More Women in Games Brunch #1

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MATES Coworking

Georgenstraße 66

80799 München


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Welcome to the first "More Women in Games Brunch" in Munich! We are hosting cozy brunch that's secretly a knowledge sharing and networking event for women (cis/trans) and other marginalized genders who want to create, design, develop, promote, publish and/or review games.

Why are we doing this? It's pretty simple, we want to empower women (and other under-represented people) to participate fully in the game industry across all sectors and we want even more amazing games from a diverse set of people. Our way to contribute this is by connecting newcomers and showcase the work of women who are already in the games industry.

MATES Coworking GeorgenstraßeThanks to Eva and her amazing team over at MATES Coworking for hosting us in their cozy co-working space! MATES not only offers a coffee-shop-like athmosphere and actual offices, they also support the local creative scene by hosting monthly events.

Is this event for me? (Spoiler: Yes!)

Newcomers: Are you fascinated by games, love playing them and you are interested in how to develop them or promote them to a larger audience? Then this brunch is for you! We require absolutely no prior experience. Hang out with us, listen to our speakers, ask any qestions, chat with other people who love games, learn a couple new things and maybe find yourself a mentor to guide you on your journey towards games.

Professionals: Do you want to hang out with more games people? On a Saturday morning!? Outside of work?!? You must be crazy. But also that is awesome - so do we! No matter what your gender is please drop by our little brunch and listen to our speakers drop nuggets of wisdom. Want to do your part in getting more women join the industry? Here's the place to chat with a bunch of bright-eyed and bushy-tailed newcomers that could profit from your experience.


Event Agenda

  • 10:00 - Doors open and so does the buffet. Come early or maybe we'll run out of chocolat croissants before you arrive!
  • 10:30 - It's time to say hi! Quick intro by the organizers. Continue munching!
  • 10:45 - Lightning Talk #1: Katrin Klusch (Head of User Acquisition @ Travian Games) talks about Performance Marketing + Q&A
  • 11:30 - Lightning Talk #2: Elena Reinertz (Art Director @ Daedalic Entertainment Bavaria) talks about Art Direction and Look-Brainstorming + Q&A
  • 12:15 - Panel + Q&A: "My path into the games industry" (Kirstin Bosc, Business Development Manager @ Remote Control Productions, [surprise guest], Katrin, Elena)
  • 13:00 - Time for open networking & event feedback. If you're still eating at this point then you're doing that brunch thing correctly!
  • 14:00 - The end. We've probably run out of Latte Macchiato by this point. Time to go home!

Code of Conduct / Safe Space Policy
This is an inclusive and discrimination-free event. We operate under the same assumptions as all other sane games events, put into words by our friends over in Berlin. Read the Safe Space Policy here.


Brunch? Will there be food? Free food?!
Yes! And we're as excited about that as you are! Free food is the best kind of food. Especially free breakfast food!

Why another event for Women? Aren't there enough of those already?
Nope! At least we don't think so. Due to the work of some awesome people over the last years the games industry has become a way more inclusive place for a diverse crowd of people. But we definitely have not reached a point yet where we're really satisfied. We need more games made by people from a diverse background and gender parity is only one of the stepping stones on this path.

Why is this a "More Women in Games Brunch" and not a "More Diversity in Games Brunch"?
That is because we're humans, too. We have limited time that we can spend on making the world a better place and we decided to start with making games in Munich a little more accessible to women first. We want everything about this event to tell women "Yes, this one is for you!". That does not mean that we do not care about other people as well. Our local industry is still a place of limited variety in birth place, race, sexual orientation, age and many other attributes. We're starting here but we're not stopping there. Do you want to contribute to this journey with your own event? Ping us and we'll help as much as we can.

I'm a man! There are only a few tickets for me (and likely those have already sold out)!
That is not a question. But you're right, sorry for that! One way that we want to make our event more accessible is by making sure that there is enough room for women newcomers. Plus we want to make sure that we feature women speakers from our industry as much as possible - so we've forced this arbitrary gender split onto us. It's as new to us as it is to you since we're also used to the reverse from all other events we attend. And no worries, we are still running and attending other games events that are less restrictive. Drop by the GAME/DEV/MUC and GameCamp Munich web sites to join us there. And tell your women friends and colleagues to come to our brunch!

I did not manage to find this in time and now it's sold out - can I still come?
Nope, sorry. We want to make this a pretty cozy event and so we can't host more than 30 people. But here's the silver lining: There is a waiting list. Join it and we'll get you a ticket if someone else cancels. And - assuming everything goes well - there will be another Brunch in the near future. Sign up for the Games/Bavaria newsletter to get a reminder. And if you want to meet awesome games people RIGHT NOW then check out GameCamp Munich - you'll find most of us there as well.

Will this be in German or English?
Both! We'll do announcements in German and English (if necessary). The questions-and-answers part will be in English. Our speakers are probably going to do their talks in English as well, though there is a chance that someone will be more comfortable with German.

Is there a minimum age requirements to enter the event?
Not really. But if you're under 16 please ask your parents if they can accompany you. They don't need a ticket.

Is my registration fee or ticket transferrable?
Nope! Please cancel your registration if you can't make it so we can have someone else join.

Who made this amazing logo?
I'm glad you asked! Our logo was made by the ever-so-talented Simone Mändl, freelance / independent game artist extraordinaire.

How can I contact the organizer with any questions?
Best contact Alex:

We are being supported by our local games industry support group - Games / Bavaria. Thanks!

Games Bavaria Logo

  • Kirstin Bosc

    Kirstin Bosc

    Remote Control Productions

    Business Development Manager

  • KK Katrin Klusch

    Katrin Klusch

    Travian Games

    Head of User Acquisition

  • Elena Reinertz

    Elena Reinertz

    Daedalic Entertainment Bavaria

    Art Director

Date and time


MATES Coworking

Georgenstraße 66

80799 München


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Organizer Caroline Flesch

Organizer of More Women in Games Brunch #1

Caroline is a freelance Producer from Munich, Germany. Beside working on client projects and her own game Cubiverse, she is dedicated to her work as Event Organizer for the GameCamp Munich and other awesome events.

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