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2019 Fall Firearms Training

Metro East (D-13), Metro South (D-18), and Nightwatch (D-20) will be hosting our 2019 Fall Firearms Training September 23, 24, 25, 27, October 2, at the Apache Junction Range. There will be two sessions each day. With the need to transition the remainder of the department to the Glock handgun, there will be specific times for those transitioning to sign up. Each shoot is limited to 15 students.

Those transitioning will be required to sign up for specific dates and times. If you are not transitioning, you are free to sign up for any slot available. Transition shoots will be held at the following dates and times:

Monday, September 23, 0700-1200

Tuesday, September 24, 1200-1700

Wednesday, September 25, 0700-1200

Friday, September 27, 1200-1700

Wednesday, October 2, 0700-1200

If you are transitioning, you will need to bring with you your FNS handgun, all magazines and holsters. You will be issued a Glock handgun, magazines, ammunition, two holsters and will be required to complete an AZPOST qualification prior to leaving the range.

You are encouraged to show up on time and ready to train. If you are late to the safety briefing you will have to re-schedule.

The Fall Firearms training will consist of drills with both the primary handgun and the patrol rifle weapons platforms.

If any of your troopers have a new trooper with them on field training, please bring them. Make sure they are signed up on the roster.

If you do not attend our scheduled shoot, you will have to check the portal or contact the Firearms Training Unit for other districts training sessions.

Supervisors, if there are any firearms instructors on your squads, you do not have to include them when you schedule your squads as they are already included in the schedule.

Supervisors, please remind your troops of the required equipment.

Contact Brian Dillon #7534 via email or by phone (480) 370-7602 and/or Cody Mullenaux #6320 at or (480) 710-5755 if you have questions.


Primary handgun and Patrol rifle, Duty Belt and gear, eye protection, hearing protection and hat.

Suggested Equipment:

Water, Food, Snacks, Sun Screen, Bug Spray, Long Sleeve Shirt, Gloves.

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