Mindfulness & You Summit (17 & 18 Dec 2021) - Energia

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Mindfulness & You Summit (17 & 18 Dec 2021) - Energia

Improve your Productivity, Manage your Stress, Enhance your Relationships, Unlock your Child's Potential with this Event

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Mindfulness & You Summit Overview

2 long years of the COVID-19 pandemic and all the restrictions, fears, uncertainties and frustrations it brings has resulted in developing a whole new string of unwanted stress for all in Singapore and around the world.

​Our research reveals that mental wellbeing and mental wellness is now a key need for many people with its stigma as a form of “mental illness” diluted with increasing awareness.

We see more and more people seeking help to cope with today’s “new” stress, prompting a new platform called the Interagency Taskforce on Mental Health and Wellbeing, chaired by Senior Minister of State for Health Janil Puthucheary, set up this late August 21 to oversee national efforts to promote mental health and well-being beyond the pandemic.

This Summit is to start a Mindfulness & You Movement in 2022 - with the Goal to help and empower our Singaporeans and Global Citizens master the Tools to help them cope better with Stress, and to learn strategies to improve their lives and overall wellness at work, at home and at play.

>> This is a 2-Day Summit which gives you access to 2 days of online events when you register once.

>> For Day 2 Mindful Coffee Appreciation - you need to pre-register due to Covid-19 Advisory during Registration. It has Limited Seats and subject to Availability. Organizer decision is Final.

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Day 1 - Morning Program

9 am : Opening Address

  • Why a Mindfulness Summit and Movement ?
  • How does Mindfulness and the Adoption of its various tools and practices help us live a better life and perform better at work
  • Start the Festival

Mr Lam Kwong Khiam | CEO - Morphing Mind

Principal Global Art Hougang, Bedok and Yishun

9.15 am : Exiting the Covid-19 Crisis: Recovery Challenges and Strategies, Vision for Integrated Wellness & Support for Wholesome Living

  • Some Macro Picture, Data and Insights
  • Challenges and Strategies to Overcome
  • The Vision for : Integrated Wellness & Support for Wholesome Living

Dr. Maleena Suppiah Cavert

Chief Wellbeing Officer, NUHS | National University Health System

9.30 am : Round Table Sharing :

  • We have invited key stakeholders & business leaders to come and share on the various initiatives that are happening at both Macro and Micro Level
  • Invitation to Audience to be part of the Solutions

Facilitators :

Dr. Maleena Suppiah Cavert | Chief Wellbeing Officer, NUHS

Mr. Joseph Lee | Founder , SME Challenge

Panelists :

1) Mr Daniel Chia Han Yong

Head Of Human Resources | Samsung Electronics Singapore

2) Dr Richard Swinbourne

Team Lead Sport Nutrition and Sleep Scientist | Singapore Sport Institute

3) Mr Lam Kwong Khiam

CEO | Morphing Mind

Principal Global Art Hougang, Bedok and Yishun

4) Dr. Chiadi Onyike

Director, Frontotemporal Dementias Program

Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences

Specialist in Adult Psychiatry, Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia

The Johns Hopkins Hospital

10.30 am : Peak Performance for Work and Life

  • Nutrition and Sleep
  • Exercise and Fitness

Dr Richard Swinbourne Team Lead Sport Nutrition and Sleep Scientist Singapore Sport Institute

11.15 am : Mindfulness in the Workplace | Building a Resilient Workforce

  • Benefits
  • Obstacles
  • Solutions
  • Implementation

Mr Lam Kwong Khiam | CEO - Morphing Mind

Principal Global Art Hougang, Bedok and Yishun

12 pm : Lunch Break

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Day 1 - Afternoon Program

2 pm : Opening + Introduction to SME Challenge

Mr Joseph Lee | Founder , SME Challenge

2.10 pm : Introduction to UOB-SMU AEI

Ms Jennifer Leow - Manager - UOB-SMU Asian Enterprise Institute

2.15 pm : Rewire your brains by unlocking your brain’s true potential

  • Dive deep into your brain health,
  • the impact it can have on leadership qualities, and
  • how to pro-actively improve your brain to reach your potential through neuroplasticity

Dr Timothy Foo | Clinical Lead at IFN Singapore

3 pm : Mindful Eating : How Nutrition can help us be more Productive at work

  • Secrets to the Food we eat
  • What types of Food to eat for Maximum Productivity and Mental Alertness

Fiona Chia | Managing Director, Accredited WHP Consultant

Health Can Be Fun

3.30 pm : Reduce Stress and Improve attention with the Zentangle Method

  • Introduction to the Zentangle Method
  • The benefits of the method
  • Latest research findings

Stephanie Jennifer Fernandez | Certified Zentangle Teacher

4 pm : Maximizing your Mind Potential with Hypnosis

  • Introduction to the Power of Our Mind
  • Our mind can either be a big enabler, or a big obstacle in our life.
  • Learn how to Unleash the Creative Potential of Our Mind
  • How to train our mind to perform to its best, and unleash its maximum potential

Mr George Lee | CEO - TheMindSynergy Pte Ltd

4.30 pm : Secrets to have Deep and Restorative Sleep

  • Sleep Disorder and Causes
  • What are the Ingredients for a Deep and Restorative Sleep
  • How to do it

Ms Veronica Tan

Founder of Energia Singapore, Author of "The Healing Power of Your Body" and "The Natural and Effective Remedies to A Good Night Sleep"

5 pm : Well-being for your ears: the science of biophilic soundscapes

  • How to simply boost your Productivity and Mental Wellbeing with the “Right Sound”
  • Moodsonic brings the scientific power of biophilic sound to the built environment to enhance the wellbeing and productivity of its users.

Evan Benway | Managing Director - The Sound Agency

5.30 pm : End of Day 1 - Afternoon Session

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Day 2 - Morning Program

10.30 am : Practical Stress Management & Holistic Family Health & Wellness

  • Managing stress in the endemic pandemic world for the "Sandwich Generation" who has to take care of both Children and Parents and a whole lot of stress
  • This workshop will have hands-on, practical exercises for participants to apply what they learn immediately.

Mr Lam Kwong Khiam | CEO - Morphing Mind

Principal Global Art Hougang, Bedok and Yishun

11.30 am : One Stroke at a Time – Achieving Mindfulness through the Zentangle method workshop

  • Practical application of the Zentangle Method to reduce stress, improve attention and creativity

Art Materials Needed

  • Black Ink Pen x 1
  • Pencil x 1
  • Cotton Bud or Tortillon
  • Blank Paper (cut into 9 cm x 9 cm)

Ms Samantha Lee | Certified Zentangle Teacher

12.30 pm : Lunch Break

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Day 2 - Afternoon Program

2 pm : Mindfulness for Kids

In this workshop, parents can experience, and children can learn, some useful techniques on improving attention, focus and concentration, decision-making and relaxation.

Ms Cecil Go | Certified Trainer - Morphing Mind

3 pm : Cognitive skills are the foundation for success in life

  • Introduction to the brain and it's cognitive power
  • How to improve it for your children

Ms Linda Wong | Trainer - Neeuro Pte Ltd

3.30 pm : Discover How Creativity Can Be Nurtured From Young

  • Introduction to Creativity
  • Strategies to Nurture Creativity

Mr Lam Kwong Khiam | CEO - Morphing Mind

Principal Global Art Hougang, Bedok and Yishun

4.30 pm : Bringing Mindfulness into Children’s Daily Routine

  • A quick look into the daily routine of a student care centre
  • Simple mindfulness activities introduced into the children’s daily routine
  • Noticeable changes in the centre environment

Ms Cecil Go | Certified Trainer - Morphing Mind

5 pm : End of Summit

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Day 2 - Whole Day Program

  • This Program is a Live In-Person event happening concurrently with the other Zoom Webinars on Day 2.
  • There will be a total of 3 sessions of 12 participants per session, adhering to the stated timings due to safe distancing measures.
  • Participants need to be fully vaccinated to join in.
  • As this is a sponsored event worth $49 / Participant, seats are strictly limited.
  • Due to safe distancing measures, the exact venue will only be disclosed to successful registrants, who will be notified via email.
  • Walk-ins are not allowed.
  • Decision on registration made by the organiser Energia is final and appeals will not be entertained.

Mindful Coffee Appreciation

  • Join us for a special Mindful Gourmet Coffee Appreciation - from Roast to Grind to Brew to Drink.
  • This is a “Mindful Appreciation of Miracle Coffee of Life with 5 senses” to help us center our lives and set our mind up for the day ahead with one of our favourite drinks - COFFEE !
  • Only 3 Sessions for 12 pax per session
  • 11 am to 1 pm
  • 2 pm to 4 pm
  • 5 pm to 7 pm
  • In-Person event with Safe Distancing (Attendees will need to be fully vaccinated)

Event Venue is in a shopping centre at the immediate vicinity of City Hall MRT.

"A Mindful Thought for the Children” Donation Drive

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We are pleased to support The Straits Times School Pocket Money Fund.

We are running this event FREE so that it can benefit as many people as possible.

We encourage all our participants to make a donation to The Straits Times School Pocket Money Fund . 100% of the donations will go to the charity.

You can donate directly to The Straits Times School Pocket Money Fund here:


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