May 27th Stiletto Spy School NY
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May 27th Stiletto Spy School NY

May 27th Stiletto Spy School NY

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New York


New York, NY

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Tyra Banks says: "At Stiletto Spy School, you learn to kick ass, still be sexy, and TAKE CONTROL of your life"

Do you believe that you have to be either smart, nice, tough OR sexy?
Are you sometimes unsure of how to stand up for yourself without being labeled a 'bitch'?

Do you ever wish that you could influence situations to come out the way you wanted?
Would you like to be able to read people and situations better to know what's really going on around you?

Yes, all that is possible.
And you don't have to choose between being smart, nice, tough OR sexy.
Because you already are all of that.

You can live fearlessly and own it. And you CAN get the results YOU want in the world, without stress and without struggle.

-- What is this program about?
All spies, special ops teams, professional poker players, and even international burlesque stars look at things and act on them in very precise ways that enable them to master their skill and be effective.
They all operate on the same Six Principles.

-- How does it help me?
By learning these skills with the masters, you'll see that these Six Principles will serve you well whether you are on a special operations mission or preparing for a highly critical sales presentation

-- How does it work?
You'll learn three skills in a day, skills such as Special Op Breath Control Secrets, Basics of Hand to Hand Combat from former Russian military, Deception Detection Skills, Poker with the Pros, Seduction and Charisma. You'll have the fun, excitement, and practical knowledge of learning these skills but that's just one piece of it.

Through learning these skills you'll learn
- Six Principles:
Commitment to Action and
Follow Through.

You'll learn through experience. You'll have a chance to dig in and see how you'll be able to apply these principles in your daily life.

-- Is this for me?
You're probably accomplished in your own right.
You know there's more and you're ready to push your limits.
This isn't physically demanding at all (we've had some one in a wheel chair do it), but it will take you out of your comfort zone. You know that's where the growth is.
And we'll be right there with you.

This is for you if your a regular woman, like me, who is already strong and brave, but wants to kick it up a notch.
You may be going through a transition in your life, at 21 or at 55.

**You do not need to be Angelina Jolie to take this program (but you may give her a run for her money when you're done!)

Hundreds of moms, bankers, lawyers, nurses, art dealers, artists, scientists and accountants have experienced this already. They've come from all walks of life and from all over the globe.
They've gone on to change careers, start their own businesses, travel on their own and more. It's such an inspiring community.

- One of our grads called it "the most amazing experience."
"Not only did we learn hand to hand combat, how to play poker and also dance but the take away value in terms of how to apply in the skills in both personal and business settings was invaluable. Attending Stiletto Spy School has given me the boost in confidence I need to take me to the next level both personally and professionally"
Judy B - Business Owner - Boston

-- Can I really do it?
Our instructors are all specialists in their fields and they're completely dedicated to sharing their knowledge with you. They're passionate about your success. You'll be amazed at how easily you can absorb both the skills and the underlying Six Principles.
There is no level of physical fitness required. We've even had some one in a wheel chair take the program.

* You don't need to be 'tough' or particularly 'bad ass' before you walk in the door. But you may be when you walk out. *

- In the words of one of our grads: "It's one of the best experiences I've had that has enhanced all aspects of my life from work, dating, socially, etc.
If you do one exciting thing for yourself this year... sign up for Stiletto Spy School!” Angelica A NY NY

The absolute easiest thing to do is to talk to someone - no obligation and judgment free to see if it's right for you.
Call us at 888-779-1905

I'm looking forward to personally meeting you there.
I've got you. Come do this.

PS - IMPORTANT - this session registration is limited. It's a full day live training, so when it's full, it's full.

If you feel it in your bones and know you're ready to put on that black and white tee shirt, to face your fears, to take control of your life, and unleash your beauty on the world, do it NOW before it fills up.

Give yourself this gift.

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Date and Time


New York


New York, NY

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