#MOMMYMAGIC: Healing across generations
#MOMMYMAGIC: Healing across generations

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#MOMMYMAGIC: Healing across generations

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MOMMYMAGIC IS a Six week event for mothers looking to reinvigorate their lives with sacred self care and understand the mother wound and intergenerational healing.

This is for you if:

  • you are committed to being less stressed and more empowered in your motherhood
  • you need easy, sustainable and effective self care strategies to uplift you
  • want to place yourself at the center of your life again, without compromising healthy family relationships
  • are ready to let go of the guilt and shame society places on mothers, and live your personal and parenting freedom
  • are ready to relate with your children powerfully, because you know you are powerful!
  • are ready to recognize and destroy generational cycles

This six week series will help you understand the mother wound, give you tools to practice emotional and spiritual self care and get in touch with your MAGIC.

Week 1: Conversations around our mothers, healing our hearts for ourselve and our daughters

This week we will discuss the mother wound and how it has impacted our present life. We will discuss how trauma is passed generationally, how to recognize it and what to do with it.

Week 2: Honoring the Mother within: DNA Activation

This week we will discuss the development of the inner mother and what that means for our healing. We will use specific tools that will consistently encourage the inner connection we all need in order to live our MoMMY Magic. We will discuss/practice inner child work as well as Internal Family systems work.

Week 3: Releasing the Guilt and Shame

Guilt and shame has far too many women hostage to their lives. It keeps many women complacent and apologetic. Learn how to identify guilt and shame and release yourself from its reigns.

Week 4: Self sacrificing? Stop that shit today!

I see it far too much. In fact it is the creed many far too many of our foremothers have taught us. Sacrifice thyself. I am here to tell you that when you live in alignment and clarity around your needs, you will not need to sacrifice for life to fall in to place.

Week 5: Sacred Self care and feminine rituals for MomMYMagic

In this week we will discuss various rituals and self development activities to free you from stress, burnout, worry, speaking your truth or whatever else holds you back

Week 6: Book study; Women who Run with the Wolves, Sacred Pampering Principles and My Mother, Myself (and others) - You will not have to purchase these books, passages of significance will be read and discussed.

We will discuss the implications of these books along with various pop culture manifestations of the struggle to honor the feminine and why the feminine was suppressed and how we can reclaim her through sisterhood and reclaiming what tried to be taken from us.


During this series expect spiritual concepts, personal stories, current events, etc to be discussed. This six week series is comprehensive and assignments are an integral part of each week. In order to get the assignments you will have to attend. Each call will begin with a discussion, then Q&A and reflection on assignments. Each participant will sign a confidentiality agreement as the activities and assignments are proprietary and owned by MommyEvolve. Pre-registration is required. We will begin each Sunday promptly and each session is recorded and sent to participant within 24hours.

You will need a journal and pen.

Let's get this mommymagic!

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