MI:X Adult (19+) Volunteer Registration 2017

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East Orlando/Oviedo

Oviedo, FL 32765

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Mission Interact doesn't happen anywhere else! By design, it's a local opportunity for young Christians from many different denominations to come together to become friends while serving in love on their own community. In the process they become aware of those around them who are fellow Believers in the salvation that Jesus Christ alone offers to us all. ... all in hopes that Ecclesiastes 4:12 can be born out in their lives.

Those involved in MI stand behind Christ's prayer in John 17:21 for this generation "... that they may be one... that the world may know that you sent Me." MI is not directed or driven by a single church, though many different churches share the vision and partner through leading worship, offering their facilities and vehicles, and encouraging their students and parents. Since 2008, MI has been organized and lead by a few dedicated families who pour two weeks of their vacation each year into making these opportunities for Christian students a possibility.

It is no small task. On average each year, 18 home recipe meals are prepared for 200+ students and 50 adults; 7 buses and vans are on the road four times daily to service projects and worship; equipment and donated materials are delivered and used up every day; hot lunches are delivered to 15 different sites each day; 25 community projects and a vbs camp are solicited and organized; 7 different church worship teams collaborate and 7 different pastors speak; college students complete applications and provide references and testimonies with the hope to become mentors for middle and high students; background screenings are conducted on volunteers and leaders; insurances are paid; monthly planning meetings held; and prayers and hope undergird it all. On average at each MI, students from 20 different churches and 35 different schools lived together on mission in their own Jerusalem.

Please take this opportunity to stand shoulder to shoulder with Mission Interact in preparing for students "... that they may be one." Volunteer today for the gift that we will give the students this summer.

We are excited that the Spirit is moving you towards volunteering with Mission Interact. Many of the positions listed below are not exclusionary of the others. A bus driver can also be a serve track leader and worship assistant and zombie. The students will benefit from consistent leadership and mentors throughout, so pray about dedicating a few vacation days to our Oviedo students. This is a great opportunity for college students, parents, even grandparents to be involved with Christ moving amongst these students. A good many folks actually schedule their vacation during MI so they can participate 100%! Also, be aware that all volunteers will need to have a current background screening performed.

Please see the following needs so that you can be used where you are gifted. As you complete your registration, you can make selections of times available and areas to volunteer. ... that they may be One!

WORSHIP: What a lot of us are looking forward to the most. Worship each night at a different church. Audio\visual, organization, flow, and leadership. Every morning and every night. What's your interest?

MEDIA: You know how energizing a good song and some killer tech and graphics (especially when students see action photos of themselves) can be! Bring your skills, your equipment, and your talent.

FOOD: Lots of mouths to feed. Need morning and evening help. Sunday evening to Saturday morning. When are you available?

OVERNIGHTCOUNSELORS (affectionately dubbed 'zombies' that govern Evening Flow & Fun): Each night we'll return to Base Camp with up to 300 wound up students for games, wind down, and crash time. We need shepherds to get them corralled to the showers, pointed to dinner, and packaged out to the evening worship. After worship, we'll have some recreation and hang time. Sunday through Friday nights. You feel fun but authoritative? When are you available? OVERNIGHT - Boys and girls will be separate and we need steady adult influence to make sure they catch their zzzzzz's and the doors stay closed. Need help from 7pm-7am, or variations thereof. When are you available?

SERVE TRACKS: The meat of the mission where we need adult leaders for up to 30 groups of students. Hand to Hand (food bank, care packages, etc); Shoulder to Shoulder (paint, yard, construction, sport camp); Heart to Heart (loving them at orphanages, assisted living, vbs); Spirit to Spirit (prayer warriors on the road); Soul to Soul (share how much Jesus loves 'em). Need help Sunday night through Friday. Any or all days. Skills and talents a plus to help the kids have more impact. When are you available and what's your pleasure?

BUS DRIVERS: To help move the students from the host church campuses to the serve tracks and back and forth to worship each evening. If you have a class B license with 'passenger' endorsement, we could use your help. We need help every morning and evening; or maybe all of the above?

PRAYER \ AMBASSADORS: Gettin' the WORD out and gettin' on our knees asking God to use us in a HUGE way. Need it now! And need some ambassadors to take the mission to their work, their church, Sunday school classes, schools, et al. Prayer team to walk and talk to God before we ever even hit the streets. Ready to gear up as an official Prayer Warrior? In fact, you can let us know you are praying by going to our prayer blog right now

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Date and Time


East Orlando/Oviedo

Oviedo, FL 32765

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