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No 8

8 Thorpe Road

Norwich, United Kingdom

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Create a practical prospecting plan and learn the skills of conversational selling so you can succeed from your first call with a potential client.

  • Are you concerned that your business development process is not working?

  • Or worried about dwindling market share and decreased number of leads?

  • Upset about sales projections that are frequently missed?

Business doesn't just happen. Stop winging it. Take control.

Put on your prospecting hat. Want to win more business?

Get started in two no nonsense lead development sessions. Learn how to set yourself up for success and win more business this year. Attend one or two workshops for the complete action plan.

Commit to action. Commit to create a recipe. Commit to failure. Commit to learn. That's how you learn.

Expert trainers Ermine Amies and Craig Davies will show you how to build your own recipe and create and manage your prospects and client base to build more business.

Workshop One Tuesday 4 October: Clear your head trash, organise yourself and your contacts and get selling

1) Got head trash about selling? Thoughts and emotions that get in the way?

Accept rejection - people will say no more often than yes. So each no is a step towards yes. Learn how to manage your attitude through your behaviour.

Track that behaviour. Find out what works for you. Create intelligent reports that you can learn why people say no.

2) So make a plan. Take action. You don't have to feel comfortable. Know your numbers then just do it.

We’ll show you the importance of the numbers game and using a business development system.

Turn your numbers into a dynamic business forecast. Know what you need to do to achieve your daily, monthly and annual targets.

3) Who? Get clear on your target market & ideal clients.

Get a list. Make a list. Create a list. Capture your list. Segment and prioritise your list. Set up your Customer Relationship Management system (CRM). Whether you have a CRM or don't, essential tips to making it work for your business. 

Learn how to segment and deliver laser sharp email marketing.

4) How do you keep score? You haven’t got a sale until the money is in the bank.

Get the sales by keeping track of the inputs, the levers for success. Tracking your sales process on CRM.

Track the inputs as well as the final score. Make it fun to get there for your sales team.

 5) 5 ways to find new clients. What's worked in the past?

Referrals, Networking, Trade shows, LinkedIn prospecting, cold calls, walk ins, talks at events and more.   Diversify if you rely on one method. Real time transcription of those business cards you collect. Creating your cookbook for success.

Know your lead sources and work at them. Ditch the ones that don’t work for you and focus hard on the ones that bring in the leads. Data is king.


6) Block out your time. Commit. Daily, weekly, monthly behaviour.

Work smart. Schedule time for calls and meetings. Treat those appointments as strongly made as you would an appointment with your doctor. Would you turn up 15 minutes late or say no not today somethings come up? Do the behaviour and make more money.

How to use and manage pro-active activity to progress Opportunities to “Closed Wins” with the money in the bank.

Workshop two Tuesday 18 October :

Sell more more easily by selling conversationally. Learn how to track your prospects and follow up – so they buy when they are ready.


7) Generating Leads Face to Face

 Get the basics of conversational selling at events and tradeshows. Avoid common mistakes. Learn the easy no pressure sales technique.

How to work out if there’s a sales opportunity or not. How to capture your contacts effectively and follow up.

8) No pressure prospecting calls

 On your first call, ask for permission. Qualify them - do they have a reason for doing business with you? Not about features and benefits – craft your story to get attention. Agree clear next steps with prospects. Treasure hunt - every contact made pays you. Know your numbers. Track results. Adjust & Repeat.

Track and understand your qualification process. Fill in the gaps and produce clear reports to show you where they are. Closing new business just became a whole lot more systematic.

9) Keeping in Touch? So how do you stay in touch and not become a pest?

Track on CRM. Segment. Persist. Follow up, follow up, follow up - relevant to them.

Follow-up like a pro. Only 2 out of 10 businesses follow-up effectively. Use automation and email templates. Save time, be effective and know that you are in the top 2 on your way to increased success.




Sign up today for one or two workshops - £75 each or £130 including VAT

Two half day interactive workshops for Business Owners, Managing Directors and Senior Partners with Craig Davies, Target Cloud and Ermine Amies, Sandler Trainer.

You’ll make a plan to generate more leads, track your contacts and make more sales, making your sales process manageable and forecastable. 

Coffee from 7.45am Workshops 8am-1pm.


Crag Davies: Revolutionises his clients’ sales with Customer Relationship Management. He is a Cloud CRM Consultant with 20 years’ experience in the industry. He’s designed, sold and delivered cloud solutions to the finance and corporate sector. He now serves small and medium businesses struggling with systems, CRMs and managing data. He is a Zoho Alliance Partner. He’s committed to developing small business locally in Norfolk and Suffolk and is the Regional Leader for 4Networking. In July 2015, he became an Ironman Triathlete. It took commitment, mental strength, meticulous time management skills and a small dose of craziness – attitudes he applies to business for and behalf of his clients and students.

Ermine Amies: She has sold door to door and on the phone. She’s sold to banks, pension funds and corporates across Europe. She’s seen what works and what doesn’t.

At Sandler Training, she works with clients on their attitudes and behaviours as well as sales techniques. She doesn’t pull her punches.

No one pays her to be nice. 

She delivers real results and stops the problems you face with your selling and sales management forever.

Her Business Leaders Workshops are fun, effective & highly rated.

Book now and win more sales. 

What others say about training with Ermine:

 "It was extremely thought provoking. It helped me re-evaluate the way I approach prospective clients. "

"In the 48 hours after the class, I put two things I've learnt into action. We've won a new client worth £50k a year and got past the gatekeeper with another major prospect - so my fellow director is going in for a meeting next week."

 "We went to an industry exhibition on Monday. We managed our meetings completely differently - and now are in discussions to manage a product area for an organisation that we previously sub-contracted for."

"Before we came to the class, we would have just sent the tender off. Now, we secured a meeting and will be presenting in person - just because now, we know how to ask".

“It’s fantastic working with Ermine and the Sandler system is always both challenging and entertaining. We have learned that it is fine to park some issues, until there is realistically time to deal with it. I cannot emphasise strongly enough how important adopting the 30, 60, 90 day planning is. We should have adopted it immediately. We feel empowered and much more in control as a result of working with Ermine and Sandler.”

What others say Craig:

“Craig is an experienced sales professional of many years from the early days of hosting through to the cloud and IT outsourcing services. It's been great working with Craig in two separate companies as he works with the customer and the operational teams to ensure that not only the sale is made but that the solution is delivered successfully to ensure a happy customer and repeat business.”

“He is quite outstanding at what he does! He knows his stuff, but brings it down to a level where people like me can understand. He cares about business and goes out of his way to help in any way he can. Friendly, personable and very creative.”

“Craig has that unique combination of experience, sales skills and technical skills that makes him very successful and a great asset.”

“Craig is a true professional and can absolutely be relied on to deliver. Craig brings a comprehensive knowledge of the IT & hosting business coupled with a drive to achieve sales targets.”


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Date and Time


No 8

8 Thorpe Road

Norwich, United Kingdom

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