METHVEN NZ: Qigong for Health Instructor Training Workshop with Dr Paul Lam

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Mt Hutt Memorial Hall

160 Main Street

Methven, Canterbury 7730

New Zealand

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Sales Have Ended

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The inaugural instructor training workshop for the Five Element Qigong for Health with Dr Paul Lam.

About this Event

The Five Element Qigong

Qi is the life energy that circulates throughout the body for inner strength and good health. Gong is a method of exercise in this context. Qigong is an ancient Chinese exercise that cultivates stronger Qi. Health and harmony of the mind are directly related to the quality of Qi according to traditional Chinese medicine. Better Qi improves mental and physical health.

Dr Paul Lam and his team designed the Five Element Qigong to be easy-to-learn and powerfully effective for health for almost anyone.

According to ancient Chinese philosophy, all things in the universe are made up of five elements: wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. These elements have different properties: earth nurtures all living beings, metal is sharp and changeable, water runs down and irrigate the earth while wood is characterised by growth and fire is hot.

The five elements represent five major internal organs of the body. They interrelate and influence each other. While one enhances another, they also negate each other. The positive relationships are: metal gives life to earth, earth gives life to water, water gives life to wood, wood to fire and so on.

The negative relationships also work in a continual circle; earth negates water, water negates fire, fire negates metal, metal negates wood and wood negates earth and so on. The Five Element Qigong is based on this theory of nature, where the harmony and positive relationship between the elements will enhance Qi and is effective in promoting all aspects of health and wellness, including relaxation and mental concentration.

Reasons to Come

Dr ​Lam ​enjoys ​sharing ​his ​forty ​plus ​years ​of ​tai ​chi ​experience ​so ​much ​that ​he ​has ​traveled ​over ​a ​million ​miles ​teaching ​it. ​His ​workshops ​are ​usually ​fully ​booked, ​people ​travel ​thousands ​of ​miles ​to ​attend ​his ​workshop, ​some ​attended ​several ​in ​different ​countries ​in ​the ​same ​year. ​He ​has ​a ​knack ​of ​making ​complex ​theory ​easy ​to ​learn. ​You ​can ​expect ​to ​enjoy ​his ​friendly ​interactive ​teaching ​method, ​and ​significant ​improvement ​in ​your ​tai ​chi.

  • To learn and work with Dr Lam and his colleagues
  • To be certified to teach Qigong for Health
  • To be among the first to learn Dr Lam's Five Element Qigong for Health
  • To discover the secret of Qigong
  • To feel the flow, the qi and beauty of tai chi
  • To learn how to use tai chi and qigong to improve health and wellness
  • To meet many other tai chi enthusiasts
  • To update your existing Tai Chi for Health certifications
  • To experience the near magical power of Qigong, and its synergy with tai chi

How to do Qigong well

The ultimate goal is to use your conscious mind to direct the Qi, use Qi to direct your physical body, thus combining the mind, Qi and body as one co-ordinated entity. This may sound challenging, but the actual learning and practice is relatively easy. With regular practice you will progress steadily to the ultimate goal. You will gain health benefits almost right from the start of your practice. The most enjoyable part is the practice, and the many health benefits you gain as you progress.


All participants are required to prepare using Dr Paul Qigong for Health material prior to the workshop. You will gain more from the workshop with the preparation.

You can get the program through either:

Enrolled participants will receive a 20% discount code for instructional materials with their confirmation email.

Instructor Training

If you prepare beforehand and meet the requirements, you will be eligible to be certified as an inaugural instructor to teach the Qigong for Health program. This program is an excellent tool for health professionals to teach their clients.

It is also required for instructor training to read and learn from the "Teaching Tai Chi Effectively” book by Dr Lam. This book is also available in Kindle format through Amazon.

What to Wear

Wear loose comfortable clothes and flat shoes suitable for exercise.

Special Note

Please come scent-free in consideration to those with perfume allergies.

About Dr Paul Lam

Dr Paul Lam, a family physician and the Director of the Tai Chi for Health Institute, is a world leader in the field of tai chi for health improvement. His Tai Chi for Health programs have empowered millions of people to improve health and wellness. The health departments and Arthritis Foundations in Australia recommend his programs for fall prevention and improving health, including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ( Over 30 medical studies have proven his programs to be effective for health. He is one of the most respected tai chi teachers and the author of best-selling books and instructional DVDs.

How Will I Benefit from this Workshop?

During the workshop, you will have time to learn from Dr Paul Lam's over 40 years of tai chi experience and his study of Chinese culture relevant to tai chi and qigong.

Over 500 medical studies have shown tai chi improves almost all aspects of health, and there are many other studies showing qigong, too has many health benefits.

Tai chi, strictly speaking, is a unique form of qigong, therefore both have synergetic effects on each other. Better qigong will improve tai chi and vice versa.

Dr Lam incorporates his medical knowledge, tai chi experience and positive psychology to enhance all Health programs. At the completion of the workshop you will learn your respective program, understand its inner meanings, find a clearer path to progress and gain more enjoyment from your practice and teaching.

Workshop Fees

Early Bird until 31st January 2020:

  • Qigong for Health - Total AU$380 (save AU$40)

From 1st February 2020:

  • Qigong for Health - Total AU$420

Fees include tuition, morning & afternoon tea, and attendance certificate. Please note that accommodation is not included.

Combined Workshop Discount: If you register first for the 24 Forms workshop on 3rd April, you will receive a AU$50 discount code that can be used for this inaugural Qigong for Health Instructor Training Workshop on 4th-5th April.

After booking the 24 Forms workshop, please check the confirmation page or your confirmation e-mail for the discount code.

Cancellation fees:

  • Until 29th February 2020 - a cancellation fee applies in the amount of 5% + AU$0.99. This is based on the non-refundable booking fees charged by the ticketing platform.
  • No refunds from 1st March 2020 onwards.


Mt Hutt Memorial Hall

160 Main Street

Methven, Canterbury 7730

New Zealand

Venue website:


Workshop tickets do not include accommodation.

There are accommodation options within a five-minute walk from the workshop venue and range from $45-200 a night.

For local information or to find possible accommodation, you may contact the team at Methven i-SITE with your requirements and they may be able to book for you:


Watch a beautiful video about Methven:


Workshop participants who are also certified Instructors will have the opportunity to update any of their Tai Chi for Health qualifications. Prior notice is essential and a written assignment must be submitted before 2nd February 2020. Administration fees apply.

Price per Update: AU$50 (max of AU$200 for 4 or more updates)


Questions? Please contact us at or call +61 2 9533 6511 (Australia)


Mt Hutt Memorial Hall

160 Main Street

Methven, Canterbury 7730

New Zealand

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