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May 10-13 Live-Aboard

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Al Lith

Saudi Arabia

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This expedition will offer 3 days of diving in the wild and remote offshore islands of the Farasan Banks aboard the Dream Island. It is inclusive of: boat charter, all meals, tanks/weights, and tips to the crew. This trip is geared towards advanced divers with minimum 20 logged dives. You must provide your own gear (BCD, regulator, dive computer, mask, fins, snorkel) or pay to rent from Dream Divers (~50 SAR per day). If you wish to night dive, you must also provide your own torch(es). For added safety, we highly recommend you bring your own surface marker buoy (SMB).

The basic trip outline is as follows:

  • Arrive Al Lith May 10 in the evening. Sleep on the boat in the marina.

  • Depart marina Thrusday morning ~630am and go search for whale sharks.

  • After that, start steaming. Do a midday dive and continue offshore. Do an evening/night dive.

  • Friday - 3 day dives / 1 night dive

  • Saturday - morning dive, steam back towards Al Lith, midday dive, steam, search for sharks and then head back to shore. Then go home!

Obviously this trip overlaps with the Saudi work week and you may need to take a day off in order to participate.

Description of ticket types

  • Small Twin Share - Share a room with 1 other guest. Beds are bunk style. Room is slightly smaller than Regular Twin Share
  • Regular Twin Share - Share a room with 1 other guest. Beds are bunk style. Room is slightly larger than Small Twin Share
  • Quadruple Share - Share a room with 3 other guests.
  • Campers Share- Hammock or floor cushions on the top deck of the boat!

Email RSSafaris@gmail.com with any questions about the trip or how to book your spot. Refunds can only be issued if we can find someone else to fill your spot.

~The Red Sea Safaris team~


1. What is included?

EVERYTHING EXCEPT DIVING AND SNORKELING GEAR. You will also need to arrange your own transportation to Al Lith and back. All meals are included, including dinner on the first night upon arrival. All fees associated with the boat, the crew (including tip), tanks, and weight belts are covered.

2. What will the daily schedule be?

Life on a liveaboard trip is simple: dive, eat, sleep, repeat. See www.rssafaris.com/liveaboard-expeditions for more information.

3. Can I come if I’m not a SCUBA diver?

Of course you may! This does not change the price of the ticket, however. Snorkeling on these remote offshore reefs is still extremely enjoyable, and you will still have the chance to see amazing animals such as sharks, sea turles, rays, schooling barracudas, jacks, dolphins, napoleon wrasse, bumphead parrotfish, and more.

4. What do I need to bring with me?

YOU MUST BRING YOUR IQAMA/NATIONAL ID (or passport) and your KAUST ID (if you reside inside KAUST). You should also bring a swimsuit, a towel, sunscreen, sunglasses, a hat, and toiletries including soap and shampoo. Of course you must also bring your snorkeling and diving gear. It is strongly advised that you label your belongings with permanent marker as many towels and other items look alike. If you have an underwater camera, don't forget it!

5. Where do I meet the bus?

There is no bus organized for this trip this time around.

6. How are we going to help with research efforts?

The reefs we will be visiting are much less visited than reefs around Jeddah and KAUST. They experience reduced fishing pressure and therefore provide the opportunity to study relatively healthy reefs. They are essentially “living laboratories” that scientists can use to conduct a variety of studies that will vary with each liveaboard trip. We often host 1-2 researchers to give them the opportunity to conduct work at the reefs we visit. These scientists may benefit from your assistance.

Furthermore, we have the chance to encounter whale sharks. Knowing when there are whale sharks in the area is valuable information. Recording information about whether or not the sharks are tagged, gender of the sharks, and exact locations the sharks are encountered are all very useful to our project. In addition, photos can be used to identify individuals and we are always looking to build up our database.

7. What if we do not see whale sharks?

Finding and swimming with whale sharks is not a primary goal of Liveaboard Expeditions. These are diving trips to offshore, relatively healthy reefs. If we see a whale shark at all during the trip, of course we will swim with it! But if you are only interested in seeing whale sharks, we recommend joining a Whale Shark Weekend instead. These trips spend 2 full days pretty much just looking for whale sharks, giving you the best chance to encounter them. See www.rssafaris.com/whale-shark-weekends for more information.

8. What if the weather is bad?

We wish we could guarantee good weather (i.e., light winds and smooth seas), but we cannot. We will do our best to cope with bad weather and still get the diving / snorkeling in, but you will have to accept our best judgment when considering the safety and comfort of all guests. In extreme cases, a trip may be cancelled due to weather. This is a very rare occurrence. If a trip is fully cancelled by Dream Divers, they typically provide a refund for at least the boat, but we cannot give you a refund just because you did not like the weather.

9. Can I go if I can't swim?

You do not need to be a diver or even a swimmer to participate in this trip. In the past we have had individuals enjoy a relaxing vacation by simply living life at sea. If you plan to snorkel or dive, however, you must be able to swim.

10. Can I rent snorkeling gear?

No, unfortunately, this is not available! We STRONGLY advise you to invest in a good mask that fits your face well. If you can't see clearly, you won't have as good of an experience.

11. I wear glasses and don't have contacts, are corrective masks available for rental?


12. Can children come?

Minors (under 18) must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. Coast Guard restrictions on boat capacities do not distinguish between adults and children, so there is not a discount for children.

13. Do you provide seasickness medication?

No. It is available from the pharmacy on campus (in Big Tamimi). If you know you get motion sickness, or are worried that you might, it is strongly advised that you consult the pharmacy and take the medication as directed.

14. Can I drive my own car?

Yes, although this does not result in a discount. Navigating to Al Lith through Jeddah can be tricky, but we can provide basic directions if needed. Feel free to contact us.

Terms and Conditions:


By completing this registration process, you indicate your acceptance and agreement to the following terms and conditions:

1. You will comply with all instructions from the captain, the crew, and the research team. This is for your own safety and the safety of others.

2. For the well-being of the animals (and for the enjoyment of others), there are guidelines for interacting with marine life. Foremost, do not any of the animals! Most marine life is harmless, but harassing them or digging through the reef can get you hurt (think: scorpionfish, urchin, etc). In the event we encounter whale sharks, by accepting these Terms and Conditions you agree not to touch the sharks.

3. These trips are Western-style trips, and some participants are going to be wearing Western-style swimwear. If you find this objectionable, this may not be a good trip for you.

4. You are comfortable being on a boat and near water. Lifejackets will be provided for people who want them. If you cannot swim, you will wear a lifejacket AT ALL TIMES while in the water.

5. We require you to bring your own diving and snorkeling gear. We can not provide rental gear. This includes BCD, regulator, diving computer, mask, fins, snorkel, and surface marker buoy (SMB). Bring your own dive lights if you plan to night dive.

6. We cannot guarantee that you will see whale sharks or any other particular animals, or that the weather will be good. We try our hardest to find whale sharks and SCUBA dive in locations where we typically can see special animals and we can't do anything about the weather. We cannot refund a trip because we don't see particular animals. If a trip is fully cancelled by Dream Divers due to weather, they typically provide a refund for at least the boat, but we cannot give you a refund just because you did not like the weather.

7. Refund policy: A full refund will be issued only if another person can fill your spot. In most cases, we expect to have a waiting list that can fill your spot automatically. Cancellations within a week of a trip may result in a loss of your payment. We are not making any profit from these trips and have to pay for boat charters whether you go or not.

8. Minors (under 18) must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. Coast Guard restrictions on boat capacities do not distinguish between adults and children, so there isn't a boat discount for kids.

9. If whale sharks are seen, photos you take of the animals are to be shared with the research team (a copy). They will never be used outside of research purposes without your written consent.

10. We are not the operator of the trip - we are only facilitating the booking. Dream Divers is the sole operator of the trip, and as such, any and all liabilities associated with the trip must be discussed with them.

11. You will agree to only diving within the limits of your training and experience. You will comply with standard safe diving practices and avoid any decompression diving. You will not exceed a maximum depth of 40m/130ft. You will remain in close contact with your dive buddy at all times.

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Al Lith

Saudi Arabia

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