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Not all medical stop-loss captives are created equal. Learn what sets our member-owned structure apart from others.

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Have you been hearing the BUZZ about employee benefits captives?  

How do you know if you're right for a captive; If so, when is the right time to join a captive?  

Join the discussion with other like-minded businesses who wish to take control of health insurance spend.  Participating in a captive gives the employer leverage to take control of aspects otherwise relinquish to a commercial carrier.    

Learn how not all group captives are created equal!   As you vet out whether or not to join an employee benefits group captive, you've got to ask yourself several questions?   We will provide you a questionnaire which specifically asks very narrow questions of the captive.   This will empower you, the participating employer, with factual questions you would otherwise not know to ask until it's too late.  

Many times, an employer looks upon a captive to solve their employee benefit cost problems.  Yes, there are several efficiencies a captive can bring, but there are several tough lessons we've learned over our tenure we wish to share.  

  1. Fronted captives are much like the tail wagging the dog when the commercial carrier controls 100% of the pricing
  2. Who controls what?  Many group captives are not owned by the members (ours is).  Ask the promoter if the captive manager can be replaced?  Full member autonomy is what we practice.
  3. Is the stop-loss policy issued to the Plan or Employer?

If your interests are piqued, the time spent learning about our program will be excellent time spent! 



 What size employer do you allow to join your captive?

Our program allows an employer with as few as 20 covered employees, but, employers with 50+ truly benefit the most.

Does your captive LASER participants at renewal?

Yes, we will LASER because it's the best strategy for the employer.   LASERs have gotten bad reputations because a business has been in the mindset of pushing risk off to an insurance company.   Well, with a captive, you are the insurance company and if your insurance company does not LASER a participant, then you’re asking your fellow captive participants to pick up your tab.   No one wants that.  Let us show you why you should buy a Future risk of LASER policy from your captive.   Try to find that anywhere else?  

What Stop Loss Policy durations do you issue?

We encourage our members to purchase 12/15 policies.  Why, because this gives the employer the most traditional equivalent coverage.   We are NOT fans of 12/12 policies.  Yes, they may be less expensive, but one could argue you're only buying 10 months of coverage.   We can do 24/12 or 24/15 (run in policies) but no carrier, us included, like to ensure a "house that's already on fire".

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