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Many of you know I created the highlight of my entire life last November. Pulling together the top educators/role models in the field of Transformation and Extraordinary Facilitation. We brought together 9 teachers and 11 attendees and had the most spectacular week of self evolution I have ever experienced. Those 11 people are still writing me and telling me how its changed their life.

I'm doing it again!!
This time in Orlando, FL
This time its 7 days instead of 5, there are now 10 Extraordinary teachers, and we are opening registration for just 12 attendees (I already have 3 people waiting to pay)

This is the greatest creative inspiration I have ever imagined It's a culmination of my life's work thus far. I have spent eight years now traveling the country learning and practicing these tools and now I want to share them with you.
So many of you have asked for the steps, for a training to be able to do what I do, well I'm going to offer you one better.... I'm going to offer you an intensive, a "Monique Boot Camp" if you will, with myself and some other extraordinary facilitators, to help you find out what's in the way of you being able to offer your greatest gift to your clients, workshop attendees, partners, every aspect of your life, YOU! You are the gift!!

Let's start with the dates November 1-7, 2016

I have assembled a handful (believe me, they are a "handful") of guest teachers. Some of the most incredible facilitators on the planet into one place;
Reid Mihalko
Lawrence Lanoff,
Brion E. & Karen Craig,
Monique Darling,
Peter Petersen,
Shawn Roop,
Destin Gerek,
Pamela Madsen,
Amy Eudis McBain
experts in the disciplines of :
Authenticity and Vulnerability
Sacred Sexuality
Radical Self Acceptance
Personal Accountability
Orgasmic Touch
Personal Rapport
Fearless Relating
Practitioner Financial Stability(business savvy to make money doing what you love)

It will be limited to 12 participants, an intimate group, that will eat together, sleep together, learn, expand, and transform together in a gorgeous communal home with pool and hot tub.
I have crammed the juiciest, the most divine, the most potent things I have learned into these 7 days. This will push you. Wherever you are at in your practice, whether you are just getting started and could use a wider range of tools, or you have been facilitating for years and have reached a plateau, or you are going strong but in danger of settling into a comfort zone. This will invite you to new levels, to deeper depths. I am offering the steps that I took (concentrated), real world tools for practitioners who are ready to take their next step, fundamentals for advanced studies, including offering my top mistakes and the greatest gifts I got from them, so you won't have to make them!

You will also get personal coaching follow up calls to integrate the unique concepts you take away from the experience.
Intrigued yet?

I call it a Transformational Intensive for Extraordinary Facilitators. It's $3995 or for the first 3 of you who join, it's only $3250 (you save $750) There is a payment plan that works like this. $1,500 down (nonrefundable), $1,500 by June, and the final $1,500 by Sep 1st. Anyone wanting to pay it all up front saves $500. Whether you go with the payment plan or pay it all up front you will want to get your tickets soon because …

Beginning in April once a month every month there will be a phone call seminar with one of my co-facilitators. Each teacher is going to give their perspective on the three fundamental elements that this entire intensive is about.
Self Acceptance
Self Love
Self Accountability

How to do your own inner work on a consistent basis so that you are available to be the most impeccable conscientious present facilitator/practitioner you can be.
There will also be a post coaching call with me and another post coaching call with one of the facilitators.
This price includes your bed in a huge Orlando, with pool, hot tub, and many other creature comforts (First to show up gets first choice in sleeping arrangements)
Check in’s every morning, as I help you integrate the lessons from the day before, and introduce the new presenter and why I chose them to add to our adventure, how they shaped my life/practice.
New information, then each afternoon we will have hour break out groups where you can dive intensively into the subject about that day, that you are most interested in, work with 2-3 others who have similar skill levels and questions.

Includes breakfast and lunch, dinner is on your own.
All the incredible night time activities.
A pre call from each of our presenters, and a post coaching call with me plus one other presenter on the team.
A Facebook group where you can share ideas, questions, and we can all follow up with each other as you bring forth your extraordinary Facilitator skills into the world.
and sooooooooo much more!

Day 1, Tues NOV 1. … The Fundamentals
This will be about the fundamentals of being an extraordinary facilitator from my point of view of running over 1,000 workshops. This session will include my top mistakes and top skills so you don’t have to make them. As well as an official Cuddle Party complete with commentary as I walk you through every step of what I am doing as I facilitate the event.
We will be joined by Peter Petersen as we offer Tips, Skills, & a frank discussion on what it takes to stay sane when the road IS home.
We will walk you through the logistics, pros and cons of the sexy nomad lifestyle. Sharing with raw, vulnerable authenticity (and a sprinkle of wit!) our own experiences of putting everything in storage and daring to truly live my life "as a teaching." Let our research and development of life on the road give you a pathway to more ease and grace, if you too feel called to share your gifts in many places and for extended periods of time.
tips such as How to:
Juggle relationships without having a "home base."
Navigate clients that wish more ongoing work, when you won't be back for another 6 months (Empowerment VS Enabling).
Get super clear on self-care requirements, and ask for you what you need ahead of time from your hosts/producers
Establish networking circles, create healthy win/wins with hosts/producers of your events in each city
And The big one...How to prioritize your time, delegate to others, take time off to sight see, yet create a sustainable financial system for ongoing classes, workshops and sessions.
A big focus is on FALLING IN LOVE WITH YOURSELF (exactly as you are) and how to trick your clients/workshop attendees into falling in love with themselves.

Next let Peter and I lead you through simple techniques to establish rapport, and attract the clients you want in your practice. There will be authentic seduction and deep vulnerability exercises, that we can practice as an intimate group, that get you relating and asking questions from a very deliberate and conscious place. Followed by a Dance, Touch and Tropical Bliss hot tub party. Enjoy coconut water and pineapple juice with a tropical theme. I will do my best to make certain everybody gets lei’d. ;)

Day 2, Wed NOV 2. Destin Gerek joins us with his mastery of meeting people where they are at. Seeing everyone through the lens that they are whole and perfect as is, it's our sacred job to help them remember.
Destin has been featured in television, radio, print, and internet media for his expertise and insight into the often mysterious world of sex. His passion, depth of experience, enthusiastic “sex-positive” message, and no-holds-barred rock star attitude make Destin a lively and smart media “sexpert”. blazing a path into the world of sexually, spiritually-oriented transformation, his greatest power of transformation is that he embodies it. Destin has taken all that he’s learned, studied, and explored, and integrated it fully into his being, such that he really walks his talk. At this intensive he will help walk you through how to do the same thing with what you are most passionate to bring into being.

Tuesday will conclude by Destin and I leading everybody through a Devotional Puja that will give everyone an experiential real world experience of unconditional giving and receiving. In Tantra, holding a Puja is a way of honoring and adoring the divine that dwells within us all. The subtle sensual energies residing within our bodies are invoked, revered, and welcomed as honored guests at this feast of love. How would you like to step into a world of acceptance, of sensation, a world where ALL of you is utterly and radically welcomed?
How would it feel to be completely held, and have your deepest humanity plus your greatest divinity given a space to dance and to merge in sweet union?
This will be a Sacred Gathering inviting you to show up in your greatest vulnerability, willing to see and be seen as you are in this moment, open to the beautiful reflections that you can offer one another. We will get to practice and play in the areas of acceptance, adoration, unconditional love (first of yourself, which then showers on all in your field), and sensuality/embodiment, (Giving yourself full permission of Heaven on earth in THIS moment, in THIS body)
This ceremony opens our hearts in a way that allows you to see the inner beauty and the divine shining within everyone. You will be instructed in performing an ancient ritual which is simple in form yet very powerful in practice. As you accept the offerings and adoration, you in turn connect with unconditional love and reflect that adoration back with your presence. It is through the practice of unconditional loving that we find that any emptiness or longing we feel within us can be filled with a simple act of giving.
In this unique experience you will find many opportunities to connect and enjoy other people's company throughout the night, but our intention is for you to walk away with a much deeper love for YOURSELF!
To learn more about Destin visit http://destingerek.com/about-destin-gerek-sexual-empowerment-coach/

Day 3 Thurs NOV 3 I will be joined by Shawn Roop. (ONE ON ONE SESSIONS: Establishing Rapport)
Shawn will offer tools to help people wade through the challenges of life, love and spiritual wholeness. You will gain some understanding of how to work with ANY individuals and their issues. You will learn how to design unique sessions that offer clients a personal journey that evokes change, awakens the spirit and opens the heart. Learn ways to support life change, relationships transitions, and how to bring a person into pure purpose. Shawn will share the common
Explore ideas to impact the societal level with your gifts and wisdom. Bring healthy power, positive sexual vision and empowered change to this world through sessions. Gain the skills to create ideal, repeat, high dollar clientele. How to not facilitate/practice as a wounded healer. Redefine “safety” Learn how to live life on your own terms so you can offer those tools to your clients as well.

We will continue into the NIGHT with : That evening we will be enjoy a very special lecture on how to have the conversation and create valid offerings as practitioners and facilitators around diversity, especially around race. We will be joined by Brion and Karen Craig pioneer's and beautiful advocates on this subject. I am super excited to be learning new tools to be even more inclusive and leave people feeling seen, heard, and cherished.
They will also be offering tips, tricks, and skills on specifically how to integrate couples work into your offerings. Drawing upon their intensive experience of assisting couples in creating their DREAM relationships by working with them to achieve true Love, Sex and Intimacy in their lives.
Learn how to assist them in identifying and eliminating those issues that are sabotaging their current relationship. Learn how to identify and clear past hurts, limiting beliefs, emotional blockages and anything and everything else that is keeping one from finding the love they desire.

You can find out more about both of them at http://www.brionandkaren.com/

Day 4 Fri NOV 4 Shawn continues with his Tantric Wisdom in his one of a kind way he calls "Dangerous Tantra"
Learn how Tantra is a very awakening wisdom that brings the thing most people fear, the unknown, to the surface and use it to bring about freedom and change. For centuries, Tantra has been seen as a path of the rebel. It teaches clearly that there is no road map to follow other than your own and on your terms.
Crack free and get real with your life, fears and emotional to the place of liberation. The need to stay safe and comfortable may be the very pattern that is holding you back. There is a grand adventure awaiting you, are you courageous enough to step into it as you drop your old stories and identities?
Do you want the happily ever after fairytail? This class is NOT for you!
Are you looking forward to creating more safety in your life? This WILL NOT be offered.
Do you want to have it all just work out? This is NOT going to be your cup of tea.
Where I am going in this class is to the heart of the issue I keep seeing. This is to help people break free from judgments, comparisons and perfection. This is a look at why you may be lacking the courage to step into your life. It’s going to be gritty, uncomfortable and eye opening for many. Nevertheless, it just might cut you free from the tired story you are holding on too.
Are you tried of fleeting happiness?
Are you frustrated with unsustainable success?
Do you see the drama you are creating and can’t seem to stop it?
IS it time to stop the fight and welcome in something new?
Then this is so for you!!
Why is it called Dangerous Tantra?
Because your adventure awaits, to live life that is known. It’s about breaking the patterns that limit your completely amazing life. It takes change and courage. It’s dangerous to your old patterns and stories, to the very things that may be keeping you held back. Isn’t time?
Find out more about Shawn Roop at www.tantraquest.com

That afternoon/evening IT’s ALL ABOUT THE BODY. I will be joined by Amy Eudis McBain. Amy and I will talk about consent, why it’s crucial to an ethical practice, and demonstrate tools you can teach your clients in-session that help them learn how to both listen to and voice their authentic needs and desires. We will concentrate on the top requested techniques you can share with your clients: prostate massage, G-spot work and female ejaculation, and Sacred Spot (Yoni/pussy trauma release points). Offering these services isn’t just about the specific massage strokes. It’s also about how you demonstrate your ability to honor your clients, respect their edges, and hold space for their growth. When you can do that, prostate and G-spot work can open up amazing new possibilities for your client’s pleasure, health, and well-being. This half of the day will primarily be devoted to giving you skills to support your clients' consent and walking you through what a session could look like including live demos. (Lawrence Lanoff will be offering his body to be worked on, as well as Amy and I will be working on each other) So you will feel more confident if you are desiring to add more hands on work to your practice.
Her primary focus is a process she created called Intentional Orgasm which can be experienced one on one, as a couple, or in a group setting. It is a process that helps you release all of the negative energy, blocks and programming that you have taken on throughout your life and the fear/guilt/shame around sex through a deep spiritual dive which includes guided meditation, chakra opening, aura cleanse, cap removal and a powerful DNA activation. This results in a re-birthing of the powerful potent authentic soul energy that you were born with and an opening and activation of your natural energy channels. She then takes all of that energy and activates it in your body through a special three position, sensual tantric massage utilizing elemental energy touch to activate all of your senses and balance your inherent energy channels, which culminates in being brought to orgasm manually so that you can then super charge the intention of what you want to manifest in your life with the potent creative power of your own orgasmic energy.
find out more about Amy at www.intentionalorgasm.com

Day 5 Sat Nov 5 Enter the one and only Pamela Madsen... Pamela Madsen is a fearless advocate for women’s health and integrated sexuality. During her 25-year career, Pamela has leveraged her raw honesty and well-informed wit to help strip the stigma first from infertility, then female desire pleasure, body image and weight. Her willingness to use her personal struggles to discover her innate sexuality combined with an unparalleled knowledge base garnered through experience and education, has made Pamela one of the most accessible and relatable figures in the vanguard of women’s erotic wellness.
Pamela’s mission is to launch other women on their own journey to self-love. Pulling the essential lessons from her own hysterically funny path, Pamela is teaching women how to harness sensual pleasure to effect change from the inside out. Pamela discovered that integrated sexuality and touch could break through the walls of shame that keep us tamped down and locked up, that inhibit us from going after what we want, and from living full-throttle and pedal to the metal. It is possible to heal dysfunctional relationships with food, sex, and fashion and let ourselves be seen for the wonders that we are. We are entitled to be as big as we feel in all spheres of our life. There’s room on the field for all of us.
She will walk us all through how to do this, to BE big AND to still be able to talk to the mainstream society, be relatable.
Find out more about Pamela at: http://www.pamelamadsen.org/

That night Lawrence Lanoff and I have a treat for you!
Sexual Energetics: How to learn through pleasure and dismantle your own BS (Belief Systems)
bringing our own unique perspective’s from years of teaching inner inquiry, experiential exploration, and infinite curiosity into just how GOOD we can feel in our body. In this workshop you will learn about sex energy, chakras, and creating safe space. You will also get a chance for an upfront and personal look at your own BS (belief systems) and a way to relearn through pleasure.

Have you had enough of feeling stuck in your life,
or feeling a lack of laser focused inner confidence,
or you just want to feel TRUE inner peace - the kind of thing that wells up from deep inside?
Not because inner peace is a goal. But because you recognize
true peace comes from UPGRADING your mind - which underlies
every area of your life...
This is truly an entirely NEW way of thinking.
It's a TOTAL life upgrade.

How would you like to tap into and learn about:
*Physical orgasm vs. Energetic orgasm
*Sex as generative energy
*Movement as energy positive
*The importance of moving energy
*Sexual energy as a powerful force in our lives
*How to slow down sexual experience for greater pleasure
*Managing energy intensity in our bodies
*Neural patterns for pleasure

We will talk about factors that promote or inhibit a life well lived (feeling good in our bodies):
*How underlying framework of belief as a major influence of our ability to experience pleasure
*The power of no and boundary (understand why your “no” says more about you than your “yes”)
*The story you are telling yourself about your sexual identity
*The stories others tell you about your sexual identity (e.g. property ownership vs. adulthood)

Lawrence will share about the 5 games we are all playing in life..........

Look - we upgrade everything else... computers,
phones, operating systems...
But not our thinking - .
Why? Because we literally can't upgrade something
that we don't even see as a problem.
Have you ever seen somebody with an old piece of technology
struggling through life?
They certainly don't NEED to... but they don't know
what they don't know.
Our THINKING is exactly like that. It's based
on old technology - that has to be upgraded
if we are ever to see true change in the world.
We're passionate about true change that starts from INSIDE.
The evening will be filled with demonstrations, some hands on experiential learning (optional and low key), and really FUN theory that you can take home and impress your friends and loved ones. This event is intended to be sensual, and energetically sexual, but not physically sexual. As such it is a clothing required event. All playful activities and exercises will be guided and are optional, and you can do the entire workshop by yourself or with a partner or in groups.

Day 6 Sun NOV 6. This day will be all about Lawrence Lanoff . (CUTTING THROUGH THE BS AND ENERGETIC EXPLORATION)
Today is dedicated to teaching people how to break through belief systems, first their own so they can see more clearly past their own filters and then how to help your clients and workshop attendees break through theirs. Learn to see life using pleasure as your gauge, how the opposite of pleasure is just “more pleasure” the opposite of money is “more money” the opposite of open is “more open” How to offer those concepts to anyone coming to learn from you. Then we dive into the delicious land of Energetics… many of us consider ourselves empaths, what if you didn't have to worry about "taking on" your clients or attendees energy stuff. What if you could just use all forms of energy as “fuel”? Lawrence will show you how energy is not good or bad, it’s just energy, he will teach you his signature move of “devouring” and how to use energy most effectively and offer your clients ways to uplevel their life. Using the energetic realm for infinite possibilities.

That Night will be a Magical Mystery Event led by the incredible Reid Mihalko, he promises to blow us all away with the brainstorm of his genius mind.

Day 7 Mon NOV 7, I will be joined by Reid Mihalko for The Business Side of Sex Ed with Reid Mihalko
Being a sex educator and making a decent living can seem at odds. Too many amazing sex-positive professionals are on the verge of financial and emotional collapse from the worry, burnout, and frustration of trying to make ends meet while sharing their calling with the world. What if you could change lives AND get paid decently for it? What if there were ways to reach more people with your message using less effort? And what if there was a learnable approach to the business of being a sex educator that would augment your strengths, make you more prolific with less stress, inspire your fans and clients, free up more time for you to relax and recharge, and help you make money without feeling “salesy,” pushy, or creepy?
The good news: This is all possible, and you can do it, too! Join sex, relationship and business geek, Reid Mihalko for an informative and humorous day where he’ll show you 3 crushing mistakes most sex educators are making that leave them frustrated, burnout and broke, and the successful business models and practices that will help you turn your calling into a life-long, successful career.
Reid and I will bring everything together from the rest of the intensive, answering lingering questions, helping you integrate all you have experienced and learned. Ending with a closing Pool Hot Tub Party.

All of this for $3997
$3247 (save $750) if you are one of the first 3 to pay it all at once
or three payments of $1,333 down (Non refundable), $1,333, and the remaining $1,333 by September 15

includes breakfast and lunch, bed, pool and hot tub, you are on your own for dinner. Hour break out groups every afternoon for people to have concentrated study of their own specialized interest, led by myself, and whatever facilitators are there that day. In the morning will offer a summary/how each teachers teachings are woven in, check in/introduction, to let people know why I have invited each of these teachers to be there.

Sex and relationship expert Reid Mihalko of www.reidaboutsex.com, teaches adults how to create more self-esteem, self-confidence and greater health and satisfaction in and out of the bedroom. Using humor, insight and solid information, Reid appeals to audiences of all orientations, backgrounds, ages and identities. He’s one of the only male sex and relationship experts touring the country today who can speak pragmatically to nearly all areas of sexual self-expression, intimacy, dating and relating. Reid’s mission is to give men and women new tools to transform their love lives into fulfilling, satisfying, and sustainable expressions of self. Reid is a sought after speaker who lectures at colleges across the country and has presented and keynoted at dozens of conferences on relationships and sexuality. The workshops he’s designed continue to be taught all over the world and have been attended by over 40,000 people. Reid has appeared on CBS’ The Doctors, Oprah’s Our America with Lisa Lingon OWN, Bravo’s Miss Advised, the Emmy award-winning talk show Montel, Fox News, VH1, Showtime’s Penn & Teller’s Bulls**t!, on NPR, Sirius’ Maxim Radio and Cosmo Radio, and in Marie Claire, GQ, Details, Seventeen, People, Newsweek, The Washington Post andThe National Enquirer, as well as media across the globe in twenty-seven countries and at least fourteen languages. For Reid, the skills it takes to make relationships healthy and turn mediocre sex into great sex are learnable by everyone. The question is: Do you have the courage to be the change you want to see in the bedroom?

Lawrence Lanoff, Sedona, AZ is one of the most fascinating people on the teaching landscape. Truly a renaissance man, Lawrence is a film director, photographer, author and a deeply enlightened healer and teacher. He calls himself a “rubber meets the road kinda guy” as he applies this practical essence to his artistic and spiritual skills over a 20 year span, to an amazing array of disciplines, starting with a couple of dream jobs – the directing of movies and as a photographer for Playboy Magazine.
Over the past several years, Lawrence has been in a process of refining his radical teachings, leading people into a new kind of freedom, literally deprogramming them from the sleep imposed by cults and religions. What is slowly evolving is a revolutionary new theory of consciousness that incorporates evolution, symbolism, metaphor, neurobiology, and their relationship to healing, spiritual evolution, and neuro-economics — the neural pathways that influences our deepest feelings about self worth and money, and, of course, sex and relationships.

Monique Darling, Author of 'Beyond Cuddle Party' workshop facilitator extraordinaire has led over 1,000 workshops in the past 5 years. She is the founder of Juicy Enlightenment an organization dedicated to empowering people who are questioning the assumptions of how their life should be and to offering tools for self expression that create trust, inner knowing and wisdom to enjoy the life they have. Monique has been featured on TLC and The Dr’s as well as various radio shows, podcasts and magazines across the USA. She specializes in helping others reclaim their power and natural sensuality by transmuting fear and repression into courage, self-love and freedom. Her primary purpose is helping folks bring out their vulnerability, energetic embodiment and fearless relating.She guides from a place of understanding and her natural exuberance is infectious! She is available for private sessions, experiential workshops and Cuddle Parties. Learn more about Monique by going to juicyenlightenment.com or track her whereabouts at whereintheworldismoniquedarling.com

Peter Petersen Peter Petersen has been teaching qigong for 14 years and has been a certified massage therapist for the last 10. Peter has been teaching in health clubs, hospitals, retirement villas, and several different wellness/spa resorts in Mexico and the United States, such as Rancho La Puerta, Mayacamas Ranch, and Present Moment Retreat. Peter is also a personal wellness coach. This Qigong practice helps people ground themselves into their “now” to increase their present moment awareness of their behaviors, and find simple solutions to problematic habits such as: eating, moving, negative thinking, and sleeping. The result of this tool box of healthy information is that clients become their own health advocate and regain a sense of stability, peace, and well-being into their everyday lives.

Shawn Roop, Master Tantric Counselor founder of Tantra Quest, offers classes, events, products and personal counseling based in Tantric wisdom since 2000. He offers ancient teachings in a contemporary path to living a life will lived. He delivers secrets not commonly shared in today’s society. His expert knowledge and experience in Tantra and eastern approaches can help anyone enter into learning this vast system with ease. His work provides life, relationship, and communication skills, and also shares keys that unlock your personal potential which allows for the safety to enter into deep relating. Shawn has been teaching creative ways to love, relate, grow and express in ways that are fresh and non-typical. His desire is to extract the full nature of your beauty and empowerment. Let him show you how amazingly simple Tantra is! His focus is to help people find their souls purpose with Tantra. Shawn Roop is a highly trained and qualified facilitator of Tantric wisdom. He has taught to thousands of individuals and groups worldwide. His passion is fueled with the desire for each person to own their magnificence and to support the understanding of how easy it is to become ecstatic in life. He offers skills to disassemble complication and build from a place of simplicity. He comes from a nurturing, compassionate and heartfelt expression. He is a spiritual muse; and makes sense of the human experience without denial or suppression. He unites pleasure and dissatisfaction while igniting personal fire from within. Shawn understands the confusion around Tantra, and wants to demystify the mystery. Tantra has become synonymous with sex in the West. While sacred sexuality is a portion of Tantric wisdom, the pure strength of sex is found in total integration of all aspects of life. Shawn believes the personal psychology and spiritual unfolding must be addressed, before full sexual bliss is realized. He brings very simply techniques and wisdom to tame the complex mind, heal emotional disharmony and heighten pleasure in the body. Shawn Roop has been a student and teacher of life wisdom since 1989. Shawn holds a Bachelors in Sociology, Master Practitioner of NLP, Certified Tantric Therapist and Certified Master Tantric Counselor. Featured in numerous media appearances on NBC, Fox, E!, The Travel Channel, USA and Playboy Radio, as well other radio and print articles, Shawn is proud to share his work with the intention to support healthy sex, personal empowerment and spiritual growth. Tantra Quest is based in San Diego and he is available for private sessions, classes, events and media appearances worldwide. He is also willing to travel to you. www.tantraquest.com

Destin Gerek, Destin Gerek, a dynamic sexual/spiritual empowerment coach, is a man living his life as art. Destin has gracefully carved out an enduring position for himself as a world respected figure in neo-Tantra and sexuality education. As a sought-after sexuality and transformational life coach, speaker, blogger, and educator on all aspects of sex, sacred sexuality, Tantra, and erotic empowerment, Destin Gerek is challenging traditional societal beliefs and helping people create powerful change in their lives in the process.
A recognized authority in the areas of sexuality, personal transformation, and spirituality Destin is a California State Certified Sexologist through the Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Sexuality, and protégé of world-renowned sexologist Joseph Kramer. A graduate from New York University with a BA, Major in Sociology, Minor in Psychology, and a concentration in Human Sexuality, Destin is also a trained Certified Sex Educator through San Francisco Sex Information. Having participated in hundreds of hours of continuing education, thousands more in research and development, Destin’s depth of experience and educational background is extensive and unique. http://destingerek.com/about-destin-gerek-sexual-empowerment-coach/

Pamela Madsen, A pioneer in fertility advocacy, Pamela Madsen is the Founder and first Executive Director of The American Fertility Association. She is a fearless advocate for women’s health and integrated sexuality who leverages her raw honesty and well-informed wit to help strip the stigma from infertility, female desire and body image. A well known sexuality coach specializing in the needs of women, her retreats: Back to the Body: Sensuous Retreats For Women have been sell outs.
Pamela is a veteran speaker, educator, and renowned blogger for Psychology Today, Better After 50 and Care2. She is the author of Shameless: How I Ditched The Diet, Got Naked, Found True Pleasure and Still Got Home In Time To Cook Dinner(Rodale, January 2011). Please include the link to the book on Amazon.
Pamela has appeared on 60 Minutes, Oprah, CNN, AARP Primetime Radio, The Dr. Laura Berman Show, The Jane Pratt Show, and Playboy Radio.

Brion and Karen Craig are life and relationship coaches who own and operate Next Chapter Relationship Coaching in Atlanta, GA. They bring their years of experience to help couples and singles transition to the next phase and chapter in their lives, such as moving from being married to divorced or moving from single life to a relationship. They coach both singles and couples on topics such as life purpose, identifying true needs and wants, and guide them in creating strategies and a concrete plan to create and live their dream life!
Brion and Karen also own Love, Sex and Intimacy Retreats, which hosts intimate retreats and workshops around the world that focus on themes such as The Art of Sacred Sexuality, Couples Intimacy, and Finding the Love of Your Life. To learn more about their retreats visit www.SacredSexualityRetreat.com
In addition, they also run Brion and Karen Boudoir Photography in Atlanta where they create stunning sensual images of women and couples. Brion and Karen are also the developers of the Energy Body Synergy Technique, an energy healing technique that helps users to release blockages that have prevented them from achieving abundance in every area of their lives.

Amy Eudis Mcbain, Amy is a free spirited Bohemian, who has a passion for life and wants others to find their Bliss. She has been called a Sexual Shaman. She found her true authentic self through sexual exploration and has helped many others do the same. She believes we can change the entire world if we harness the energy of intentional orgasm and that we can create a tipping point of consciousness that will uplift the entire planet. She has created a business featuring Intentional Orgasm with the goal of bringing the power and peace of meditation to the masses, and helping others to awaken to their true potential through the exploration and intent of the most powerful energetic experience one can have, orgasm. She has created a process that helps you release all of the negative energy, blocks and programming that you have taken on throughout your life and the fear/guilt/shame around sex through a deep spiritual dive which includes guided meditation, chakra opening, aura cleanse, cap removal and a powerful DNA activation. This results in a re-birthing of the powerful potent authentic soul energy that you were born with and an opening and activation of your natural energy channels. She then takes all of that energy and activates it in your body through a special three position, sensual tantric massage utilizing elemental energy touch to activate all of your senses and balance your inherent energy channels, which culminates in being brought to orgasm manually so that you can then super charge the intention of what you want to manifest in your life with the potent creative power of your own orgasmic energy. We all came from an orgasm - in fact the big bang was the world's first orgasm, resulting in the creation of all matter, so when you connect your spiritual nature with your orgasmic center, you get to tap back into the universal energy field and anything is possible. This is a combination of ancient spiritual practices combined with forward thinking sex positive concepts. It changes lives in just one session! Her primary focus is a process she created called Intentional Orgasm which can be experienced one on one, as a couple, or in a group setting.
Email:intentionalorgasm@gmail.com; phone: 303-204-7309; website: www.intentionalorgasm.com; Facebook: Intentional Orgasm; Meet-Up: Temple of Ishtar.
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