Miss Pink Atlanta & Little Miss Pink Pearl Sweetheart Scholarship Pageant
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Miss Pink Atlanta & Little Miss Pink Pearl Sweetheart Scholarship Pageant

Miss Pink Atlanta & Little Miss Pink Pearl Sweetheart Scholarship Pageant

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JS Venue Plus

1355 Mount Zion Road

Morrow, GA 30260

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The Little Miss Pink Atlanta & The Miss Pink Atlanta is program and fundraiser hosted by the Atlanta Women of Wealth and The Power of Pink Girls Ink. We have dedicated this program to providing self-esteem enhancing programs for girls that uplift, educate and motivate girls to become leaders within their community.

Our (5) main areas of self-development:

  • Education

  • Etiquette

  • Self-Esteem

  • Inner – Beauty

  • Empowerment

The Power of Pink Girls Ink. Sweetheart Scholarship Pageant to enrichment program is two pageants combined to make one big amazing inner beauty celebration for girls ages 5-18.

Why Are We doing this?

We live in a society where girls are constantly judged by their physical beauty which ads unneeded stress to girls everyday lives. So instead of focusing on one’s physical appearance, this pageant program celebrates girls for having enough courage and confidence to embrace their natural beauty with pride while presenting their inner beauty to the world. After all, true beauty comes from within, and we encourage our participants to let their inner-character traits shine.

  • This is not your traditional pageant. This is a pageant that teaches principles. Our goal is to instill positive values while enhancing girls social skills. Each category is associated with specific life skills which steer girls towards success in life. Our pageant participants also demonstrates their inner beauty by giving back to the community as part of their pageant experience.

  • Additionally we offer several Pre-Pageant Confidence Workshops to all pageant participants where girls make new friends and have fun while learning lessons on public speaking, poise, posture, etiquette, and everything else that they need to know to grace the pageant stage with confidence.

  • Lastly, this pageant program is a fundraiser for The Atlanta Women of Wealth & The Power of Pink Women’s Network Breast Cancer awareness program for October 2017. We celebrate and honor women within various communities that have been affected or survived any type of cancer.

What makes this pageant different?

We believe that true beauty comes from within, therefore make-up is not required but if you choose to wear it we encourage you to, but points WILL NOT be deducted for not wearing make-up. It’s not all about the Glitz & Glam but the confidence and character!! If you choose to wear add on like eye-lashes, hair extensions, and anything else it’s totally up to you but it’s not a major requirement. We encourage our participants to focus on inner beauty traits such as character development, public speaking skills, poise, etiquettes, and confidence. We consider our pageant program more of an inner beauty rather than a traditional pageant because each girl is individually unique and called upon on stage to receive her special recognition, and everyone goes home with a Crown, Sash, and trophy amongst other prizes!!!

New to Pageants?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you!! NO EXPERIENCE is necessary to participate, and girls with pageant experience are treated just as girls without pageant experience. We also teach you skills to shine on stage at our Pre-Pageant confidence workshop. At this workshop, girls received instructions on poise, the pageant walk, stage stance, public speaking skills, etiquettes, and much more!! So, this will prepare the girls to get on stage and have lots of fun at the pageant and plus get a chance to attend our Girls Brunch Too Leadership Brunch.

Pageant Categories

Personal Introductions & Speech

This is your time to introduce yourself to the audience. The topic of this 20 seconds or less speech should be on who you are, your hometown, and what are your goals and aspiration in life. Speech can not exceed 20 seconds, we can’t wait to hear all about your fabulous self!!

  • Attire: Your Official Pageant T-Shirt and your choice of bottoms (jeans, skirts, shorts, tutu, etc) Be creative!! Take your Pageant T-Shirt look to a whole new level of fashion.

  • What are the judges looking for? Confidence, Eye Contact, Poise, Grammar, Voice Projection and your Runway Walk.

******Contestants ages 5-7 are required to recite their name and age only, however they can elaborate more and tell us what they want to be when they grow up if they can.*****Contestants ages 7 and older are required to give their speech,

Life Skills Learned: How to properly introduce yourself, effective public speaking skills, eye contact, increase social skills.

Rock Your Own Look- The Theme for this segment of the pageant is Atlanta Next Top Model

  • Attire: During this segment we’d like to see you totally rock the stage with your most unique outfit of choice representing yourself as a runway model. (Off the rack or custom made) Music will be provided so you can totally rock the runway. We want to see your personality totally shine. Become the model you want to be. This is a fun, bouncy top model runway walk that will be perfect for this portion of the pageant, NO FLIP FLOPS!!

  • What are the Judges looking for? Creativity in your outfit choice, smiles, cute gestures like waving, hands on hips, thumbs up, attitude/spunk, the totally Top Model Runway look that gives your stage appearance and crowd reaction the wow factor.

Life Skills Learned: Personal presentation skills, non-verbal communication skills, and increased self-awareness.

Glitz & Glam Inner Beauty

Let your inner-beauty shine bright like a diamond!!! This segment of the pageant participants are asked to give a 30 sec or less personal expression about what inner beauty means to them. Feel free to talk about a personal character trait that makes your inner beautiful shine, or deliver a speech about why inner beauty is so important. This personal expression can be a simple little speech, or you can be creative and recite a poem, song, or rap. Ages 4-7 can simply say and complete the sentence “My name is ________and I am beautiful because I am_______”. (Kind, smart, helpful, honest, brave, strong, etc.)

  • Attire: Anything Glitz & Glam. Be creative and wear an outfit that suits your personality. An elegant, age appropriate, floor length gown is perfect for this segment of the pageant. Your dress can be new, borrowed, or old…..it doesn’t matter where it came from, it’s all about how you wear it on stage with confidence and elegance! We will provide the music you just bring the confidence!

  • What are the judges looking for? An elegant and graceful walk for this segment. They will not be evaluating the cost of the dress, designer, or where it came from of the gown, instead they will be looking for your confidence, poise, and dignity projected in the contestants’ walks. They will also be looking for eye contact, stage presence, smiles, and grace.

Life Skills Learned: Walking with proper posture, presenting yourself with confidence and grace, increase self-control and self-worth!

Community Donation

One of the goals of this pageant is to teach girls the importance of giving back to the community. During this portion of the pageant, each pageant contestant is asked to nominate a cancer survivor and help raise money to honor cancer survivors in our October Power of Pink Breast Cancer Awareness Awards Brunch Ceremony. The funds will benefit, honor, and award women within the community as they continue to fight and survive the journey of cancer. Your nominee will be honored and awarded in your name and will have to be present at the event in October as well yourself for you and your family will be presenting the award to your nominee. This is will a very special and sentimental moment.

What are the judges looking for? Each contestant who raises funds for this cause will be awarded with an additional special prize and will be awarded extra points for their participation. There is no se amount for how much you will need to raise however there will be a TOP winner for this segment and special acknowledgements will be given by the community.

Life Skills Learned: Humbleness, a spirit of generosity, compassion, the concerns for others, and community service.

Optional Category = Chances to win more prizes!! Oh Yes!!

The optional pageant categories are scored separately and do not affect the score from the Mandatory pageant categories per age division. Contestants can receive additional awards and prizes by participating in the optional categories. All Optional evets will be held on _____________ after the pageant orientation.

There will be ____ Optional Categories to choose from. Contestants may enter as many optional categories as they’d like, and they can enter an Optional Category multiple times if they’d like to, however each entry is scored separately.

Only (1) winner per optional category will be awarded a $100 CASH PRIZE and a trophy

Academic Achievement - $25 Entry Fee

You’re SMART, and you know it, so SHOW OFF YOUR GRADES for a chance to win!! Turn in your report card or a copy of your academic transcript. The judges will look at all entries.

Miss Cover Girl Photo Contest - $25 Entry Fee

You are naturally beautiful just the way you are. This event is your time to show off a fabulous and favorite photo of yourself! This picture that you submit can be a professional picture, a personal picture from a camera/phone, or a selfie. The photo should be at least 5X7 and no larger than a 8X10 and should be turned in at by ___. Judging will take place on _______after the pageant orientation.

Talent Competition - $25 Entry Fee

Do you sing, dance, rap, cheer, recite poetry, know karate, or have a special talent? We want to see your skills. This is your time to shine! (Time limit: 2mins or less) You provide your own music. Props are allowed, but must be easily moved on and off stage by 1 person)

If you participate in the talent competition, you have the opportunity to win the Ultimate Crown across all division. This is the only category of the pageant where the Optional Category score is combined with the contestant’s total pageant scores for a chance to win the Ultimate title and the crown for 2017!

Commercial Actress - $35 Entry Fee

Get your acting skills on and perform a commercial!!! In this category, contestants are able to perform a commercial to try to “sell’ something to the audience. (Time limit: 30 secs or less. The commercial can be one that you created or one that you have saw on TV. You can also google commercial scripts and perform one that you find. Props can be used)

Cheer - $35 Entry Fee

Ready OK!!! In this pageant category contestants are able to perform a cheer. The cheer is limited to 2 mins or less. Music and cheer props (i.e. pomp oms and mats) are allowed.

Every Contestant receives:

Beautiful crown / Trophy / Sash

There are chances to win CA$H Prizes, Scholarships, Technology Gifts, Jewelry, Gift Certificates, and many more!!!

The following Titles will be awarded:

  • Ultimate Crown – Miss Pink Atlanta (1 across all age divisions) *Must participate in the Talent Optional for a chance to win this title*

  • Queens (1 Per Age Division)

  • Miss Spokes Model – (1 across all ages divisions) – Contestant who delivers the best introduction Speech

  • Atlanta’s Next Top Model – (1 across all age divisions) – Contestant who delivers the Top Model theme look for their presentation and their runway walk

  • Miss Glitz & Glam Beauty – (1 across all age divisions) - Contestant who delivers the best Elegance/Evening Gown presentation

  • Miss She-Eo – (1 across all age divisions) – Contestant who obtains the most ads for the Keepsake Pageants Ad Promotional Commercials. Her picture will be featured on the cover of the Pageant Keepsake Commercials Ad!

  • Miss Power of Pink- (1 across all age divisions) Contestant with the maximum participation in breast cancer awareness fundraisers.

Optional Category Titles Awarded:

  • Miss Talent – ( 1 across all age divisions) – Contestant with the highest score in the Talent Competition

  • Miss Cover Girl- (1 across all age divisions) – Contestant with the highest score in the natural photo contest.

  • Miss Commercial Actress – (1 across all age divisions) – Contestants with the highest scores in the commercial actress category.

  • Miss Cheer – (1 across all age divisions) – Contestants with the highest scores in the cheer category.

  • Miss Academic Achievement – (1 across all age divisions) – Contestant with the highest scores in the academic achievement category.

General Rules & Regulations

  • Makeup – Girls are not required to wear makeup, but it’s your choice if you decide to wear, it should be light, age appropriate, and natural looking.

  • Hair – Wigs, hair extensions, and other false hair enhancements can be worn, it’ your choice.

  • Dress – Contestants should wear an elegant, age appropriate, floor-length gown. Girls ages 5-7 can wear cupcake dresses. The dress can be new, borrowed, or old…..it doesn’t matter where it came from; it’s all about how you wear it on stage with confidence and elegance. The judges will not be evaluating the cost or designer of the gown, instead they will be looking for confidence, poise, and dignity projected in the contestants walks.

  • The Scholarship will be awarded depending upon the amounts of overall fundraising total. The participants and scholarship recipient must have at least a 2.5 GPA and must submit an essay in 250 words or less explaining why you are requesting financial assistance, what school you are attending or want to attend and this contribution will help benefit your needs. All scholarship monies will be given in either a savings bond or sent directly to contestant’s school of choice, or be given a gift certificate.

  • All Optional Category Cash Prizes are based on at least 4 contestants registered per Optional Category. If less than 4 contestants participate in a particular category, the cash prize for that category will be prorated, and however, the prize awarded to the winner will be NO LESS THAN THE ENTRY FEE.

  • All contestants are required to nominate and submit their special honoree for cancer and raise money for the cause of The 2017 Power of Pink Breast cancer awareness awards ceremony. Each contestant is to choose (1) woman/girl honoree who has been or have survived any type of cancer not just limited to breast cancer.



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Date and Time


JS Venue Plus

1355 Mount Zion Road

Morrow, GA 30260

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