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****Mississippi****Teams (A-D) Alumni Football USA ****FULL CONTACT**** Only the first 40 guys to sign up will get to play**** Register here to save your spot !!! ***Mississippi State Director Bob Cazet *** (855) 843-8448

Alumni Football USA

****Mississippi****Teams (A-D) Alumni Football USA...

Ticket Information

Ticket Type Remaining Price Fee Quantity
*** Pre-Paid Player Spot *** 993 Tickets $95.00 $3.37
Aberdeen 40 Tickets Free $0.00
Ackerman 40 Tickets Free $0.00
Adams County Christian 40 Tickets Free $0.00
Alcorn Central 40 Tickets Free $0.00
Alpha Christian 40 Tickets Free $0.00
Amanda Elzy 36 Tickets Free $0.00
Amite 40 Tickets Free $0.00
Amite County 40 Tickets Free $0.00
Amory 40 Tickets Free $0.00
Bailey Magnet 40 Tickets Free $0.00
Baldwyn 40 Tickets Free $0.00
Bassfield 40 Tickets Free $0.00
Bay 40 Tickets Free $0.00
Bay Springs 40 Tickets Free $0.00
Bayou Academy 40 Tickets Free $0.00
Belmont 40 Tickets Free $0.00
Ben's Ford Christian 40 Tickets Free $0.00
Benton Academy 40 Tickets Free $0.00
BIggersville 40 Tickets Free $0.00
Biloxi 25 Tickets Free $0.00
Bogue Chitto 40 Tickets Free $0.00
Booneville 39 Tickets Free $0.00
Bowling Green 40 Tickets Free $0.00
Brandon 25 Tickets Free $0.00
Briarfield Academy 40 Tickets Free $0.00
Broad Street 38 Tickets Free $0.00
Brookhaven 40 Tickets Free $0.00
Brookhaven Academy 40 Tickets Free $0.00
Brooks 40 Tickets Free $0.00
Bruce 40 Tickets Free $0.00
Byhalia 40 Tickets Free $0.00
Caledonia 40 Tickets Free $0.00
Calhoun Academy 40 Tickets Free $0.00
Calhoun City 40 Tickets Free $0.00
Callaway 40 Tickets Free $0.00
Calvary Christian 40 Tickets Free $0.00
Canton 40 Tickets Free $0.00
Canton Academy 40 Tickets Free $0.00
Carroll Academy 40 Tickets Free $0.00
Carthage 40 Tickets Free $0.00
Cathedral 40 Tickets Free $0.00
Cenla Christian Academy 40 Tickets Free $0.00
Center Hill 40 Tickets Free $0.00
Central Academy 40 Tickets Free $0.00
Central Baptist 40 Tickets Free $0.00
Central HInds Academy 40 Tickets Free $0.00
Central Holmes Academy 40 Tickets Free $0.00
Central Private 40 Tickets Free $0.00
Centreville Academy 40 Tickets Free $0.00
Charleston 40 Tickets Free $0.00
Choctaw Central 36 Tickets Free $0.00
Christian Collegiate Academy 40 Tickets Free $0.00
Claiborne Academy 40 Tickets Free $0.00
Clarkdale 40 Tickets Free $0.00
Clarksdale 40 Tickets Free $0.00
Cleveland 36 Tickets Free $0.00
Clinton 36 Tickets Free $0.00
Clinton Christian Academy 40 Tickets Free $0.00
Coahoma Agricultural 40 Tickets Free $0.00
Coahoma County 40 Tickets Free $0.00
Coffeeville 40 Tickets Free $0.00
Coldwater 40 Tickets Free $0.00
Collins 40 Tickets Free $0.00
Columbia 40 Tickets Free $0.00
Columbia Academy 40 Tickets Free $0.00
Columbus 40 Tickets Free $0.00
Copiah Academy 40 Tickets Free $0.00
Corinth 40 Tickets Free $0.00
Crystal Springs 40 Tickets Free $0.00
Deer Creek 40 Tickets Free $0.00
Delta Academy 40 Tickets Free $0.00
DeSoto 39 Tickets Free $0.00
DeSoto Central 30 Tickets Free $0.00
Dexter 40 Tickets Free $0.00
D'Iberville 39 Tickets Free $0.00
Drew 40 Tickets Free $0.00
Durant 40 Tickets Free $0.00
Teams not listed 100 Tickets Free $0.00

Share ****Mississippi****Teams (A-D) Alumni Football USA ****FULL CONTACT**** Only the first 40 guys to sign up will get to play**** Register here to save your spot !!! ***Mississippi State Director Bob Cazet *** (855) 843-8448

Event Details

       Mississippi Alumni Football Games


Your team's Facebook pages & important info below!

Former high school football players:  Put on the pads and play one more full contact football game. Yes, this is for real!  Open to all alumni.  Ages: late teens, 20's, 30's, 40's, & up!  You practice without pads.  We supply all football equipment 2 hours before the game.  High school rules, referees, 12 min quarters, etc.  



Cost to Play

$95 That gets you "Back in the Game", a Game Video, and a commemorative Alumni Football USA TShirt

To Play:

1.  Reserve your roster spot now.  Pre-register above:  Enter "1" and click the orange "Register" button".  Name, school, year, and phone # will appear below.

2.  Your team's roster/contact info will be emailed to you weekly on Mondays.

3.  Attend the Team Meetings ...keep checking the website to see the meeting place and time. Or email Bob Cazet at after the rosters fill.

4.  Thoroughly review "Team Chart" & "FAQ's" below.

Only One Big Event Yearly:

Alumni Football USA organizes the entire event. This positive & exciting community event has many former players eager and proud to REPRESENT THEIR SCHOOL one more time. High School Rules.
Make calls to build your team!   

Right now we are building rosters for many schools. To build your team call the guys from your high school and invite them to play! Think about who you know and call them. Use to find out of town guys.  Who do you know that was a QB, lineman, center, LB, DB, or punter? Alumni Football USA has done hundreds of games and calling fellow players is how the teams are built.

Pre-registering above is the first step to getting on the roster.  At the Team Meeting we will talk about everything from captains to coaches to practice times, insurance, presale tickets, equipment, game time, and answer any questions. There is a player registration fee which covers all costs: field, lights, announcers, officials, administration, etc. We hope you are ready to play in another serious full gear/full contact football game!

Recent Alumni Football USA 2009-10 YouTube Videos

This is a serious, spectacular, one-time-per-year football game with community players representing their high schools! The players are more mature, bigger, stronger, thicker, wiser, and 
maybe a step slower, but they still hit, tackle, score and the fans love them!




1.  We will email individual team rosters with contact info on Mondays - or until your roster is full.  We'll also handout rosters to captains at the Team Meeting & at the first couple of practices.
2.  Captains are expected to call players and form calling groups (about half of players do not check or receive emails)
3.  Each team captain should maintain their own team roster.
4.  What makes a full roster?  40 to 50.  Typically 40, but we can expand roster to 50.
5.  What's the minimum team size to form a team?  Typically 40. 
6.  When's the deadline to form a team?  4 weeks before the event date.  We'll work with you as much as possible.
7.  How are rosters filled?  Guys who pre-register and PAY by the team meeting make the roster.  If spots are still available, the first guys to pay make the roster.

1. Two to three leaders usually rise up to lead the team.  Sometimes players coach themselves.  Sometimes they'll get a current or former high school coach.  At a minimum, you'll need someone to organize things (primary contact) & someone to organize offense, defense, and special teams (coordinators).
2.  Primary contacts and coordinators should be positive motivators!
3.  What if I want to be a team captain and do a great job-what do I need to know?  Great question!  First, maintain your good positive attitude.  The team will thrive on your energy.  Attitude is everything.  Second, call all players and make them feel welcome.  Do not rely on email.  Third, talk to everyone and get a sense of who would do a good job coordinating offense and defense.  Fourth, make sure everyone knows when & where the next practice is.  Lastly, make sure there's always someone at practice who can "run things."

1.  Do I have to go to the Team Meeting?  You should make every effort to attend.  The $95 is due at or before the meeting.  Guys on the WAITLIST will take your spot if 36 or more guys pay at or before the Team Meeting.
2.  What if I cannot attend the Team Meeting, but I know someone who is going?  Give your money to someone who will be there or pay above using "Pre-Team Meeting Payment Option."
3.  Can I go to a different Team Meeting if there is a closer location? Yes, but your money is still due by the date of your "assigned" Team Meeting.

1.  Do I have a chance of playing if I'm on the WAITLIST?  YES!  Often times guys don't pay by the Team Meeting, so you can take their spot if they don't make the deadline.  Make sure you pay by the Team Meeting!  The vast majority of players who pay by the Team Meeting get a chance to play - one way or the other. Also, 5 roster spots will open up if size expanded from 40 to 45 players.
2.  What is process of adding guys from the WAITLIST to the roster when roster spots open up?  Before the Team Meeting, we don't make any changes to the roster-even if guys drop out.  At the Team Meeting, we often draw randomly from the WAITLIST players who've paid.  Sometimes, we may draw only from certain positions, if a team is short on linemen for example.  After the Team Meeting, the team decides the fairest way to handle this situation.
3.  What if I'm on the WAITLIST, but cannot attend the Team Meeting?  That's fine.  Either give your money to someone who will be at the meeting or pay online above.  As long as you pay by the Team Meeting, you will be given the same opportunity to play as guys on the WAITLIST who have paid and are at the meeting.

1.  We'll schedule 5 "formal" practices, but most teams also schedule "informal" practices as well.
2.  What are "formal" practices?  "Formal" practices are the five practices that we post on the website so that a rep from Alumni Football USA can come by if needed.  We usually attend the first two or three practices to see how things are going.
3.  What if I live out of town or I simply do not have the time to practice?  Can I still play?  Yes!  If your team has 40 guys who paid, just don't expect to get as much playing time as them, but you'll still be able to play.  You'll be hurting your team more if you do not play.  The purpose of Alumni Football is to give guys the opportunity to play in one more football game.  Make it clear to guys that they should not feel guilty about showing up for the game even if they haven't practiced.  Just call the team captain and discuss your situation.
4.  Do we practice without pads?  Yes.  You get your pads the day of the game.  First, cost to play would be much higher if we gave you pads beforehand.  Second, the total number of injuries would be much higher if players practiced with pads simply because they would spend more time hitting (and imagine how much it would suck to get hurt a week before the game - when guys have been dreaming about this their whole life).  Third, the concept of no hitting during practice is not new.  The winningest coach in Division III football, John Gagliardi at St. John's, does not allow hitting at practice.

1.  We provide you with all the football pads/gear you'll need (except for mouthpiece, cleats & jock) a few hours before your game. Please arrive 2 hours before your game. All gear is cleaned and fresh.
2.  What about jerseys?  We have jerseys in about 10 different color variations. We will try to match up your school colors as best as possible.  Some teams use our jerseys.  Many teams order jerseys on their own and some will borrow from the school.

1.  What about safety?  This is play at your own risk.  We do not recommend playing any sport without medical insurance. It is easy to sprain an ankle or strain a shoulder. Alumni Football USA has not had any serious injuries, but many people have gotten hurt playing the aggressive game of football. Serious head, neck, and spinal injuries are always possibilities. Some people have even died from playing football. Most people should get checked out by their doctor before playing any rigorous sport.  If you have not been physically active for awhile you should condition/train and be especially careful.  Playing in these football games is very exciting and it is your responsibility to check with your doctor and make sure that your heart is healthy enough to handle the strain.  Again, we suggest getting checked out by your doctor.

1.  Do you supply insurance? We do provide the required liability insurance for the schools and their facility. We do not provide health insurance, and we do not recommend that you play if you do not have your own health insurance. You are more than welcome to coach or help out the team in other ways. 

1.  Money is due at or before the Team Meeting.
2.  IF roster spots are available after the Team Meeting, you'll be able to pay either here or at practice.

1.  We understand that unexpected things occur that keep guys from playing.  First, we ask that you have someone "take your place" and pay you the Player Fee directly.  That's fine with us.  However, if you do not have someone to take your place, your money will be refunded minus a $25 administration fee.
2.  Do I get a refund if my team does not have enough guys to play?  Absolutely.  In this case, we give a full refund and do not charge the $25 admin fee.
3.  What does the Player Fee cover? If you do not pay, you do not play. We put on quality events for the players, their families, the fans, and all opponents. We provide 10-20 workers at each event, 4-5 quality refs per game, quality gear, awards, professional service/communication, web sites, phone calls, email, great fields/lights/locations, DVD’s, YouTube highlights for each game we video, advertisement, facility insurance, fundraising for schools, and more... We have agents working this job full time to provide these services. 

1.  What is the overall level of play?  Every game is different, but almost all games are serious, competitive, and hard hitting.
2.  What is the date and time of my game?  We'll post here on as soon as we know (usually within a week after the Team Meeting).  For a typical Alumni Football weekend, two games are played on Friday, four games on Saturday and two games on Sunday.  
3.  Can friends or family come down on the field?  No, only players and coaches please. Others will be asked to watch from the stands. Some of these players fly out of bounds like a Mac Truck with no driver.
4.  Are we guaranteed to play the team we're currently matched up against?  No, sometimes teams do not develop - if that were to happen, we'll find a good team for you to play.
5.  What are the rules?  We play according to High School Rules with 3 exceptions:
     I.  Only 4 rushers from 3 or 4 point stances and only 4 players in 3 or 4 point stances. Seven players must be in a 2 point stance. Presnap 5 yard penalty from LOS. After a hand off, LB’s can go.  When the QB rolls out past the tackle anyone can go.  Send 11 OK on punts, but no one can go through A gap or touch the snapper. (Shotgun on 2nd down is not punt formation!)
     II.  No crack back block from wideouts... Blocking from outside is OK with 2 hand lead and both feet planted. No head or shoulder lead. These guys have to go to work on Monday.
     III. Celebrations after TD’s are okay!

Bob Cazet
Mississippi State Director
Alumni Football USA
(855) 843-8448


Have questions about ****Mississippi****Teams (A-D) Alumni Football USA ****FULL CONTACT**** Only the first 40 guys to sign up will get to play**** Register here to save your spot !!! ***Mississippi State Director Bob Cazet *** (855) 843-8448 ? Contact Alumni Football USA


Alumni Football USA



Since 1988,

Alumni Football USA

has specialized in entertainment for former high school football players across the country who want to play one more full contact football game. 

Bob Cazet

Founder and President



***All Information on this site is Propriety and the sole property of Alumni Football USA, any use of information from this site, without the written consent of Bob Cazet AND Alumni Football USA, is prohibited.**** 




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