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Mexicali 2017 Mission Trip

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Ejido Cuernavaca

Ejido Cuernavaca, B.C


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Mandatory Prep Meetings on Sundays 12pm-2pm, 3/5, 3/12, 3/19, 3/26, 4/2 - Lunch will be Provided.

We’ve learned some things along the way that we believe set us apart from many who go to Mexico on their own. We believe that Matthew 5:16 is the essence of what we will share with you on this page. It says, “Let your light shine before men (others) in such a way that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father who is in heaven.” Our goal is to glorify the Father in heaven! We have been mobilizing church and school groups since 1970 for this very purpose. We are honest when we say, we haven’t always been focused, but we actively and humbly pursue this goal and commit to it.


You’re partnered with the local churchto reach their community together!


Here is what a tired Pastor looks likewhen the work glorifies the Lord.


The next generation of Mexico is learningwhat LIGHT looks like in the church.


Mexican boys are competitiveand enjoy fun and games of all kinds.


The neighborhood hears of how much funtheir children had at church.


Making bracelets togetherwill profoundly create a life memory.


Local kids typically haven’t heard mostBible stories (especially yours).


It’s not Broadway, but it is powerfulto know Jesus died and rose for you.


Teams bring baby sitters for local mothersso they can join in VBS & Bible studies.


Your Mexican Pastor prays and investsinto the lives of your team too.

We’ve learned that their is a wound in the members of the Mexican church that was put their by the Churches of the United States. We, the United States churches, have said we have the answers and have for years showed up to tell the Mexicans how they should run their ministries.

Our response, in part, is simply this. We want to heal the wound that, we, the United States churches, have inflicted. We continue to come to SERVE the local Mexican church, to reach out TOGETHER to their communities. We want local Pastors to speak into our lives by the power of the Holy Spirit. We want them to know we are EQUALS in Christ. We don’t use education, age, race, ethnicity, gender, nationality and language to set us apart as superior.


Future passionate worship leadersare watching you worship.


Painting nails tells mothersthat they are special and loved.


A break in the action gives time forsnacks… the show is about to begin.


Thank the Lord for the translator whohas them taking it all in.


We start the day with breakfast andmorning chapels challenge you to go.


The Barnabas team sends you off witha lot of hoopla…


After dinner we have worship chapeland team time before bed.

We encourage groups to bring all types of team members to Mexico. Many of all ages will stand in chapel and give their hearts to the Lord. Many will find new or renewed purpose in life. Many will be touched by the Holy Spirit to give their lives to full time service!


You stay at Ejido Cuernavaca onthe edge of the city of Mexicali.

Our property is south east of the city center of Mexicali, Mexico. It offers a more secure setting on the outskirts of town. We have local patrols that help 24 hours a day with security.


The facilities include an indoor kitchenwith an outdoor patio dining area.


In tent areas we accommodatefrom 250 to 1000 people a trip.


With limited septic space at the propertyteams take showers in town. (approx. $3)


We suggest you choose carefully andwisely as you experience local cuisine.


Goodbye is always bitter sweetwhen friendships grow deep.


Many of our translators are from Mexicoand they are transformed by you.


Your Mexican friends will miss youas they cherish the memories.


Celebrations always include food andit’s their delight to bless you.

It’s important to celebrate at least once before the trip is over! You will find that your partners will share from what they have to host you. It’s an honor and important for them to be treated equally. They want to bless you, even if they have limited resources.


Stories grow into legends as you lookforward to the next encounter together.


Did the community see your wallet ordid they see Jesus in your servants heart?

Ministry that gives glory to the Father in heaven definitely includes a heart to protect from hurting your partners. Timing is everything. We actively encourage teams to not make the trip all about bringing money, building materials, and stuff. There is a time and place for stuff when equality is established in Christ first. The Lord does want us to share out of our abundance, but in the right way. Some of our teams build houses, church buildings and bathrooms, but at the right time. To protect your partners from financial dependency and from reopening old wounds of prideful United States Church superiority, we pray for a humble partnership built on equality in Christ. Joy in the Lord and celebration should be included!


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Date and Time


Ejido Cuernavaca

Ejido Cuernavaca, B.C


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