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Mind the Product Singapore 2019 Workshops

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Huone Clarke Quay

3D River Valley Road

#03-01 Clarke Quay



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Level up Your Product Management Skills

MTPcon is coming to Singapore! After running the world’s largest product management conferences in London and San Francisco we’re thrilled to be bringing our unique event, full of inspiration and learning, to Singapore and AsiaPac on Tuesday, 26th March 2019!

In addition to our incredible conference, we're offering a day of amazing pre-conference workshops on Monday, 25th March 2019, enabling you to deep dive into some new skills. We’ve lined up a collection of amazing full-day workshops led by true experts in the field.

Workshop Tickets

  • This is an optional pre-conference day of workshops. Tickets to the main conference are available from here

  • You can only attend one workshop as they run in parallel all day

  • Conference access is NOT INCLUDED in workshop tickets, and workshop access is NOT INCLUDED in conference tickets

  • If you want to attend both the workshop and the conference you need a ticket for each!

  • Workshop tickets are strictly limited to ensure limited class sizes and the best experience

  • Once purchased you cannot change your workshop

Workshop Overviews

Chose from six excellent workshops with expert trainers. Please note that the workshops are run in parallel so you can only attend one of them:

Rapid Experimentation for Product Managers (with Jonny Schneider)

Embracing the learning mindset - how use experiments to test assumptions and move forward

In this workshop, you’ll learn to put customer learning to work by designing fast and effective experiments, so you can make better decisions more confidently.

We’re often making product decisions with incomplete information in conditions of high uncertainty. Product Managers breakthrough by challenging their default thinking, and treating every action as a learning opportunity.

You’ll learn to:

  • Break down problems/solutions into testable assumptions
  • Decide the most important things to be learned from customers
  • Define Metrics that Matter, to support evidence-based decision making
  • Manage uncertainty with a scientific mindset
  • Select the right customer experiment for the job at hand
  • Embrace the lean mindset to test strategy through execution in minutes not months
  • Implement a continuous and sustainable learning cadence in your product team
  • Apply customer learning to an ever-evolving strategy

About your Trainer

Jonny Schneider, Head of Product Strategy and Design

Jonny consults on product development and innovation management, and coaches teams to do their best work. He’s Head of Product Strategy and Design at ThoughtWorks, and author of Understanding Design Thinking, Lean, and Agile (O’Reilly, 2017).

He loves getting to the bottom of stuff, making sense of it, and working with good people to solve worthwhile problems. From beginnings in interface development and experience design, to product management and design leadership, Jonny hones his craft as a consultant across a range of industries, and works mostly with big ol’ clunky enterprises, as well as scale-ups, small businesses, not for profit, and government organisations.
He lives in Melbourne, works all over, and loves a nice brogue.

User Research for Product Managers (with Morag McLaren)

We all know that we build better products when we get more exposure to our users, but how do we get the most out of our time and target our efforts more effectively?

This is a workshop for product managers who need, or want, to do their own user research / user experience testing – how to start, how to do it and then presenting back in a way likely to get people excited about the results rather than dreading them.

The day will be focused on learning techniques that you can start using immediately – so we’ll be looking at:

  • Where to start: it’s easier than you think and we do it all the time in our day jobs
  • Getting buy-in from those around you: including your user researchers if you have them
  • Aligning research with business goals / objectives
  • Choosing the right tool for the job (tools, methodologies, terminology, etc.)
  • How to fit research into agile development processes
  • Presenting findings (to get even more buy-in)
  • What happens after you’ve made your changes

About your Trainer

Morag McLaren, Head of Product

Morag has been working in the digital/tech start-up scene for (almost) 20 years specialising in rapid growth to exit environments – working in everything from construction to design/creative sectors. Her career in product started accidentally – by building products and interrogating/interviewing users before knowing that UX was a real thing. A not-so-secret techie and passionate foodie, she currently keeps out of trouble as the Head of Product for WhatUsersDo, which was recently acquired by UserZoom who she's now also working with to help shape their product offering.

Product Management Foundations 101

Understanding your role as a product manager

Foundations 101 is an overview course intended for individuals who hold the title of Product Manager, or have some working knowledge of the product development process. The intention of this course is to help product managers develop a broader understanding of their role. It seeks to answer the questions:

  • What are the core functions and primary responsibilities of a product manager?
  • What does good product management look like?
  • How do product managers know if they are adding value?

As such, the course is tightly focused on running an effective core team that is centered around inquiry-driven development process. Participants will improve their understanding of customer problems and perspectives, solution testing, delivery mechanisms, and team process.

What we’ll cover on the day

Foundations 101 is a full-day workshop that is comprised of nine modules. Each module includes a lecture component on theory and practice interspersed with up to three hands-on activities. This ensures that participants are afforded an opportunity to apply and work with concepts in a setting that will answer questions and facilitate critical thinking. The following modules will be covered:

  • Learning mindsets: How inquiry breaks down at different points through the product development lifecycle
  • Goals alignment: How to create effective goals and align the team and organisation around them
  • Design thinking: What design thinking is and how product managers can break down what is needed for product understanding
  • Persona development: How to effectively create personas and use them in product processes
  • Lean testing: Unpacking types of lean tests and how to implement them for maximum learning
  • Interview guides: Writing interview guides that do not bias or lead the subject
  • Wireframes and prototypes: Using visuals at different fidelities to facilitate the right conversation
  • User stories: Creating an effective communication mechanism for efficient and transparent delivery
  • Core team communication: How to think about “culture as product” and foster a team that that is geared towards continuous improvement

Product Management Essentials 102

Increasing your strategic impact as a product manager

Essentials 102 is an overview course intended for confident product managers who are looking to increase their strategic skills and influence. The intention of this course is to help product managers build a strategic layer onto their core product practices, and focus on the soft skills and influencing tactics that are often needed to ensure effective product delivery. It seeks to answer the questions:

  • How can product managers increase organisational understanding of product practice?
  • What parts of their process can be used as tools for increased alignment?
  • How can product teams craft an evidence-driven product vision and ensure buy-in?

This course is centered on the senior product manager’s role between the product team and the broader business. In order for teams to deliver effectively, they need buy-in and support from their stakeholders. Participants will gain an understanding of how to sharpen their product practice so that it becomes an alignment and educational tool.

What we’ll cover on the day

Essentials 102 is a full-day workshop comprised of six modules. Each module includes a lecture component on theory and practice interspersed with up to three hands-on activities. This ensures that participants have an opportunity to apply and work with concepts in a setting that will answer questions and facilitate critical thinking. The following modules will be covered:

  • Evaluating opportunity: Understanding how to unpack product assumptions and line up macro data to establish product viability and the foundations for product/market fit
  • Implementing user research: Breaks down the components of running a user research round and what is needed to ensure maximum value of the time invested
  • Research techniques: Reviewing a range of research methodologies, beyond the classic interview, that help product teams validate problem and solution
  • Synthesis: Distilling insights from research and how to collaborate with stakeholders to deepen user understanding and influence
  • Prioritisation: Covering a range of techniques and their uses for alignment at points of product development lifecycle
  • Stakeholder management: A deep-dive into organizational relationships and understanding how to build a communication strategy

Product Leadership 301 (with Kate Leto)

Understanding leadership for product teams

Product Leadership is a one-day, advanced course intended for product managers who wish to understand how to champion product practice, effectively lead their teams, and contribute to developing a healthy culture within their organisation. The course seeks to answer the questions:

  • What is product leadership?
  • What leadership styles exist and how do you know what’s needed for your team?
  • How can you evaluate your leadership skills gaps and understand where growth is needed?

The course is focused on presenting concepts that frame how leadership connects with the individual, the team, and the larger organisation. It also deconstructs what leadership skills are, how to assess your current skill-set, and how to evaluate what your team could need in different scenarios. The workshop is driven by exercises that support participants’ ability to reflect and evaluate their needs.

About your Trainer

Kate Leto, Product Consultant

Kate has more than 20 years product management, leadership and marketing experience with the likes of Yahoo! (Sunnyvale and London) and MOO.COM (London). Since 2011 she’s been a strategic product consultant, leading organisational design and transformation initiatives across finance, government, travel, e-commerce, and non-for-profit sectors. She’s works with organisations to build cultures where cross-functional teams thrive and with countless teams to identify purpose, improve collaboration and increase performance.

Product Roadmapping (with C.Todd Lombardo)

Ask 10 people what a product roadmap is and you will get 10 different answers! This artifact is often misunderstood, yet an incredibly powerful if done right. Creating a great one is part art and part science. In this full-day session, we will talk through the purposes of a roadmap and a process for establishing your product's vision, gaining alignment with your stakeholders, validating themes, and presenting to upper level execs in order to maximize your team's impact.

Key questions to answer include:

  • What are the differences between product strategy, a product roadmap and a feature release plan?
  • How do I relate my product work to business objectives?
  • How can I balance the need to plan, while staying lean and agile?
  • How do I look beyond the next quarter without over-committing?
  • How do I confirm projects or initiatives that have not been fully validated by customers?
  • How do I manage stakeholders and their pressure/influence?
  • How do I prioritize what product aspects to work on 1st, 2nd, 3rd…?
  • What's the best way to present a product roadmap to my stakeholders?

About your trainer

C. Todd Lombardo, Head of Product & Experience

C. Todd has been tinkering and doodling since he was four. Originally trained as a scientist, he’s had job titles ranging from scientist, to engineer, to product manager, to designer, and even professor. He is currently the Head of Product & Experience at Workbar, a leading co-working space in Boston. He also serves on the adjunct faculty at IE Business School in Madrid, as well as Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA). He is a published O'Reilly Media author with two titles: Design Sprint (2015) and Product Roadmaps Relaunched (2017).

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer discounts for students, startups, non-profits, etc?
The only discounts we offer are for Early Bird conference tickets (limit of one ticket per order), which sell out in a matter of minutes, and the group discounts on General Release conference tickets where we do 10 tickets for the price of 9. To ensure you hear about the Early Bird conference tickets make sure you are part of our Slack channel and receive our newsletter.

Can I change the name or other details on my tickets?
Yes, but only the person who purchased the ticket can make these changes on Eventbrite. You are free to change your ticket details up to two days before the conference, including name, title, etc. Please make sure these details are correct as they will be what we show on your badge! Just login to Eventbrite and make the changes, following these instructions. If you can’t reach the person who purchased the ticket in order to get them to change the information please contact us on tickets@mindtheproduct.com and we will help you make the updates.

Can I get a refund?
We offer a full refund up to one month before the conference. Simply log in to Eventbrite and request the refund following these instructions. As with changes, only the person who purchased the tickets can request a refund.

Can I pay by invoice?
As we are a small team we only offer payment by invoice if you are buying 5 tickets or more due to the additional overhead. Early Bird conference tickets cannot be purchased by invoice. Please also note that no tickets are held/issued until payment of the invoice has been received. Request to pay by invoice by emailing tickets@mindtheproduct.com

  • Tickets are not held until payment has been made – there are no exceptions to this.
  • We cannot agree to any terms and conditions associated with Purchase Order numbers or other supplier agreements.
  • We do not fill in supplier detail forms for ticket invoices – if you cannot find details you require on our website – please ask.

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Huone Clarke Quay

3D River Valley Road

#03-01 Clarke Quay



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