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Mindset for Success: Create a Profitable Business & A Purposeful Life

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An intense hands-on 5-week transformational course with Bestselling Author, Internationally known keynote speaker, corporate trainer and author, Deborah Deras. Deborah is on a mission to educate, inspire and help professionals Latinas to be passionate, purposeful and profitable.

During this program, Deborah will coach and guide you through a proven, reliable and repeatable strategies to you will master your negative mind chatter, negative emotions, sabotaging behaviors so you can achieve Peak Performance, Productivity, and even more Prosperity so you can be the philanthropist you have always wanted to be.creating your most successful year ever in 2019, and with ease and grace.

It is held online on via ZOOM a Webinar platform for your convenience so you can tune in anywhere without the traffic. You also are invited to attend the fifth class in person for a celebration/graduation. (If you can't attend in person for session 5 you can participate via Zoom).

MODULE ONE: Mind Mastery for Peak Performance on January 29th 5:15-6:30pm (PST) on Zoom

This transformational session will show you how to your brain to access your genius potential to create innovative companies that thrive not just survive.

  • How to stop the ego that is not your amigo right in its tracks so you can operate at your best.

  • How to identify subconscious negative programs to your awareness so you can transmute them into productive energy.

  • A 4-step process to reframe negativity into unstoppable inspiration.

  • How to access your Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, Elon Musk, genius potential.

  • A powerful visualization process that you can use on a daily basis.

MODULE TWO: Energy Mastery for Peak Performance on February 5th 5:15-6: 30 pm (PST) on Zoom

This transformation session will help you to stop running on empty and keep your energy high, engaged and productive.

  • We all want more time each day but activity is not productivity. Learn how to identify the energy zappers that stop our business from thriving.

  • Learn a 5 step technique to stop procrastination.

  • How to stop overwhelm with this 60-second process.

  • Discover, how to say, NO, guilt-free and set boundaries required to build a sustainable and scalable business.

  • Experience a powerful meditation to help you center and get clarity to tap into your genius downloads.

MODULE THREE: Self Mastery for Peak Performance on February 12th 5:15-6: 30 pm (PST) on Zoom

During this transformational session, you will discover how to stop counterproductive thoughts, sabotaging behaviors and destructive emotions from taking you out before you even get started.

  • Understanding how emotions work so that you can learn to control them rather than them controlling you.

  • How to transmute destructive emotions into a powerful positive inspiration to achieve results.

  • Discover how to use your Emotional Guidance System that is your powerful gut/intuition that guides wise business decisions as you rise to the next level in your Career/Business.

  • Experience a powerful NLP Anchoring process so that you can evoke any positive emotion you desire on demand so you can nail a proposal, presentation or pitch to take your business to the next level.

MODULE FOUR: Leadership Mastery for Peak Performance on February 19th 5:00-6: 15 pm (PST) on Zoom

During this transformational session, you will discover how to engage, inspire and lead others to buy into your Vision, Mission of your company to recruit volunteers, interns, work with vendors, hire staff or inspire investors.

  • Understand how people process information and how their reactions are not related to you but to what you triggered in them.

  • How to shift from reacting to others to responding to them from a place of empowerment for them and you.

  • Owning your talents, skills, and abilities and knowing when and how to delegate to others.

  • Discover a 3-part system to connect, influence and lead.

  • Experience a process to network and generate leads

MODULE FIVE: BONUS MODULE (IN PERSON) Integration of the four previous modules (In Person: Location-TBD) 6-8pm.

* Coaching process on Mindset for Success

* Coaching process on Energy Mastery

* Coaching process for Emotional Mastery

* Coaching process for Leadership Mastery

* Graduation Ceremony

* Presentation or Certificates

The tuition fee of $250 includes all five sessions.

Facilitated by Deborah Deras, Top Latina Peak Performance Speaker. If you Google, Latina Speaker you will find Deborah at the top of the page. For over 16 years, she has been empowering professional Latinas and Fortune 500 organization employees to achieve peak performance through Mindset for Success strategies. If you look up Synergy Unlimited on Google you can find countless testimonials on the transformational value of working with Deborah. This program is designed with the intention to support you to thrive in your business and feel fulfilled in your life.

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