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So while I know you've heard the stories of treps building million dollar and billion dollar companies with no money and a business plan written on a napkin...that is just not common. Furthermore, the parts we don't hear often are the strategies, obstacles, pivots and more they had to overcome after the coffee shop or dorm room meeting.

The fact of the matter is money makes the world go 'round.

And the amount of money you will require, how you choose to invest it and how your emotional views of money will determine your financial success in business.

Because I mean that's really why you want to be successful in business anyway; to create a better life, right?

It's time to STOP planning and dreaming and to START executing and manifesting the visions you have for your life.

It's time to make decisions and take strategic steps your business revenues to the level

It's time to make MONEY MOVES.

Money Moves LIVE 2017

Money Moves LIVE brings you from vetted, proven business professionals who provide ACTIONABLE tips and content for you to reach your level of business success.

While this series may be inspirational, this is not a platform for entrepreneurs and social influencers to go on and on about press features, travel, lavish lifestyles, etc. Our focus is to educate, provide resources and empower you to take ACTION and provide peer to peer accountability.

We know real Gs move in silence anyway.

So we bring more than social influence to the table when curating our lineups. We solidify many of the BEHIND THE SCENES influencers that we don't hear about as often. No more surface level panels and talks but one to one discussions asking all the questions and getting all the answers YOU need to grow your business. The HOW.

We want you to stop dreaming and start manifesting the VISION...so we provide you the HOW.

Here are the areas we will cover....

Money Moves LIVE - Session Tracks

Money Moves Live - Session Tracks


The speakers are industry experts with a proven track record and the capability to deliver actionable content, tips, and strategies that you can implement immediately.

The talks are strategically capped to 15 to 18min time spans, to ensure speakers get right to the meat of their presentation and you can have an impactful experience. No overwhelm of information or long drawn out presentations. Nah.

The fireside chats & roundtables are REAL.

No fluffy, surface level, "I'm so wonderful" nonsense. The questions asked to our featured speakers are provided by YOU, the attendees - because that's what an UNConference is all about. YOU.

And don't leave this event with just intentions, leave with a PLAN OF ACTION.

Join one of our expert-led or peer to peer mastermind sessions during the UnConference where you have the opportunity to put create a plan of action, RIGHT ON THE SPOT.

You will receive a MONEY MOVES workbook with a worksheet for every session so you can be sure to record the main points of each presentation.

Unlike conferences, there will not be a sea of attendees to get lost in. We've capped a number of attendees to ensure an intimate, impactful experience with substance.

....and of course, there will be plenty of time for networking and fun!

Regardless of whether you're attempting to raise a small amount of startup cash or millions of dollars, this event promises to provide loads of value by providing you with not only the WHAT to do to solve your fundraising challenges but the HOW.

Imagine that?

The HOW without 'upgrading' to the umpteenth level and an investment of thousands of dollars.

Here's a sampling of the Hot Topics.


There's more to having a successful crowdfunding campaign than just posting up your project on consumer - driven platforms like Kickstarter, IndieGoGo and iFundWomen. What if I told you that successful campaigners can spend up to 3 months preparing to launch their campaign? WOW, right? I know. Crowdfunding can be the sole way to raise funds for your business or it can also supplement investor and/or lender commitments especially for amounts under $1million. But there is an important strategy to it that our experts will share. Plus the contributions are non-equity.

Entrepreneurs looking for fundraising efforts to surpass $1 million may want to consider equity crowdfunding portals. You'll learn about both options so you can choose the best method for you and learn what it takes to have a successful campaign by experts who have done it themselves. Our experts have raised 5 - 7 figures via crowd funding for their businesses.


Corporate companies and a host of organizations are holding pitch competitions and challenges where you can win $5k to $1million cash for your business for presenting your business idea. Competition can be fierce so first, learn the anatomy of a WINNING PITCH by an expert who has won over six figures in cash and services for their business. Additionally, learn how to craft a Pitch Deck and/or Investor Proposal that gets you closer to a YES. Before you ever get an audience with an Angel Investor, VC firm or high net worth individual it's likely they will see your pitch or deck, make it memorable.


Ever wonder what the inside scoop is with programs like Y-Combinator and 500 Startups but think you don't have what it takes? Learn how to obtain cash investments, equity-free grants, free and discounted resources for your business and access to mentors, education and more through these programs. Think programs like these are only for people who code or super techy companies? Nope. There are programs available in most industries and globally. Learn more at the event.


A token sale, also known as an ICO (Initial Coin Offering) is the latest way startups are raising millions of cash. Thus far in 2017, companies have raised over $180 million in ICOs, compared to $101 million all of last year, according to Smith + Crown, a blockchain research, data and consulting group. Learn about the cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, an industry just getting started but is said to be one of the most impactful. Plus get understanding regulations, and how to raise funds via cryptocurrency and if this method is even a good option for your business.


Learn how to attract sponsors and corporate partners that can equate to millions of cash and revenue for your business. You'll learn the DOs and oh so many DONTs many business owners make the mistake of doing causing them to lose out huge opportunities. Our expert has solidified millions of dollars in cash sponsorship.


As a social entrepreneur, funding is one of your greatest challenges. Discover a new twist to traditional funding as well as new non-traditional funding options. Learn how your business model or lack there of may be stunting your goals and what you can do about it. Did we mention this very event will benefit a social mission? We will share some of our strategies with you on our mission to raise $100k for the 0.2% Film Project - to which 100% of the profits of SECURE THE BAG Un-Conference will benefit.

Plus more topics to be announced soon....


Check-In 9am

Summit: TBA

Unconference: TBA


We will announce our speakers and on our official website----> www.MoneyMoves.Live


100% of the profits benefit The 0.2% film project.

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*All Tickets Are Non-Refundable*

This event is brought to you by The SAVI Media Group & Tani Chambers International.

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43 W23rd Street

New York, NY 10010

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