Mojo Magic: The Online Journey to CONFIDENCE, EASE and JOY!

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It all starts within.

You already have all the tools, all the answers, all the ideas, all the MOJO!

Now it's time to slow down, to listen in, to open the door to your soul, and have some fun while we're at it!

Join me in this 21 day journey where you will learn, through my guidance how to rediscover who you are, how amazing you are, how golden life is, and how magic happens. You will attract what you want with more clarity, faith and ease! ;)

The how:

You can take this course from anywhere in the world!

You will be sent a manageable online class each day, and an easy writing reflection. There are no rights or wrongs, there are no grades, it is all about awareness and reflections, and it will be fun!

You will take this course with a buddy, and together you will keep each other on track. You will feel lighter, clearer and more confident by the end of this spiritual rediscovery of YOU! *If you do not have a buddy yet, it's alright, I will pair you with someone else taking the course! :)

I teach through the lenses of positive psychology, visualization, mind-body connection, meditation, creative writing and my own special spices. Save yourself years of reading self-help books, and going to seminars and workshops, as I've already done so for you, and trust your intutition if it is telling you to DIVE IN to this magical ride with me; Mel.

About me:

My name is Mel Wiesner, I am a Life Coach, founder of DanceDaily Life Coaching! I heal and empower my clients to rediscover their love for life and for themselves! I have guided them for years, gently and with full faith, heping them to break bad habits, to start new creative adventures, to find and keep romance and to heal their bodies! I work through the mindbody connection, through holistic and ancient truths, all natural, all accessible, all magical!

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