whitwell Scholarship fund
Each year the Alumni Band provides a scholarship to one deserving music student in recognition of John Whitwell.
Sep 24, 2019 Enter donation ($)
Leonard Falcone Scholarship Endowed Music Scholarship
Contributions to this fund provide scholarships for full-time undergraduate or graduate music majors.
Sep 24, 2019 Enter donation ($)
Leonard Falcone Memorial Bands Scholarship Endowment
This scholarship will be awarded to non-music majors who perform in both the Spartan Marching Band and one of the auditioned concert bands.
Sep 24, 2019 Enter donation ($)

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Event Details


Please use this site to:MSU-IU Program

  • Pay annual membership dues
  • Sign up for the September 27th Homecoming Parade
  • Register for the September 27th reception (Dem Hall/Union)
  • Register and pay for the September 27-28th Fall reunion
  • Purchase a shirt for the reunion
  • Purchase a lunch at the reunion
  • Make a donation to the SMB jacket fund
  • Make a donation to the Bloomquist, Whitwell, or Falcone scholarships


This reunion is a very special event, please read through the details carefully as there are some exciting differences for this year.  Read through the information below before you register! The individual tickets are at the beginning of this site, and answers to common questions are below. Please type using proper capitalization!


Just like the Spartan Marching Band and all other Spartan Bands, members of the MSU Alumni Band are representative of the MSU College of Music and Michigan State University.  Members shall conduct themselves in a mature and professional manner toward all athletes, officials, and venue staff whenever we attend or play at an event, wear our uniform, or in any way represent the Alumni Band. Tradition, positive attitudes, and esprit de corps are characteristics of the Spartan Community that the MSU Alumni Band wishes to project at its performances - whether on campus or off. Remember that all physical and verbal actions reflect on the band, the College of Music, and the University, with much of our activity visible on camera - and therefore exposed to a large audience. Our esprit de corps is enhanced by the positive support of fellow band members, the University, and wearing our colors with pride.



Homecoming Parade

HC Parade

All Alumni Band members are welcome to participate in the annual Homecoming parade on Friday evening. The parade will begin at 6:00pm from the Hannah Community Center on Abbot Road in East Lansing, and wind its way through the city and on to campus. You do not have to march!  A flatbed trailer will be used with seats provided for the Alumni Band - sit while you play!  You may also walk alongside the trailer while playing.  Select the Homecoming Parade ticket above to participate in this always fun event. Free and open to all members.  Participants will be provided additional information as the date approaches.  For more information, contact Special Events Coordinator Jack Nelson at


Music Rehearsal - Friday evening

New this year - music rehearsal will follow the Homecoming Parade, beginning at 8:00pm at Dem Hall.  We STRONGLY suggest everyone attend this rehearsal, as music on Saturday will only be part of the marching drills (no separate rehearsal). The music rehearsal will also include our mandatory annual business meeting (this may include a brief Treasurer's report, and a nomination/approval of officers) and guest speakers.


You may check-in at Dem Hall beginning at 7:00pm (if you're not part of the Homecoming parade), or up until rehearsal begins at 8:00pm. If you absolutely can not attend the music rehearsal, the mandatory check-in will be Saturday morning.


Reception- Friday evening

A reception follows the music rehearsal at either Dem Hall or the MSU Union for all Alumni Band members and a guest.  This is an optional event, beginning at approximately 9:15-9:30pm. No charge for admission, but please pre-register with the correct ticket above. Complimentary hors d'oeuvres will be available with a cash bar.  Come and enjoy the company of your fellow alumni, and celebrate 150 years of the MSU bands.




SpartyheadGame Day - Spartans vs Hoosiers

IU Logo


  The schedule below anticipates a 3:30pm


                    This is subject to change!






Check-in/social time - Friday, 7:00pm-8:00pm - Check in at Dem Hall for our evening music rehearsal.  If you can't make it on Friday, then the required check-in will be Saturday 7:30-8:45am - You must check in and pick up the necessary items that will allow you to enter the stadium, receive a lunch (if ordered), etc. Make sure to join us for the early Saturday morning refreshments!  Please note - if you are not pre-registered on time and joining us on Friday, you will not be charted for the halftime show. Late registrants will stand and play on the field only.


Marching Rehearsal - Saturday 9:00am (Note: you must be part of the marching rehearsal if you plan to march in the stadium)Music Rehearsal

Lunch - 11:30am - lunch is on your own, or the Alumni Band can provide a box lunch (sub, chips, cookie, drink).  Make sure you select the correct ticket(s) above for the lunch type and quantity for the Alumni Band lunch.


Assemble at Adams Field: 1:45pm - Meet at Adams Field for the march to the stadium. Everyone who is registered for the reunion (pre-registered or late) is welcome to march the Series to the stadium.


Kickoff - 3:30pm  Please watch local news reports and other informational sources to confirm the time. If this changes, we will alter our schedule as needed and get information out as quickly as possible. We can't control game time (or the weather), but we will adapt and adjust!


Halftime - music and drills are still in progress.  Everyone who registers will be notified as soon as the information is available.


Postgame - We will assemble on the field with the Spartan Marching Band for a post-game concert.


March to Dem Hall - we will set up in parade block formation outside of the stadium for our march back to Dem Hall. Series


To Register:

At the start of this page are a series of "tickets" that you can select, depending on your involvement at the reunion. Fill out each as completely as possible - each ticket is for a specific function or payment. Please make sure you look at each ticket for the item you wish to receive and/or participate in. Everyone must select the ticket for the Alumni dues. If you are coming to the reunion, both annual dues and registration are required (two separate tickets). The only exception is if you've graduated from MSU within the past year - your dues are waived (select the ticket for "recent graduate"). New graduates - you must supply your graduation year later in the process.  All registration and selected tickets must be completed by September 13, 2019. You must be pre-registered through this site to be able to march the game!


There are a number of questions with required responses.  This is to make sure you are charted correctly for the game, and to make sure we have the proper contact information. Please make sure your email is current, and that you can receive attachments! We do not share your information or post it anywhere!


We prefer that you pay by credit card, but you also have the option to send in a check (see "other payment options" below the credit card choices).  EventBrite will generate an electronic ticket for you.  There is no need to bring this with you to the reunion.

 Marching Rehearsal



Selections this year include A Taste of Honey, Tradition, and the 1812 Overture. Individual music parts are not yet available.  Everyone who pre-registers on this site will be notified as soon as music is available for download.



The Department of Athletics and the College of Music have asked us to maintain the uniformity of our dress for all performances (games, parades, etc.).  We are once again making available the dark green Alumni Band T-shirt which will be worn for the parade and game.  It can be purchased as part of registration (select the appropriate ticket when you register), and picked up when you check in. If the weather is cooler, you're welcome to wear other clothes (similar color) under the Alumni Band shirt and your marching band jacket.  Everyone also should wear black pants or black shorts for the performance.


Post Game

Join us after the game for a reception in Dem Hall.  Details are still being finalized, but this will be a free event (no registration necessary!).  Celebrate the day, enjoy the company of fellow Alumni Band members, directors, and the SMB. We'll provide additional information as we get closer to game day.


Some common questions (and answers):

  1. Do I have to be a member to participate?  Yes - everyone who is participating in any of the Alumni Band events (Sept. 27-28), must be a dues-paying member of the Alumni Band (note: graduates within the past year are free). Dues run from September 1 - August 31 each year.
  2. Is the shirt required? Yes - everyone marching the Series to the stadium, sitting in the stands, and/or marching at halftime or the Homecoming parade must have the "official" shirt.  You can use a shirt purchased previously, as long as it is the same shirt. There is a ticket above to purchase the shirt, and you may pick it up when you check in on game day. Everyone should also be wearing black pants or black shorts.Shirt
  3. Where do I find the music? Music will be available soon!  You will be notified as soon as your part is ready.
  4. Where is Friday-Saturday check-in and rehearsal? Demonstration Hall, Friday from 7:00pm-8:00pm, Saturday 7:30am-8:45am.
  5. What if I can't attend on Friday, but still want to come on Saturday? We strongly encourage you to come on Friday, but if you absolutley can't, please come on Saturday!  Check in at Dem Hall in the morning and join us. However, the only way to march the game on Saturday is to pre-register on time. Late registrants can be on the field for the last number (stand and play).
  6. Where are we sitting in the stands? At this time, that has not been determined. Chances are good that we'll be in the same location as the previous years - behind the SMB, in the southeast corner of the stadium.
  7. Can I register on game day, or just show up and play?  Everyone must be preregistered through this site if you expect to march the game, so that charting the show is completed on time and fewer problems are encountered on game day. If you just show up on game day (without preregistering), you are limited to standing on the field for one number, and playing in the stands.
  8. I'm just going to show up and walk in with the band. Sorry - everyone who marches the Series and/or enters the stadium must have identification that will be issued when they check in. The only way to obtain the identification is by properly registering. Stadium officials check everyone entering the game.
  9. I'm going to arrive late - what arrangements do I need to make? Sorry -  charting is not going to be adjusted to accomodate late-arriving participants.  If you're marching the game, please register on time so that you are charted.
  10. Do I need to bring proof that I registered? No - we'll have all of that information. When you check in on game day, you'll receive a name tag that is confirmation of your registration.
  11. Do I need a game ticket? Can family and friends sit with me? No - on both accounts. Only you have access to the stadium and a seat by registering with us.  Seating is limited in our area, and we are unable to accomodate additional individuals. 
  12. Can I purchase additional game tickets through the Alumni Band? No, the Alumni Band can not offer or control any game tickets - that is all through the Department of Athletics. Please contact the MSU Ticket Office at 517-355-1610, or see MSU Tickets for additional game tickets.
  13. I can't bring an instrument, can I borrow one? We strongly encourage individuals to make every effort possible to bring their own instrument, or make arrangements ahead of time to borrow one (check local schools, music stores, etc.). The SMB and MSU typically have some instruments available, such as tubas, percussion, and flags. However, the smaller the instrument, the less likely there will be one available. Please let us know ahead of time if you must borrow an instrument; however, we can not gurantee that one will be avilable. We also do not know ahead of time what is available. If an instrument is loaned, a non-refundable fee will be assessed. You must provide a valid, current photo ID to check out any instrument or flag.
  14. What do I do with my instrument case during the game? It can be left in Dem Hall, which will be locked until after the game. Note that if you leave the game early you cannot get back in to Dem Hall until the entire band returns.
  15. Is my registration/ticket transferrable? No - it is only for the person who registered.
  16. Can I update my registration information? Yes - go back in to the EventBrite site and make the necessary adjustments. If that does not work, send us an email at, and we'll take care of it for you.
  17. What is the refund policy? The reunion registration is refundable, if you notify us before the event. The registration is not refundable if you simply fail to show up at the event.
  18. Where do I park? Friday parking is still being determined - details are coming!  On Saturday, the University lots open five hours before kickoff, which can make it tight for Alumni Band members. Please plan accordingly!  See this link for more information: Game Day Parking.  If you don't wish to park on campus, the City of East Lansing (across Grand River) also has options available.
  19. I'm not attending, can I just skip all of this? We would rather you didn't! However, you can still pay your dues on this site, without signing up for any of the events. Please take the time to do that and provide your contact information to keep our records up to date.  This will help us to keep you informed throughout the year.
  20. I have more questions - who do I contact?  Send an email to, or call us at 517-351-4582.



The Alumni Band encourages your support of scholarships and projects.  Please consider donating to one or more of the following (use the tickets at the top of the page for each):

  • The John Whitwell Band Scholarship Fund - awarded annually each spring to a student in honor of director emeritus John Whitwell.
  • The Ken Bloomquist Scholarship Fund - awarded annually each spring to a student in honor of director emeritus Ken Bloomquist.
  • The SMB Jackets Sponsorship Fund - in support of all freshman in the Spartan Marching Band - to award the coveted jacket to each freshman at minimal to them.
  • The Leonard Falcone Endowed Music Scholarship - provides a scholarship for full time undergraduate and graduate music majors.  Awardees are selected by the Director of Bands.
  • The Leonard Falcone Memorial Bands Scholarship Endowment - is awarded to non-music majors who perform in both the Spartan Marching Band and one of the auditioned concert bands.

To contribute to the scholarships and projects listed above, you may use the tickets at the beginning of the page. Note that this method is not tax-deductible! To receive the official acknowledgement from MSU (and tax deduction), donations must be made directly through University Advancement (on-line donation). To do that, visit the following link:, and on that page, under "Search for Fund", type in:

AE069 for the Bloomquist scholarship
AE06072 for the Whitwell Scholarship
AE060704 for the band jackets
AE0603 for the Falcone Endowed Music Scholarship
AE060709 for the Falcone Memorial Bands Scholarship Endowment
 Thank you!

Additional information and links:

Alumni Band home page:

Fall reunion:

Spartan Marching Band home page:



Have questions about MSU Alumni Band 2019 Fall Reunion? Contact MSU Alumni Band
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When & Where

Demonstration Hall
229 Dem Hall Road
Michigan State University
East Lansing, MI 48824

Friday, September 27, 2019 at 6:00 PM (EDT)

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MSU Alumni Band

The MSU Alumni Band Association was formed by Ken Bloomquist (Director of Bands Emeritus) in 1970. Since then we have been meeting regularly in the Fall to march a home football game, a Spring concert, and numerous special events throughout the year.  This provides an opportunity for band alumni - young and old - to join together in musical performances and camaraderie reflective of the wonderful spirit of MSU Bands.

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