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Making the Momentous Leap for Thriveable Transformation at Reporting 3.0 Co...

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ABN AMRO Headquarters

Gustav Mahlerlaan 10

1082 PP Amsterdam


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A Momentous Leap for Thriveable Transformation

1. Closing the Momentous Gap

Imagine your body represented our planet. It’s overheating, running low on drinkable water at the “macro” level. At the “meso” level, your organ systems are redirecting resources to maintain the functioning of vital organs like your brain, heart, lungs and liver. In our global economy this would be akin to industry ecosystems ensuring the vital flows of renewable energy, food, water and medicines reaching parts of the world where they are most needed for our survival. At the “micro” level each of your 200 or so organs would be conserving energy and water and trying to cool you down, just as individual firms in our economy would do. And at the “nano” level, in each of your trillions of cells, your epigenetic and genetic processes would be responding vigorously to your condition and alerting you to take action to rehydrate and cool down.

Every single one of these levels communicates with every other level in a cascade of information sharing and energy and resource conservation that enhance your thriving. The challenge we face today on our planet is that such flows of information and action cascades are under-developed, and most of the 7.6 billion humans at the “nano” level are still acting as if the body of our planet has limitless resources available to it.

Recent research shows that there are at least 700 million people living today who hold worldcentric perspectives, and who are concerned about our global challenges. Yet they lack the leadership and means to participate directly in the shifts and transformations needed to change the game so we can create a thriveable future.


Alan Laubsch -

Former Vice-President of JP Morgan's Risk Management Solutions Group, Director of Natural Capital Markets at Lykke Exchange:

“Such a special gathering Robin Lincoln Wood, a true honor to be with such radiant souls. You have a beautiful vision of the future. A big collective leap."

Glenn Frommer-

Formerly NASA, MTRC, now Managing Partner- ESG Matters:

“Managing oneself is the key challenge for today’s leaders. The Momentous Leap provided me with the learning, insight, guidance, support & milieu to rejuvenate my lifeforce. A day invested with fantastic outcomes. Get on the pathway to developing your capabilities, exceed your goals & join with the many that are already on the journey.”

Mark Pearson-

Regional development expert and founder of CSR Brettargh:

“A fantastic experience, sharing knowledge and understanding with fellow thought leaders, who are concerned about our global challenges, and are actively taking action to create solutions and effect change.”

Graham Mummery -

Former corporate banker at Barclays, now an Integral Psychotherapist and poet from London, said:

“Amazing participants from many countries and walks of life (scientific, business, local government, poetic, psychotherapeutic, philosophical), all with an interest in walking the walk as well as talking the talk. An inspiring and uplifting day.”

2. Catalysing the Momentous Leap

The Momentous Gap between the current efforts of sustainability, CSR and ESG investing, and what is needed to create a thriving world, can be closed if we mobilize these 700 million through a Momentous Leap. This involves applying the latest insights into human cognition about shifting mindsets, together with what works in fields as diverse as culture shifts, capability shifts, technology breakthroughs and evolutionary design principles.

The one-day Momentous Leap for Thriveable Transformation program is designed to equip its participants with the key principles and concepts needed to make a momentous leap in their own leadership capabilities, through a carefully crafted set of tutorials, small group and individual exercises that will empower you to trigger some of the outcomes you currently desire. It will also stimulate your imagination and refresh your spirit.

You will be part of a group of between 6-10 high-powered individuals who are worldshifters in their own right, and who are active in a variety of fields in different parts of the world. Your instructor is Dr Robin Lincoln Wood, founder of Partners in Thriveable Transformation and the Thriveability Foundation, and an advocation partner of the Reporting 3.0 movement.

3. The Beautiful Simplicity the Other Side of Complexity

Right now the human race is in a fundamental transition toward a future powered by the sun, human imagination, wiser cultures, conscious evolution and a circular inclusive economy. We are experiencing accelerations in human consciousness, technology, organisational and social innovation more than one thousand times faster than the rate of the 20th century.

The Momentous Leap is here to help you make your own personal and professional leaps. Whether your interests and passions are in leadership, sustainability, transformation, social innovation, regeneration, developmental psychology, strategy or personal, business and organisational development, you will find something relevant to your journey.

The next movement in the symphony of human history is being fueled by the billions of leaps each of us are taking every day around this beautiful planet of ours. We invite you to join us and find out more today. This event is based on many years of working practically with various types of change processes in a range of industries and organisations. It is primarily intended for change agents, managers and their teams who are responsible for leading and implementing organisational changes and who want to balance and improve their ability to lead from a more human point of view that also helps regenerate our natural and social resources.

4. Outcomes for the Day

We aim to inspire you as a leader to work with your colleagues, clients, employees, allies and stakeholders to create greater awareness of and acceptance for the challenges and the opportunities you are facing. Leading Effective Change is based on an evolutionary psychological approach that provides a better understanding of what motivates and gives energy to the change process, equipping you and your teams with new tools and strategies to lead change more effectively.

This is an elite gathering of transformation, strategy, design & change specialists, and anyone curious about how the 21st century & their lives and work might be shaped by breakthroughs in our understanding of how we are evolving right now. The goal of the day is for you to context your personal and professional development in the light of the insights generated by the thriveable transformation approach, in order to better shift larger scale systems.

The cost of the event includes a leadership and change assessment which participants complete beforehand. These assessments remain confidential for each participant, and are used by participants in the event to explore their own potentials and change preferences.

The Momentous Leap refers to the transition many leaders and change agents find themselves in right now. First predicted in 1974 by psychologist Professor Clare Graves, the momentous leap involves a shift in perception and thinking that enables those making that leap to see whole systems in their full systemic complexity, from a range of different perspectives. The leap in creativity, innovation and effectiveness this generates also precipitates the emergence of a new capability to track the energetic dynamics in living systems much more accurately and comprehensively.

5. What You Will Learn

In this event you will learn:

Session 1- What the Momentous Leap Involves, How we Know it is Happening and What this Means for You

  • Crossing a Chasm of Unbelievable Depth of Meaning- Closing the Momnentous Gap
  • Transitioning the Chaordic Zone in the Leap to Era 4- Pockets of the Future in the Present
  • Of Strategic Psychological Helicopters and Stratified Human Systems

Session 2- How to Design More Effective Change and Transformation Processes using Insights from the Worlds of Developmental Biology/Psychology/Sociology/Technology

  • How Leaps and Shifts Emerge from Downshifts and Upstretches
  • Why Mindshifts, Capability Shifts and Worldshifts are Fractal
  • What this Means for Your Personal & Professional Life and Livelihood

Session 3- How You can Develop Your Integrated Leadership Capabilities to Make You a More Effective Leader of Change

  • Measuring the Effective Coherence Ratio in Leaders- Size of Person/Size of Role
  • Synergistic Innovation: The Heart of Creation and Thriving
  • Applying the Good Cube to People, Projects, Organisations & Societies

Session 4- What the Seven Steps of Thriveable Change & Transformation Are

  • Understand Your Context
  • Examine Your Values & Priorities
  • Align With Enabling Trends & Forces
  • Act From Stratified Insights
  • Map Your Journey To Thriving
  • Integrate Your Evolutionary Self
  • Designing Thriveable Futures

Turning Mindshifts into Worldshifts requires the ability to generate Capability and Cultureshifts, which in turn requires new models of what develops the ability to thrive in often confusing "chaordic zones" that organisations find themselves in today. This mix of chaos and order means that finding common models and language for change and transformation is critical to cut through the fuzziness and turbulence we most often experience during times of rapid change.

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Date and Time


ABN AMRO Headquarters

Gustav Mahlerlaan 10

1082 PP Amsterdam


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