Medicolegal Death Investigation - Atlanta, GA.
Medicolegal Death Investigation - Atlanta, GA.

Medicolegal Death Investigation - Atlanta, GA.

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Fulton County Medical Examiner's Office

430 Pryor Street

Atlanta, GA 30312

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This 12-hour Medicolegal Death Investigation Course to designed to strengthen the skills of death investigators and assist in their understanding of death scenes. This course details a death scene from the most important piece of evidence in the scene, 'the body.

The 12-hour block will also cover obstacles in unique deaths such as; autoerotic, suicide, assisted suicide, and infant death.

This is a hybrid course and will benefit investigators from both the medicolegal side and the law enforcement side of an investigation. The course is Nationally accredited by The American Board or Medicoleal Death Investigators ABMDI and The American College of Forensic Examiners ACFEI

Who should attend:

  • Medicolegal Death Investigators
  • Law Enforcement
  • Prosecutors
  • Emergency Department Staff

Day One

8 am – 11 am Investigating Infant and Child Death

11am – 12pm Medicolegal Assessment and Documentation

12pm – 1pm Lunch

1pm – 2:30pm Medicolegal Assessment and Documentation

2:30 – 5pm Suicide and Self-harm death

Day Two

8am – 10:30 Investigating Auto-erotic fatalities

10:30 – 12pm Case review and discussion of actual cases

• Each student will receive the book Investigating Autoerotic Fatalities - an investigators guide to interpreting a scene

Medicolegal Assessment and Documentation

This course will walk the medicolegal or law enforcement investigator through the proper steps of the medicolegal process. This course combines the wound assessment and gun-shot injury courses as well as the external body exam course. This presentation covers the systematic approach of assessing and documenting the most important piece of evidence at a death scene; the body. The investigator will learn the proper steps to follow when processing a body, the legal jurisdiction of the body, and how to properly document the information and evidence locate. The course also offers guidance in obtaining critical witness and family statements.

Investigating Suicide and Self-harm death

The course assumes the students basic understanding of a crime scene and basic evidence collection methods. It goes beyond the preliminary death scene and targets what suicide deaths are and what they are not. It also gives insight into the mental aspect of suicide and self- harm behaviors. Participants will learn how to evaluate a scene, obtain evidence specific to making a determination of suicide, as well as how to properly document the scene and obtain vital victim history information. Specific causes of suicide deaths covered are self-inflicted gun-shot wounds, hanging and asphyxia deaths, drug overdose, Helium inhalation deaths, planned and assisted suicides, chemical suicides.

Investigating Autoerotic Fatalities

Autoerotic fatalities are deaths that occur during sexual activity when an action, chemical, device or prop that is being employed to enhance physical or psychological stimulation causes death. These deaths may be accidental, natural or homicidal and occur in connection with consensual acts, criminal sexual assaults, or autoerotic acts. This course is designed to give the patrol officer and investigator the basic knowledge of recognizing a death due to auto-erotic activity v. suicide. The course covers the psychology of auto-erotic activity, who is most susceptible, what the scene looks like, and interviewing family members. Properly interpreting these scenes is critical for many reasons.

Investigating Infant and Child Death

Investigating infant and child deaths require a unique approach and can be complicated for even the most experienced of investigators. These scenes, more than any other type, are highly charged and emotional. If not investigated with a pre-determined set of standards; evidence can be missed or scenes can be misinterpreted. This course is designed with the detective or patrol officer investigating death, and coroners or medicolegal death investigators in mind. This course will specifically discuss scene processing, last known re-enactments, witness and family statements, evidence collection and documentation, injury and wound interpretation, and investigative techniques as they relate to child and infant death. This course contains photography of real scenes and pathology evidence. The training will thoroughly cover the numerous aspects of these investigative cases and promote critical thinking and evaluation of these crime scenes and all the unique pieces to help delineate homicides from accidental and natural deaths, even in the most subtle of cases. This course follows the United States National Guidelines for investigating infant and child death as set forth by the CDC and the NIJ.

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Date and Time


Fulton County Medical Examiner's Office

430 Pryor Street

Atlanta, GA 30312

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