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Mindfulness at Cushman & Wakefield Offices

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43-45 Portman Square



United Kingdom

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Akanista Mindfulness in partnership with Cushman & Wakefield, London

The first session is FREE for all C&W staff on Tuesday 26 Feb – Paris/Milan/Brussels Rooms, Portman Square to drop in and learn about meditation. Please contact your HR team for more information.

Introduction to Mindfulness: 6-week Meditation course to support performance and resilience

Whether wanting to learn meditation, finding more calm, happiness and resilience to face new challenges; ability to concentrate and enjoy tasks at hand, this course will introduce you to the practice of mindfulness, meditation and art of living.

At C&W offices at Portman Square (PSQ) and in Old Broad Street (OBS), Akanista will run series of 6-week Mindfulness Meditation course to support performance and resilience. If you are a C&W staff/member, you are eligible for a subsidised price of £60 (costing £10 per session only) - General Admission is £120 - to receive the following benefits:

  • 6 live meditations with one of Akanista qualified teachers (1 hr each week)

  • Guided recordings sent directly to your email to practise at home

  • Log-book to increase self-awareness

  • Personalised 1-2-1 Q&A (upto 10 mins) if needed at the end of each session (subject to availability)

  • Email support

Mindfulness has been scientifically proven to help boost satisfaction, efficiency and overall performance at work. By the end of this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • reduce muscle tension

  • Increase immune function

  • higher brain functioning

  • increase focus & clarity

  • feel positive

  • improve resilience

The registration above has all the start dates for year 2019. Please select a starting date of a course that continues for 6 weeks consecutively. If you miss any class, please talk to us, we can help follow up.

Free Taster session


26 Feb – Paris/Milan/Brussels Rooms


6-week Courses (dates & location below)
Tuesdays, 5:30-6:30PM


5 Mar – Paris/Milan/Brussels Rooms

12 March – Paris/Milan/Brussels Rooms

19 March – Paris/Milan/Brussels Rooms

26 March – Paris/Milan/Brussels Rooms

2 April – Tokyo Rooms

9 April – TBC


9 April – Auditorium 1

16 April – Auditorium 1

23 April – Auditorium 1

30 April – Auditorium 1

7 May – Auditorium 1

14 May – Auditorium 1


14 May - Paris/Milan/Brussels Rooms

21 May - Paris/Milan/Brussels Rooms

21 May - Paris/Milan/Brussels Rooms

4 June - Paris/Milan/Brussels Rooms

11 June - Paris/Milan/Brussels Rooms

18 June - Paris/Milan/Brussels Rooms


3 Sept – Auditorium 1

10 Sept – Auditorium 1

17 Sept – Auditorium 1

24 Sept – Auditorium 1

1 Oct – Auditorium 1

8 Oct – Auditorium 1


5 Nov - Paris/Milan/Brussels Rooms

12 Nov - Paris/Milan/Brussels Rooms

19 Nov - Paris/Milan/Brussels Rooms

26 Nov - Paris/Milan/Brussels Rooms

3 Dec - Paris/Milan/Brussels Rooms

10 Dec - Paris/Milan/Brussels Rooms


The course is led by Karuna Priya, a former Buddhist monk and Nitima Priya, a Holistic Counsellor and Meditation teacher. Both of them have collectively over 30 years of meditation experience in various branches of Buddhism. Before moving to London, Karuna had spent 15 years in monasteries in Thailand and Sri Lanka.

The course is developed from the Four Foundations of Mindfulness, inspired by the works of Dr Jon Kabat-Zinn of University of Massachusetts Medical School with MBSR (Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction) and Dr Mark Williams of Oxford University with MBCT (Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy). It combines secular and traditional mindfulness practices. It is perfect for anyone wanting to learn mindfulness techniques from a practical point of view and set up a daily regular meditation. Suitable for all background and levels.

What is Mindfulness

Professor Mark Williams, former director of the Oxford Mindfulness Centre, says that mindfulness means knowing directly what is going on inside and outside ourselves, moment by moment.

When you are mindful, you become keenly aware of yourself and your surroundings, but you simply observe these things as they are. You are aware of your own thoughts and feelings, but you do not react to them in the way that you would if you were on "autopilot". By not labelling or judging the events and circumstances taking place around you, you are freed from your normal tendency to react to them.
Mindfulness has been shown to reduce anxiety levels by 58% and stress by 40% (Krusche et al, 2013, Oxford University). Mindfulness also enhances emotional intelligence, notably self-awareness, self-regulation and strong sense of self-confidence (Daniel Goleman, Emotional Intelligence).


Suzy, Editor of Psychologies Magazine.

“I have been meditating every day since we met Karuna!”

Michael, Footballer, England, Arsenal & Liverpool FC.

“I would encourage anybody who is going through stuff in their lives to come to this course to find peace of mind and connect with their being and bloom like a flower.”

Nicola, CEO Maia Luxury.

“I felt fantastic. So much more grounded and this was a massive lesson in dealing with stressful situations. They have something really special about them.”

Laura Simpson, University College London.

“I would recommend doing a mindfulness course with Nitima and Karuna in a heartbeat. From the very first moment they inspire calm and well-being and create an atmosphere in which meditation and mindfulness seem to come naturally. I started the 6 week course with insomnia and difficulties in dealing with the stresses of undertaking a challenging masters programme. By only the third week I was sleeping much better and was more relaxed and focused. Thank you Akanista!”

Nikki Chivers, Choices 4 All.

“You provided me with an amazing experience of well-being. The provision of tools enable me to develop a coping strategy. This has been so empowering.”

Natalie Nolte, Sothebys.

“Karuna’s teachings were profound and his meditation training was a life changer for me.”

Bhargav Dave, MEC Global.

“Akanista mindfulness classes have shown me a simple yet highly effective way of becoming calmer and focused in my day to day life. The recordings that are provided at the end of each class are helping me practise the techniqu es on a daily basis. All in all, very useful class and I strongly recommend it to anyone who wishes to bring more calmness in their lives”

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43-45 Portman Square



United Kingdom

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