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MINDSET MASTERY - Losing Limits, Loving life, Living Dreams

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Pure Health Clubs - Level 1, 236 Old Cleveland Rd, Coorparoo

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Are you keen to become the master of your destiny?

Are you ready to understand how your mind works?

Would like to release the handbrake & create powerful change?

Your body is the most amazing machine. Yet its your that holds a powerful remote control.

The most powerful bootcamp you can ever undertake is one for your mindset.

Forget bootcamping your butt. Bootcamp your brain for your best results.

It is true that the body achieves what the mind conceives.

It is also true that life shows up in direct accordance with your view of it.

The universe has a perfect accounting system. By simply changing your perspective, your beliefs and addressing your driving needs.... you will change your reality. Because they are one and the same.

Think about how many hours you have spent toning your toosh or strengthing your body in your life.

The combined minutes spent sculpting thighs, abs, arms and back would easily make a week each year (at least).

How many days did you spend in the last year honing, sculpting and buffing your mindset?

Your mind is most certainly the most influential thing in your life, yet you don’t leverage it.

Its ability to affect you knows no bounds. It’s the game-maker.

Often though, your mind is the exact reason you aren’t seeing the results you want to see.… learn to master it or it will master you. Doing so, is a game-changer.

Train it to perform for you, not against you, and results in all areas will become effortless.

Master it and the whole of your life will be more joy-filled and abundant.

Attend this information and inpiration drenched session to learn:

What it really means to boot-camp your brain!

How to buff your mindset into shape in 3 easy steps!

The number #1 & #2 things that have been limiting you repeatedly, and how to stop these!

To unlock the gateway to an enhanced body, an energised-mind and a free-soul!

Faciliated by Marina Perry: Founder of Pure Health clubs; Advanced NLP & life coach; and positive change facilitator to thousands.


Pure Health Clubs - Level 1, 236 Old Cleveland Rd, Coorparoo

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