MS/MO/MP Ground School for Pilots

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Carolina Room at Columbia Airport Terminal

3250 Airport Blvd

West Columbia, SC 29170

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***This event has moved it's location to the Carolina Room at the Columbia (KCAE) Airport Terminal. The Carolina Room can be accessed by the baggage claim in the terminal building. Parking passes will be provided for those driving in. For those flying, a CAP van will be staged at Eagle Aviation. Please reference the map for details***

This 10 hour ground school is designed to complete all the preparatory tasks for MS, MO and MP for pilots. This will allow pilot trainees in South Carolina Wing to complete their training sorties required to attain Mission Pilot. While this course is designed for pilots, non-pilots may participate, however they will not get all thier preparatory tasks signed off and will need to find a MS/MO SET at another date to complete them. If you are an SET, please sign up as well to help instruct. For attendees that are instructors or already hold a MP qualification, there will be a class on Advanced Communication and VIRBs (subject to change). All participants should bring $5 for lunch. Uniform is any authorized CAP uniform. All attendees need to review materials (MS, MO and MP; slide presentations, text books, and In Flight Guide) ahead of time at NESA's MAS curriculum webside: All MP trainee attendees need to bring a hand gridded sectional (CLT Sectional; the whole sectional does not need to be gridded, just a 5x5 grid are of the trainees choice on the map) using the CAP grid system to get credit for task: O-2003 Grid Sectional Charts. Below is the schedule and tasks being covered/not covered.

Tasks not covered:

O-2024 - Demonstrate Use of Sectional Charts (MS)

P-2016 - Identify and Discuss Major Aircraft Controls (MS)

P-2017 - Identify and Discuss Major Aircraft Instruments (MS)

P-2018 - Discuss Aircraft Weight and Balance (MS)

P-2019 - Identify Items Checked During an Aircraft Preflight Inspection (MS)

O-2013 - Plot a Route on a Sectional Chart (MS)


0745-0800: Introduction (Maj Diniega, Maj Kelly, LtCol Grooms, 1st Lt Bennett)

0800-0830: MS/MO/MP Introduction (Maj Diniega)

  • P-2003 - Discuss Type of Flights Performed by CAP Aircrews (MP)

  • P-2013 - Discuss Mission Scanner Duties and Responsibilities (MS)

  • P-2007 - Discuss Mission Observer Duties and Responsibilities (MO)

  • P-2001 - Discuss Mission Pilot Duties and Responsibilities (MP)

  • P-2015 - Enter Data into CAP Forms (MS)

  • P-2014 - Discuss CAP Liability Coverage and Mishap Reporting (MS)

0830-0900: Communications (1st Lt Bennett)

  • O-2019 - Demonstrate Proper Number and Character Pronunciation (MS)

  • O-2020 - Use Prowords and Code Words (MS)

  • O-2010 - Use In-Flight Services (MO)

0900-0910: Break

0910-0940: Weather (Maj Kelly)

  • P-2024 - Discuss Strategies to Combat High Altitude Effects (MS)

  • P-2008 - Discuss the Dangers of Icing (MO)

  • P-2009 - Discuss the Dangers of Reduced Visibility Conditions (MO)

  • P-2010 - Discuss the Dangers of Wind and Thunderstorms (MO)

  • P-2011 - Discuss the Effects of Density Altitude on Aircraft Performance (MO)

0940-1010: Navigation and Position Determination (Maj Kelly)

  • P-2012 - Identify Controlled and Special Use Airspaces on a Sectional (MO)

  • O-2003 - Grid Sectional Charts (MP, Bring Charts ahead of time to receive credit)

1010-1020: Break

1020-1100: Safety, Security and Survival (Maj Diniega)

  • O-2015 - Demonstrate Ground Operations and Safety (MS)

  • O-2017 - Demonstrate Post-Crash Actions (MS)

  • P-2020 - Discuss the Dangers of Wake Turbulence (MS)

  • P-2002 - Discuss General CAP-Related Safety Requirements and Issues (MP)

  • P-2004 - Discuss Security Concerns and Procedures (MP)

1100-1140: Search Planning (LtCol Grooms)

  • P-2025 - Discuss Common Search Terms (MS)

  • O-2004 - Use a POD Table (MP)

  • O-2009 - Demonstrate Air/Ground Team Coordination (MP)

  • O-2021 - Interpret Emergency Signals and Demonstrate Air/Ground Team Coordination (MS)

1140-1220: Lunch (Pick up by Instructors ahead of time)

1220-1300: Scanning Techniques (1st Lt Bennett)

  • P-2021 - Discuss how Atmospheric and Lighting Conditions Effect Scanning Effectiveness (MS)

  • P-2022 - Identify Visual Clues and Wreckage Patterns (MS)

  • P-2023 - Discuss how Reduced Visibility and Turbulence Effect Search Operations (MS)

  • P-2026 - Identify what to Look For and Record during Damage Assessment Missions (MS)

1300-1340: Visual Search Patterns (Maj Kelly)

  • P-2027 - Describe CAP Search Patterns (MS)

1340-1350: Break

1350-1530: Electronic Search Patterns (Major Diniega)

  • O-2101 - Describe how ELT's are Detected (MP)

1530-1540: Break

1540-1600: Crew Resource Management (LtCol Grooms)

  • P-2028 - Discuss Crew Resource Management (MS and MP)

1600-1700: Step Through a Mission (Maj Diniega)

  • O-2107 - Prepare for a Trip to a Remote Mission Base (MO)

  • P-2005 - Discuss Mission Pilot Responsibilities During a Mission (MP)

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Carolina Room at Columbia Airport Terminal

3250 Airport Blvd

West Columbia, SC 29170

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