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Morphogenic Field Technique - Detroit, MI

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Holiday Inn Metro Detroit

8400 Merriman Road

Romulas, MI

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Join us for our Morphogenic Field Technique seminar in Detroit, MI

Saturday, September 30th at 8:00 am registration 8:30am start ends 5:00 pm

Sunday, October 1st 8:30am start ends 3:00 pm

About the seminar:

The field of energy around the human body (the Morphogenic Field) is a great tool for assessing and gatheringimportant information regarding the health of the individual.

In this seminar, the health care practitioner gets hands-on experience at they learn how to quickly and efficiently assess the M-Field.

After learning this simple process, your patients will benefit from your ability to:

1. Measure their Morphogenic Field (M-Field) both before and after the analysis and demonstrate their increase in field energy.

2. Understand the importance of a large, balance energy field and participate in the healing process.

3. Speak to the body in its own language.

4. Use specialized remedies to develop the proper homeopathic, nutritional and herbal support.

5. NEW! How to energetically grade the concentration of many common environmental toxins affecting the patient and watch the levels diminish as the case progresses.

6. NEW! Learn to use the new MFT “Tell the Truth” Pillar, featuring the energies of Genetic and Chromosomal Transcription Factors and Stem Cells. At the end of the procedure, both you and the client will know that you have revealed the “truthful” protocol.

The goal of Morphogenic Field Technique is to expand and balance the M-Field for health improvement. In ten easy-to-learn steps, the seminar attendee can quickly move into the next generation of natural healing practitioners.

MFT can demonstrate for both the practitioner and the patient/client which remedies resonate most accurately for their very specific requirements.


It is a "clinical" seminar, teaching 45 specialized procedures than can be used for clinical situations that arise in your office.

We introduce theory and procedures that address Emotional aspects of health using the M-Field and Energetix homeopathic tools.

The class teaches how to use the "energy" of the patient's medical labels to develop totally natural alternatives that expand and balance the M-Field using the MFT "Special Situations" kit.

Extra focus is given to endocrine and drainage pathways of the body. New and exciting options are presented with the help of system stress testing.

Early Registration Discount pricing ends August 15, 2017.

EarlyBird Professional Administration - $250.00

EarlyBird Staff - $100.00

Staff after 8/15/17 - $150.00

Professional Administration after 8/15/17 - $275.00

Why should you attend?

  • You’ll discover the principles governing the Morphogenic field and how you can use them immediately in your practice.

  • You’ll leave with a simple new way of viewing and participating in the healing process.

  • You’ll understand in a new way how quickly the regulatory processes of the body can shift.

  • You’ll learn to speak to the body in its own language.

What your colleagues are saying:

"WOW! This really works and now I am cutting my assessment time in half."

"I had a complete paradigm shift within the first 30 minutes and I already thought I was on the cutting edge."

"A simple technique that even makes sense to skeptical patients."

"I love Frank's teaching style, all meat and no fluff."

"Best training I have attended in years!"

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Date and Time


Holiday Inn Metro Detroit

8400 Merriman Road

Romulas, MI

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