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Course Overview

This course provides the student with enhanced techniques in task, resource, and assignment planning. This course also expands upon baselining and tracking techniques, and introduces variance analysis and customization based on unique analysis and reporting needs.

Learning Objectives

  • Utilize Milestone Consulting Group’s YJTJ process for Microsoft Project.
  • Schedule projects more efficiently through use of highly effective task, resource, and assignment planning principles.
  • Describe effort driven scheduling.
  • Describe multiple baselines.
  • Discuss Microsoft Project tracking methods and options.
  • Track project progress and reschedule remaining work.
  • Describe and locate project variance.
  • Customize Microsoft Project.

Business Outcomes

  • Manage projects more efficiently by correctly using Microsoft Project.
  • Increase organizational project management maturity through proven project management and Microsoft Project best practices.
  • Improve the return on investment made in Microsoft Project by the organization.

Course Structure

This course is structured in a manner that provides the ability to be immediately productive with Microsoft Project based on the content of the course. At the conclusion, your knowledge will be enhanced in regards to building a properly structured assignment based schedule and tracking project progress. Also, you will be able to reschedule remaining work and analyze project variance.

Target Audience

This course is designed for anyone who is responsible for creating and/or maintaining project schedules.


Students taking this class should have the following background:

  • A general understanding of basic project management concepts.
  • Basic computer and software skills, in particular familiarity with Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office applications.
  • Microsoft Project YJTJ™ Series Parts 1 and 2.

System Requirements

For the best experience we recommend students computer systems include:

  • A modern computer (>1Ghz) running Windows Vista, Windows 7, 8 or 10
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 or higher
  • A Cable, DSL or WAN Internet Connection (greater than 1Mb speed)
  • Two displays capable of 1280X1024 pixel resolution

Course Outline

Training Overview

  • General Classroom Information
  • Introductions
  • Learning Objectives
  • Business Outcomes
  • Course Structure
  • Milestone Consulting Group Education
  • Course Lesson Map
  • Document Conventions

Lesson 1: YJTJ (Your Job Tool’s Job)™

  • Task Planning
  • Assignment Planning
  • Project Tracking

Lesson 2: Task Planning

  • Task Planning Review
  • Task Calendars
  • Fixed Costs

Lesson 3: Resource Planning

  • Resource Planning Review
  • Material Resources
  • Cost Resources

Lesson 4: Assignment Planning

  • Assignment Planning Review
  • Effort Driven
    • Effort Driven Formula
    • Effort Driven and Task Types
    • Practical Uses for Effort Driven
    • Additional Effort Driven Information
  • Material Resource Assignments
  • Cost Resource Assignments

Lesson 5: Project Baseline

  • Baseline Review
  • Working with Baselines
    • Baseline Positions
    • Resetting (Changing) the Baseline
    • Setting a Baseline for Selected Tasks

Lesson 6: Project Tracking

  • Tracking Review
  • Microsoft Project Tracking Methods
    • Task-Total
    • Assignment-Total
    • Task-Timephased
    • Assignment-Timephased
  • Completed and Remaining Parts
  • Reschedule Remaining Work

Lesson 7: Project Analysis

  • Variance Defined
    • Types of Variance
    • Actual and Estimated Variance
  • Locating Variance in Microsoft Project
    • Schedule Variance
    • Work Variance
    • Cost Variance
  • Customizing Microsoft Project Views

Lesson 8: Putting it All Together

  • Steps to a Healthy Project Schedule
    • Task, Resource, and Assignment Planning
    • Project Baselines
    • Tracking and Analysis
    • In Closure
  • What’s coming next in Milestone’s Microsoft® Project YJTJ™ Series – Part 4 course?
    • Expanded task, resource, and assignment planning concepts
    • Master projects
    • Shared resource pools
    • Resource allocation, overallocation, and leveling
    • Expanded tracking and analysis concepts
    • Critical tasks and critical path


What's the refund policy?

Cancellations received 14 days or more prior to class will either be refunded 75% of the student fee or can be rescheduled to the next open enrollment class. Cancellations less than 14 days prior to the class will forfeit the student fee. Milestone Consulting Group may need to cancel or reschedule any class not meeting minimum registration requirements. If this occurs, we'll contact you 2 weeks prior to the course start date to reschedule or refund your fees. When a course is cancelled, Milestone Consulting Group assumes no responsibility to refund incidental expenses.

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