Micro e-MBA in Small Business Development and Organization Program

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Marietta, GA

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Micro e-MBA in Small Business Development and Organization Program

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Location: Online

Program Fee: $2995

Every Friday from 7/7 - 10/13 8am -12 pm and 1pm - 5pm each day

This program is in a virtual classroom with a live expert instructor.

Course includes participant materials, supporting materials and a certificate. This program has limited spots for 50 participants. Registration is accepted on a first come first served basis.

(This program can be offered offline in a classroom or conference room, Please contact us to set up dates and times).

About the Micro e-MBA in Small Business Development and Organization Program

Adults learn best when they can a) actually apply new information and materials, and b) exchange ongoing feedback with others around those experiences. This peer-to-peer training program, led by an expert instructor, is based on the action learning process which is used across the world for personal, professional and organizational development.

This 15 week program includes 15 online learning modules in which the participant progresses through the program. Materials and activites for learning are tightly integrated with each other across various modules in the program. Many of the learning activities in this learning program are activities that leaders and managers should do in their business anyway to develop a healthy organization. Consequently, time to conduct these learning activities in the program should not be viewed only as "time in the program"; rather, this program helps learners turn their organizations into "learning labs" where they get things done - and learn at the same time.

Who Can Benefit From the Program

  • Highly Motivated Learners who:
    • Wish to understand key principals, concepts and terms in business
    • Have limited time and/or money
    • Prefer to manage, schedule and locate their own learning experiences
    • Prefer highly practical results from programs
  • Leaders, Owners and Managers
    • Seeking guidance to understand business, start a business organization or to firm up the foundation of an already established organization

Results for Learners

Professional and Organizational Outcomes (knowledge, skills and abilities)

Basic Understanding and Skills about:

  • Self-directed learning and self-management (in preparation for completing this program)
  • Feasibility analysis during considerations to start a business
  • Common structures, systems, cultures and life cycles
  • Roles and functions of chief executive officer, board of directors, board of advisors
  • Building and operating a board of directors (corporations)
  • Building and operating a board of advisors (other entities)
  • Basic, critical skills in management and leadership in order to plan, organize, lead and coordinate activities in an organization
  • Strategic analysis, planning and implementation
  • Marketing, including market research and analysis, pricing, competitive analysis, production, distribution, sales and customer service
  • Financial Management, including basics of bookkeeping, cash management, financial reporting and analysis
  • Staffing and supervising employees, including job definition, recruiting, hiring, performance management and personnel policies
  • Business ethics, including practical guidelines for managing ethics, roles and responsibilities, codes of ethics, codes of conduct, policies resolving ethical dilemmas and training of employees

Program Outputs (tangible results)

  • Job description of chief executive officer
  • Management and Leadership training plans
  • Complete resources to equip board and advisory members
  • Training plans and materials to train the board
  • Strategic plan
  • Operating budgets
  • Product/Service marketing analysis
  • Public and Media relations plan
  • Sales plan
  • Advertising and Promotions plan
  • Financial reports and analysis
  • Customer service plan
  • Policies for staffing, training and supervising employees
  • Policies and codes to guide toward highly ethical behavior in the workplace

Nature of Learners Who Will -- and Won't -- Thrive in this Program

This highly accessible and practical program is particulalry useful for highly motivated learners who:

  1. Trust their own ability to manage and carry out their own learning
  2. Understand that in learning, you don't always get what you pay for - but you get what you put in
  3. Prefer practical results (along with powerful outcomes) from a progr
  4. Prefer to schedule and locate their own learning experiences
  5. Can see the value of self-directed, "homeschooled" learning with a facilitator and the support of peers in an atmosphere of trust and confidentialty
  6. Prefer to share ongoing ideas, materials and support among peers
  7. Lastly, learners will thrive in this state-of-the art program if they have a sense of adventure about new experiences and the patience for learning new ways of doing things

Who Will Not Thrive

Perhaps the best way to convey the nature of people who won't thrive in this program is to point out certain myths about learning that many of us have come to believe over the years. This program will not be appealing to people who tend to believe (consciously and unconsciously) that:

  1. The prettier the contant and materials, the more valid the content and materials
  2. The more books and binders in the program, the more learning in the program
  3. Program certification and diplomas represent guaranteed learning that was accomplished by participants in the program
  4. Educators can always manage learners' learning better than the learners themselves

Learning Modules

Module 1: Program Orientation - Getting the most fom this program

  • Gain Guidelines for You to Get the Most from this Program
  • Learn Tips to Improve Reading and Studying Skills
  • Access Extensive Online Resources for You
  • Design Your Best Approach to the Program

Module 2: Starting and Understanding Your Organization

  • Decide If You Are an Entrepreneur
  • Answer: Do You Have the Right Planning and Financial Skills?
  • Answer: What Human resources Will You Need? (If any)
  • Articulate Your First Products/Services and Markets
  • Verify If Those Markets Really Exist
  • Identify Best Approaches to Pricing
  • Answer: How Much Money Will You Need
  • Draft Your First Strategic and/or Business Plan

Module 3: The Role of Chief Executive Officer

  • Learn What a Chief Executive Officer Is
  • Understand the Major Functions of CEO
  • Understand Core Knowledge and Skills for CEO Role
  • Be Prepared for Building Your Board
  • Set Basis for Strong Board-Staff Relationships
  • Avoid "Founder's Syndrome"

Module 4: Building Basic Skills in Management and Leadership

Gain Basic Skills in:

  1. Problem Solving and Decision Making
  2. Planning
  3. Delegation
  4. Internal Communications
  5. Meeting Management
  6. Managing Yourself


  1. Review Advanced Topics in Management and Leadership
  2. Design Your Managment and Leadership Development Plans

Module 5: Building and Maintaining an Effective Board of Directors (for corporations) or Board of Advisors (other entities)

  • Understand Roles and Responsibilities of a Board
  • Adopt Board Policies
  • Build Board Committees
  • Recruit New Board Members
  • Ensure Strong Participation of Board Members
  • Prepare for Board and CEO Evaluations
  • Build Board Calendar to schedule All Operations
  • Organize Board Manual
  • Train Board Members
  • Assess the Health of Your Board Practices

Module 6: Developing Your Strategic Plan

  • Understand the Strategic Planning Process
  • Draft your Mission, Vision and Values Statements
  • Conduct Basic Strategic Analysis
  • Set Strategic Direction
  • Conduct Action Planning
  • Draft an Operating Budget
  • Write and Communicate Your Plan
  • Monitor and Evaluate Your Strategic Plan
  • Evaluate Your Strategic Planning Practices

Module 7: Marketing your Products/Services and Promoting Your Orgnaization

  • Conduct Basic Market Analysis for Each Product/Service
  • Draft Your Public and Media Relations Plan
  • Draft Your Sales Plan
  • Draft Your Advertising and Promotions Plan
  • Draft Your Marketing and Promotions Plan

Module 8: Managing Finances in Your Organization

  • Learn the Basics of Bookkeeping and Finances
  • Understand Budgeting and Deviation Analysis
  • Understand Basic Cash Management Practices
  • Recognize Major Financial Statements
  • Know Basics of Financial Analysis
  • Evaluate Your Financial Management Practices

Module 9: Staffing and Supervising Your Employees

Supervising Staff, Including How To:

  1. Define New Job Roles
  2. Recruit Job Candidates
  3. Screen Applicants
  4. Orient New Employees
  5. Delegate to Employees
  6. Ensure Strong Performance
  7. Fire Employees
  8. Compile personnel Policies and Samples
  9. Evaluate Your Supervisory Practices

Module 10: Managing Ethics in the Workplace

Set up Systems to Manage Ethics, Including:

  1. What is Business Ethics?
  2. Myths About Business Ethics
  3. 10 Benefits of Managing Ethics
  4. Ethics Management System
  5. 8 Guidelines for Managing Ethics
  6. 6 Key Roles and Responsibilities
  7. Codes of Ethics
  8. Codes of Conduct
  9. Ethics Policies and Procedures
  10. Resolving Ethical Dilemmas
  11. Conduct Ethics Training
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This is an Online Program

Marietta, GA

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