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Princes Street

145-147 Queen Street



United Kingdom

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Reprogram your greatest tool in this free online masterclass

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The Problem

Don't you wish you sometimes weren't your own worst enemy?

That the biggest challenge you face wasn't the thoughts in your own head.

You want to make changes in your life, but you doubt your ability to do so.

You're worried you'll try something, but you'll fail.

You get upset, anxious and frustrated far more than you'd like to.

You feel you're holding yourself back in life because of the way that you think.

When life gets tough, it's like your mind goes into overdrive.

You wish you could just stop the thoughts, but you never can, no matter how hard you try.

The Dream

Imagine a life where you could be in charge of your own head.

A life where you had the confidence to go after what you want.

A life where you were calm, relaxed and simply let the stresses of life wash over you.

A life where you went through your day feeling joyful, excited and grateful.

We all have power over our thoughts. Psychology research is continuing to find more and more ways to reprogram our own minds.

You can create a new mind for yourself, but only if you work for it.

Time for Action

You can't sit around and hope your thoughts are magically going to change.

They don't.

In fact doing nothing will just make the problem worse, because you are just reinforcing the existing thought patterns.

You've got to take on these thought patterns, and you have to do it now.

You likely have decades of mental conditioning and programming to take on. You can overwrite it, but it will take time.

That's not a sexy thing to say to people, but I believe you need to know the truth.

Because here's some more truth on what happens if you don't begin the process now.

In a week's time, something will upset you, and you won't have a tool to stop it getting to you.

In a month's time, something won't go the way you hoped, and you'll give yourself scathing self-criticism because you didn't change the voice in your head.

In a year's time, you will look back and say "has anything really changed for me". If you don't change what's going on in your internal world, then don't expect anything to change in your external world.

You can avoid this.

The Solution

If you take action now, you will notice the difference in a week, a month and a year's time.

I went to university to study psychology because I was trying to find the same answers you are.

I've written hundreds of thousands of words in books, essays and studies.

Invested tens of thousands of pounds in my education.

Read books, journals, articles and studies for thousands of hours, continuing long after I attained my degree.


Because I believed that I could change my mind and I now know you can do the same.

I'm going to distill all this practice, investment and research into a single masterclass. You will learn:

  • A four-step process for eliminating negative thoughts
  • The five step process for the best mental training tool there is
  • The three Ps of Happy People

You are going to learn all this for FREE in this online masterclass.

It's time to start getting your mind working for you rather than against you.

The beauty of this process is that all our brains work in the same way.

If any of us want to change our thoughts patterns, we all do so in exactly the same way.

Even in cases of extreme brain injury and trauma, we have found ways to heal and grow the mind.

Your mind can heal and grow too.

Let's begin the process for you right now.

Click the button on the right to start building your new mind and start building your new life.


Is this definitely an online event? Because the event has a physical location?

Yes this is entirely online. The physical location allows people in your city (such as you!) to find the event as it shows up as being geographically close to them.

Where can I access the masterclass?

The masterclass will be streamed live on my Facebook Page. You will be sent the link within 24hr of the masterclass beginning.

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Date and Time



Princes Street

145-147 Queen Street



United Kingdom

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