Meditation for Regeneration and Healing

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Meditation for Regeneration and Healing

Learn the core essential practice and reap the benefits of Peace, Happiness & Health Meditation Offers! Become your highest optimal self!

By Yuki

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Learn the core essential practices and ancient teachings of the science and application of Meditation! Live and be your highest optimal self!

Revitalize your being-ness and light up your life with health, wellbeing, mental clarity & focus, self healing, rejuvenation and even stave off or reverse aging by triggering your body’s natural ability to heal and regenerate itself!

Find inner peace, stability, power, and stillness that will help you manifest your best life and your best optimal self!

If you’ve been feeling tired, stuck, lost, sad, stressed, sick, lethargic or just simply want to amp up your experience of your self and life, this is it!

Meditation is the ultimate key to your freedom and happiness! Come and I will hand you the key, but you are the one that has to use it!

This knowledge is hard to find, much of it has been passed down for generations orally. Much of this knowledge I will share with you was handed down to me by my family lineage of Samurai and Shinto temple makers and healers in Japan , as well as other teachers I had to find in the far corners of this Earth including the Amazon Jungle in Peru, The yogic Temples of Southern India & from learning and living at a Tao Medicinal Temple.

There are links to research and documents given outlining the science behind what we are doing and how the body works with meditation, as well as chants, and instructions for the 40min set that will take you from 10,000 random thoughts in your head to just 3, helping you become present in the moment! You will learn how to unblock your Chi and life force within and how to use it for self healing and manifesting what you want in your life by cultivating focused attention and confidence with right action.

You are encouraged to do the same 44min meditation set everyday on your own in order to establish your new practice as a lifestyle in order to fully reap the benefits the practice has to offer! Our classes are available weekly and all copies of handouts and music used in class will be published on our blog/website in order to assist you on development of your meditation and self healing practice.

I believe we are presently at a critical junction on this Planet where these teachings are needed more than ever before. A self healing meditation practice can cure or prevent many of the mental /spiritual distresses, physical degeneration and dis-ease people experience today in these hectic modern times! For this reason classes will are streamed online so everyone from all over the world can join in and focus our intentions and meditations together creating a positive web hugging the planet with our high vibe manifestations!

Classes are happening now online via Zoom. Group Meditation Classes are every Sunday at 5pm Pacific time / 8pm Eastern time . Classes are held by Sliding scale Donation.

The donations received for the classes go towards expanding the center for healing and expanding classes and workshops offered making it available upon sliding scale and to help those in need!

Let us be the change we want to see in the world by Awakening to the truth of compassion, mindfulness and the power of compassion for ourselves and each other! Let's foster a community that thrives!

One people, one Love! Stay bright sunshine!


Everything you need is within. You are you’re own savior. You are your own healer. Come and empower yourself to be your optimal self!

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