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Ever felt imposter syndrome?

Or better yet, been asked a question by your client that you're not even meant to KNOW the answer to, like, "How much should we charge?" when all you're meant to do is set up the marketing materials?

What if you could not only build your confidence in your offerings, but add to your income and client satisfaction - just by getting some new information?

That's why I created this course.

"Marketing for Marketers" is geared to help front-line marketers such as graphic designers, web designers, copywriters and the like, learn the marketing strategy that drives your work so you can:

  1. build confidence in what you do
  2. advise clients in the way they seem to expect you to
  3. professionalize your service offerings
  4. raise your rates accordingly

As you know, most training in these fields teaches you how to make good designs/websites/copy but not always WHY it should be that way. And when a client comes and says, "Change it," it can be hard to back up your work - or remain confident that you were right to begin with.

So the goal is three-fold:

  1. Give front-line marketers (designers, copywriters, web designers, etc…) the marketing wisdom and science behind why you do what you do
  2. Help you explain to a client why their work is being done the way it should be for better ROI and higher client satisfaction
  3. Give you the confidence to charge properly (ie, more than currently) for your services, to add income streams based on the advice, and learn new methods to set your prices that take the whole business to a new level.

And of course, these tools will obviously help you market your own business in other ways as well.

Feedback from Past Participants:

When it comes to marketing there are loads of "experts" who talk a good game, but Estie is the real deal! She is one who makes things happen and helps marketers up their business games. Her Marketing for Marketers course is based on extensive industry research and knowledge. It is clear, logical and effective, and is delivered in concise chunks that are easy to absorb. On top of her classes, Esty includes insightful handouts and worksheets and takes the time to answer individual questions thoroughly. Estie, a seasoned business consultant, shares her wealth of marketing wisdom with enthusiasm and wit, in a clear and relevant manner. Selflessly motivated to help businesses succeed, she inspires confidence in those she mentors, provides concrete steps to implement new techniques and business practices, to help marketers achieve remarkable results.

-Rachel Leah Black

The marketing course given by Estie Rand should be a must for any designer who wants to grow and develop a smooth-running business. There was a huge amount of practical and useful information packed into a concise format. I found the information super practical and am looking forwards to implementing it into my graphic design business. Estie's fun and entertaining teaching style made for very enjoyable learning experience.

-Chayala Miller

Estie's course was amazing! She outlined a clear path to success by explaining the essential business concepts in depth, and then giving specific, actionable strategies on how to implement them. My takeaway? Good business acumen is a science that can be learnt. And I am so grateful for having learnt from someone so enthusiastic about imparting her knowledge, and so alive with the information.

Thanks! Really great!

-Yaffa Garfinkel

As a graphic and web designer, the Marketing for Marketers course was a tremendous asset to my business and marketing strategy now balances out my current skill set. Estie’s enthusiasm is contagious, leaving her students with the passion to help build clients’ brands, but more importantly, the confidence and drive to build up our own.

With the practical how-to tips sprinkled throughout the lessons, I was able to implement the strategies from the classes and doubled the profits on one project before even finishing the course! I would strongly recommend this series for anyone in the creative field, as it gives you an edge, possibly even an unfair advantage, in a highly populated industry.

-Shainy Katz

I really found this course amazing… I’m a graphic designer, who lives and breathes design 24/7. There were so many relevant topics discussed in such an interesting way. It almost feels like you are talking directly to me, and have an eye right into my business. The business perspective was amazing, since as designers I think we all put our time into the design and struggle with the business part… I would love to continue on and delve into the topics more in-depth now and hear about other related things in the field … It was nice to take a break of working and enjoy!

-Rivky Herzog

Course Syllabus:

Session 1: Internal Brand

  • The difference between an internal brand and a graphical brand
  • Why you need to develop your internal brand before you develop your logo, branding colors, style sheets
  • How to choose core brand
  • How to create a brand and work with it in a competitive environment
  • What makes a good logo from a branding perspective
  • Where does business name and tagline come into play
  • How to assess a proper target audience and create a branding match

Session 2: Marketing Strategy

  • What is marketing, what isn't marketing and how does it work
  • What are each of the 6 P's (Product/Price/Place/Promotion/Process/Positioning)
  • Pricing theory- how to price products/services on target
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Sales funnels, online and offline

Session 3: Marketing Implementation & Promotion

  • How can you use marketing principles to guiding your client when building brand assets on web, ads, logos
  • What are the various promotional strategies that you and your clients can employ to get the right audiences attention and convert them to paying customers
  • How to create a marketing campaign vs. an ad
  • How to choose the right collateral/media channels for promotion

Session 4: Social Media Party

  • How does social media magic really work?
  • Commonalities and differences between the different platforms
  • The tools you need to know to win on any platform - even those that haven't been created yet!
  • Platform by platform, how to maximize each one (FB, IG, YouTube, LI, Twitter, Pinterest)
  • How to design effective web/copy/graphics for PPC social media and adwords
  • How to choose the right platform for yourself and your clients (if they ask)

Session 5: Growth Theory

  • How to best price your services in general
  • How to price strategic guidance as complement to design services
  • How to grow your own design/web/copy freelancing to a more stable company

Session 6: Q&A

  • Both pre-submitted questions as well as open session. 1-2 hour bonus segment.

If you have any questions, please send us an email at info@strandconsulting.net or give us a call on 213-787-7263.

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