Motion, Duo Exhibit | Dina Herrmann & Raymond Logan. Check for VIP in bio

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2525 Michigan Avenue, Los Angeles, CA, United States Building G, #8

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Beyond The Lines Gallery Presents

Motion, Duo Exhibit | Dina Herrmann & Raymond Logan

November 11th, 2017 | Santa Monica, CA – Herrmann’s oil paintings take your eyes all through the canvas, feeling

every brush stroke and power of emotions behind the movement, color combinations and texture.

Motion is about experiencing and embracing each piece’s song

Collectors VIP Preview with the Artists | RSVP Only: Saturday, November 11th • 4pm - 6pm

Public Opening Reception: Saturday, November 11th • 6:00pm – 9:00pm

Show Runs: November 11th, 2017 – December 28th, 2017 | Gallery Hours 11am-5pm, Tuesday – Saturday

Brittany Davis | 714-369-9869

About Artist Dina Herrmann

Abstract painter Dina Herrmann’s influences, Kandinsky,

Pollock, Miro, O’Keefe, and Picasso, are readily

recognized in her work. Her own aspirations, “to create

balance and beauty in a timeless world,” are achieved by

drawing from both physical and spiritual realms to create

mesmerizing, rhythmic, canvases.

Herrmann’s interest and study of various modalities of

spiritual systems, philosophies and therapeutic bodywork

have greatly informed her paintings. Her work undertakes

the difficult task of rendering multi-dimensions, allowing

an opportunity for the viewer to experience the macro and micro cosmic universe. Her mastery of shadow

and form, and the eloquent control of technique, that sets the tone and purpose of her art.

In her latest works, Herrmann was inspired by painter Joan Sneider as well as her late father, Robert

Herrmann. He left behind hundreds of small abstracts which have inspired her to create a new series in

homage to him that reflect a new boldness, shape, and composition. Her very first attempt won Herrmann

Best Oil Painting at the Black & White show held at the Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition. She is

currently in the process of interpreting more of her father’s brilliant


Words from artist Raymond Logan:

“The subject matter of my work is not as important as how I

paint it. Whether it be people, places, or things, the important

thing is that my personality as an artist is visible through

those themes. If I am not in there, I do not see the point.” While

I feel this is still true, I no longer feel it is a complete “statement”

from me as an artist.

Over the years I have watched myself meticulously pick my

subject matter based on two innate criteria: challenge and

access. The subject must challenge me to express myself and

grow as an artist. It must also afford access for my viewer;

access to me as an artist and what I am trying to do. Even if

they do not understand how I did it, the work must speak

to them on some personal level and the subject matter often

helps us find our common ground. We are all connected to

people, places, and things. Sometimes those connections are based on memories, sometimes they

are immediate. Either way, ethereal or evident, they are shared.

My art is a dialogue between the viewer and myself about those shared connections—without the viewer, I am

that proverbial tree

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2525 Michigan Avenue, Los Angeles, CA, United States Building G, #8

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