Married Love Course: Feb 4 - June  3, 2023 (5 sessions).  $210 per couple

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Married Love Course: Feb 4 - June 3, 2023 (5 sessions). $210 per couple

Married Love Course: 5 general sessions + 3 small group meetings For Couples: Newlywed or many years under their belt!

By PIFE Pacific Institute of Family Education

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Date and time

February 4 · 7pm - June 3 · 9pm PST


Bonsor Recreation Complex - Arts Room (2nd floor) 6550 Bonsor Ave Burnaby, BC V5H 3G4 Canada

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Refunds up to 7 days before event

About this event

Are you and your spouse looking for new ways to learn and grow together?

Marriage is one of life's greatest gifts and experiences ~ but a great marriage doesn't come without hard work! Join us for a dynamic, interactive course led by experienced moderators.

Married Love Course: 5 general sessions + 3 small group meetings

For Couples: Newlywed or many years under their belt!

Course Fee: $210 per couple

Goal: To provide couples with practical knowledge and skills for living an enriched married life, which has a positive impact on their family life.

Married Love is a course developed by professionals at IFFD (International Federation for Family Development, that uses the Harvard case study method to explore issues facing couples and their families. It is meant to give confidence and practical assistance to couples, helping them to continue growing in love for each other, and then with this renewed love, to go forward in enriching their daily family life.

In a friendly atmosphere, participating couples acquire skills from this program that enable them to deal with situations that come up in their own married life. It also provides them with means to improve as persons, as spouses and as parents and to increase the quality of their married love and family life. 


Case Study Topics: 

Feb 4 - Love Bond*

Mar 4 -  Work and Family

Apr 1 - Comunication in Marriage

May 6 - Sexuality*

June 3 - Family Life

At each General Session, a trained moderator will guide participants through the Facts, Problems and Solutions for the case. Each session will be guided by different moderators.

* No Small Group meetings for Feb 4 or May 6 sessions


Four case studies have an additional meeting that takes place about 1 week prior to the General Session date. At the small group meetings you will study and discuss the upcoming case. The meeting dates will be coordinated by the team lead couple for your group. Meetings will take place at various locations in the Metro Vancouver area depending on where registrants reside. These meetings are about 1 hour or less.


This course uses the case study method with the following steps for each case: 

1. Individually each spouse reads the case study.

2. Husband and wife discuss the case study together.

3. Couples meet in a small group meeting to discuss the case.

4. All course participants meet in moderated general sessions to discuss the case study. 

For each step of the process the focus is on the the following:

  • The FACTS of the case: Who? What? Where? When?
  • The PROBLEM in the case: Why?
  • The SOLUTIONS to the case: How?

For questions, please contact Patti Ikegami at 

Case study method explained:

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