Midnight Marathon Truck n’ Train  2018

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Midnight Marathon Truck n’ Train 2018

By Greg Hum, BostonSoS, and friends

When and where

Date and time

Sunday, April 15, 2018 · 8:30 - 10pm EDT


Necco St. Boston, MA 02210

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Contact the organizer to request a refund.


Welcome to the Midnight Marathon Truck n' Train page for the Midnight Marathon self-supported option! This ticket is for those who would like a partially-supported ride of the Midnight Marathon Bike Ride on the night of April 15th. Those who have a way to transport themselves and their own bikes to starting line, or those who are riding out-and-back do not need this ticket. Please see our webpage, www.midnightmarathon.org, for more details on riding self-supported.

1) This ticket is to transport your bicycle (no trikes, tandems, nor recumbents) from Boston to Southborough for the Midnight Marathon Bike Ride. THIS IS NOT A TRAIN TICKET! You will need to buy your own commuter rail train ticket for the normally scheduled 10:40pm train (NEW TRAIN SCHEDULE THIS YEAR) to Southborough (Zone 6), or find alternative transportation such as a carpool or taxi to get yourself to the start of the ride. (Remember, we're using moving trucks because there will be a NO-BIKES policy being enforced on the commuter rail the entire weekend of the Marathon)

Since we support building a better community for bicycling, any excess funds raised beyond the cost of bike transportation will be donated to local bicycling advocacy. We'll divide the profits amongst all the organizations below. Please note: The cost of this ticket is not tax deductible in full or in part.

2) This ticket is for loading your bike into a moving truck when you arrive at the loading area, and we are not responsible for scratched/damaged bikes. We will do everything we can to place bikes in our moving trucks carefully, but bikes will be touching each other and may get bumped/scrached. If your bike is precious cargo, this option might not be for you.

3) Loading Details: 8:30pm-9:30pm Sunday April 15th, Meet on Necco St. next to the Channelside parking lot in the Fort Point neighborhood. MAP: https://goo.gl/maps/qewWuGEgh6S2. We'll be with the moving trucks on Necco St. itself.

bike loading area map

4) Loading bikes takes a long time. Please arrive between 8:30pm and 9:30pm with a copy of your Eventbrite receipt. We will assign your bike a number and give you a matching wristband for the reunion in Southborough.

5) Once your bike is loaded onto the truck, meet up with your ride to Southborough or walk over to South Station (10 minute walk) to board the commuter rail train. Purchase your commuter rail ticket to Southborough (Zone 6) if you have not yet bought it. You can purchase commuter rail tickets from the station or on the train (Here's a map of the walk from the parking lot to South Station: https://goo.gl/maps/bYmS2)

We’ll be taking the Worcester/Framingham commuter rail train. The train DEPARTS at 10:40pm, so be at South Station, ticket in hand, no later than 10:30pm!!! DO NOT TRY AND TAKE YOUR BIKE ON THE TRAIN. The MBTA is enforcing a strict no-bikes policy for Marathon weekend on Sunday and Monday on all trains. You will be turned away if you try. DON’T MISS THE TRAIN!

6) If for some reason you fail to collect your bike when we unload (running late, couldn’t get on train...) we will return your bike (along with any others left behind) to a central location. As soon as you realize you won’t be able to collect your bike, text or call us at 617-294-9472 and provide the truck letter and wristband number.

8) The train will arrive to Southborough Station at 11:41pm, where we will unload the bikes in batches in the station parking lot. WE WILL BE UNLOADING IN THE BIG PARKING LOT ON THE INBOUND (SOUTH) SIDE OF THE TRACKS (which you can get to by crossing the tracks after exiting the train)

midnight marathon truck unloading

Look for your assigned truck and quietly wait nearby to listen for your bike’s number to be called. When called, show the unloading attendant your wristband so they can verify a match.

If necessary, we may also unload at a private location nearby. Look for instruction when you arrive if you do not see your truck.

9) We have extremely limited space & resources. So PLEASE:

- Remove any panniers, baskets, milk crates, mirrors, and all other bike accessories that add to the length & width of your bike. You can always carry these accessories on the train with you.

- Seek alternative means to the starting line if you have friends carpooling to the start, or if you have a bike that's too precious to be thrown around in a truck with a hundred other bikes. When we stack bikes against each other, scratches are inevitable.

- We apologize we can not allow any trikes, tandems, or recumbents; we just can’t get them to fit :(

10) Lastly, if you have any other way to get you & your bike out to the starting line, we ask that you do that, and reserve these trucks for the people who really need a ride out to the start.

11) Lastly lastly, Get your tickets for the indenpently-organized Pancake Breakfast hosted by Boston Common Coffee Collective near our Boylston T Station ride finish because there is nothing better than delicious food after a 26 mile bike ride.

12) Lastly, lastly, lastly: we still need volunteers! and volunteers get a ton of nifty perks that include 1x FREE Truck n' Train ticket! Volunteers spots are limited though. Please see our volunteer signup page for more info: https://www.volunteersignup.org/8JPFQ

About the organizer

Greg Hum plays the drums on his bike and loves getting people together for bike rides. BostonSoS supports and organizes off-beat underground events and happens in Boston. With the support and help of many friends, we make things like Midnight Marathon Bike Ride possible.