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Gustava Zemgala Gatve 74a / Fantadroms

74a Gustava Zemgala Gatve

1039 Rīga


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Listening to Keynotes is inspiring. Yet, a masterclass allows you to gain practical experience by the leaders of the industry.

About this Event

TechChill is excited to announce Masterclasses - four workshops for anyone interested in a unique opportunity to have a hands-on working experience with a speaker or mentor. Brought to you in partnership with startin.LV and TechHub Riga.

This exclusive event is part of TechChill 2020 side-events and will take place on February 19. Entrance is open to the general public, with previously purchased Masterclass tickets. Tickets to this event are limited.

Join us and don't miss out on your chance to interact face-to-face with speakers from Latvia, Finland, Israel and the US.

Hope to see you there! 💚

These events will be recorded in photos and videos, which can later be used for event communication purposes in our social media sites and channels, website, as well as saved in the photo & video archive.

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“TechChill” is a startup community non-profit that hosts the largest tech event in Latvia on February 20-21 in Riga. The two-day conference content will offer speeches and discussions on the latest trends in technology, with a focus on ideas that have the potential to change the world and make it more sustainable.

#1 What it means to write well. 

10AM - 12AM

A Masterclass brought to you by Printful by Marianna Zvaigzne from Printful.

Marianna Zvaigzne is the Head of Brand Language at Printful. With the help of her team, she’s pinning down what it means to “sound like Printful” and keeps Printful copywriters on their toes with animated editing sessions and writing workshops.

Marianna’s workshop will be time well-spent for anyone who represents their brand in writing, from content marketers and UX copywriters to customer support reps and PR specialists. She’ll give a practical, example-laden refresher on what it means to write well, and how the principles of good writing shape a brand’s voice, presence, and success. Attendees are kindly asked to bring something to write with, analog or digital.

#2 Learn how to sell the real value of your product, and manage your leads and pipeline. 

10AM - 12:30PM

Cold Sales Masterclass by Danna Zakai.

Danna Zakai is a Sales Expert, Hands-on Sales Trainer & Sales Lecturer who has been involved in the internet and software business for over 15 years; 13 of them in high tech software sales - her true passion.

Sales are the oxygen of your company, and yes, sales can and should be taught. In the sales workshop you will learn how to manage a sales call, how to pitch your product, how to connect with your prospects and customers, understand what their needs are and provide them with the right solution. You will also learn how to correctly work with a CRM, manage the sales funnel and your pipeline, always be on top of things and sell sell sell!

#3 Product-Market Fit is Really Hard. Make it Easier! 

10AM - 12PM

A PMF Masterclass by Michelle E. Messina from Explora International.

Michelle E. Messina is CEO of the global training and consulting firm, Explora International LLC and co-author of the best-selling book Decoding Silicon Valley: The Insider’s Guide. She pioneered Silicon Valley Best Practices Training Programs in 2004 for startups, corporations, corporate venture groups, angel and seed investors, mentor networks, and regional ecosystem partners. Michelle has worked in more than 65 countries and regularly consults to international governments and accelerators on ecosystem development, and corporations on their approach to innovation.

This Masterclass digs into why PMF is so challenging for startups and the top factors that ensure greater success. PMF is not a huge event that simply, or magically, ‘occurs’. It is the result of extensive experimentation, trial and error, serendipity, and a clear hypothesis that needs to be tested, proven or disproven, abandoned, or one requiring further iteration. This Masterclass will help founders to understand the value of experimentation and the essential active listening skills required during market development process, why retention is so crucial to gauging PMG, when to cut your losses, and when to follow the money. Attendees will learn the factors that contribute to market misalignment and proven methodologies for increasing the chances of success and minimising PMF failure rates. This program is practical and tactical with lots of helpful tips, guidelines and resources.

#4 The fundraising process – How to really get a yes or no from an investor. 

12:30PM - 2:30PM

An Early Stage Money Rising Masterclass by Lauri Kokkila from Inventure.

Lauri Kokkila is an Investment Manager at Inventure, venture capital fund focusing on seed and early-stage investments in Nordics & Baltics. Lauri joined Inventure in 2015 after spending two years in a large construction company, developing their digital services and real estate platform. At Inventure, Lauri focuses on new investments in machine learning and 3D technologies and is especially excited about in the proptech and human-machine interface (HMI) technologies. With this background, Lauri works in the board of the portfolio companies Nordigen, Swappie, Umbra and Material Exchange.

Inventure 60+ portfolio companies have cumulatively raised over 500+M€ in 150+ funding rounds over the past 10 years. The fundraising landscape has dramatically changed during this time. In this workshop, we share our current knowledge on how to avoid the common pit falls and how to run an effective fundraising process. When do you approach investors? What are investors looking for? What do you need to have in place when you go fundraising? How do you and how you should not create momentum?

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Date and Time


Gustava Zemgala Gatve 74a / Fantadroms

74a Gustava Zemgala Gatve

1039 Rīga


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