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Impact Labs

7 HaPelech Street

Tel Aviv-Yafo, Tel Aviv District 6816727


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Exploring technologies and trends in emotion detection and recognition

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The latest developments in technology and neuroscience enable scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs to create products that can determine more accurately how we feel, in real time.

We are at the dawn of an era in which software and wearables can detect how people feel and the implications are dramatic, but there are still open questions. What are the ways in which tech can sense our emotions? How does it work? How can we put these technologies to good use? And where are we going from here?

Come hear several experts in the field present the latest technologies and discuss big questions together.


18:30 – 19:00 Food, drinks and networking

19:00 – 19:15 Welcome by Joy Ventures, WMN and i3 Equity Partners

19:15 – 19:30 Nimrod Kramer - Emotion AI: from technology to an industry

19:30 – 19:45 Prof. Miriam Reiner - Emotions in the eyes: what can be extracted from the eyes in real time events?

19:45 – 20:00 Prof. Doron Friedman - Eliciting and measuring stress with signal processing, machine learning, and virtual reality

20:00 – 20:25 1st Round table session

20:25 – 20:50 2nd Round table session

20:50 – 21:00 Closing announcements


Ido Shamun - Ethical considerations for artificial emotional intelligence

Prof. Miriam Reiner – The potential application of biomarkers in the eyes for enhanced human-machine interaction and well-being

Eran Wagner – Robots will soon be able to express human emotions - how do we feel about that?

Dan Furman – Emotionally responsive streaming entertainment of tomorrow: when videos, games, and music adjust to you

Prof. Doron Friedman - How can we use VR to induce experiences and emotions?

Joy team – "Experience zone" – products that detect and affect our emotional state


Prof. Miriam Reiner

Prof. Miriam Reiner founded and directed the Virtual Reality and NeuroCognition lab at the Technion, and is Co-Founder and CSO of BrainVu – a startup that is developing a new technology for brain-based, human-machine communication. BrainVu applies machine vision and state-of-the-art findings on the human brain to extract emotional/ behavioral & cognitive features of humans from eye dynamics. BrainVu was acquired by Mantis Vision in 2018, and Miriam now serves as VP Innovation at Mantis-Vision.

Miriam's work focuses on applications of virtual and augmented reality to enhance human performance by inserting cues in the VR/AR that activate the relevant brain mechanisms. She identified processes and methods for enhanced memory consolidation, improved spatial intelligence , insight and expedited human response time.

Prof. Doron Friedman

Prof. Doron Friedman is an Associate Prof. in the Sammy Ofer School of Communications and the Head of the Advanced Reality Lab. His PhD thesis, in Computer Science from Tel Aviv University, focused on automated cinematography in virtual environments. He continued as a Post Doctoral Research Fellow in the Virtual Environments and Computer Graphics Lab at University College London, working on controlling highly immersive virtual reality by thought, using brain-computer interfaces. In addition to his academic research Doron has also worked as an entrepreneur in the areas of intelligent systems and Internet. He and his lab members often work closely with start up companies, and his inventions are the basis of several patents and commercial products.

Doron's lab research is often covered by national and international media outlets, including CNN, BBC, New Scientist, National Geographic, Scientific American, and others.

Dan Furman

Dan Furman is a Harvard University graduate and Technion Ph.D. recipient for research in algorithmic decoding of brain signals. He has dedicated his professional career to the intersection of neurology and brain-computer interfaces. He is the Co-Founder and CEO of Arctop, a software company, based in San-Francisco, whose neural operating system, Neuos, translates brain activity from AR/VR headsets, headphones, and electrically embedded fabric into high-resolution maps of human emotions, reactions, and intent.

Furman's past experience includes working at NeuroVigil, a sleep analysis company that analyzes sleep patterns to monitor and diagnose diseases, like sleep apnea, depression, and autism. There, he was tapped to work closely with the late Stephen Hawking. As Hawking’s Lou Gehrig’s disease progressed, Furman adapted NeuroVigil’s sleep technology to create a new communication apparatus. It was this experience that inspired Furman to develop brain interfaces at a larger scale.

Nimrod Kramer, Ido Shamun - The Elegant Monkeys

The elegant monkeys (TEM) is an Israeli startup company, specializing in AI, Deep Learning, Digital Health and IoT.

TEM's mission is to build artificial intelligence algorithms and cloud technologies for the purpose of digitizing human emotions and mental states by processing physiological data. For that purpose, TEM is creating Kenko Technology, an AI tool that enables translation of human emotions and mental states into the digital world.

Nimrod Kramer is the Co-Founder & CEO at TEM, a former military intelligence officer in the IDF and a lead mentor in several acceleration programs in Israel and Europe. Nimrod is highly experienced in the field of data analysis and research, along with long-term project management and leadership.

Ido Shamun is the Co-Founder & Chief of Algorithm and Cloud at TEM. Ido has a B.Sc in Applied Mathematics and Signal Processing, and is leading the company's research and development of its core Emotion AI.

Ido serves as a voting member of IEEE P7014 Standards Working Group for Emulated Empathy in Autonomous & Intelligent Systems. IEEE is the world's largest technical professional organization for the advancement of technology.

Eran Wagner

Eran Wagner is a Managing Partner at i3 Equity Partners. He is also a co-founder of multiple companies as well as the IEFF in Silicon Valley, the Israel Conference in Los Angeles and the IoT Israel Summit in Tel Aviv.

Eran's experience includes over two decades of rich investment background, entrepreneurial experience and executive know-how. He was a general Partner at Gemini Israel Ventures where he led investments in Moovit, WalkMe and Wekaand and served on the board of different portfolio companies, some of them were sold to companies like Blackberry, HP, and SalesForce.

His area of investment focus is the Internet of Things including sensor networks, robotics, autonomous vehicles, Industrial solutions and more.

* The event will be conducted in Hebrew

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Date and Time


Impact Labs

7 HaPelech Street

Tel Aviv-Yafo, Tel Aviv District 6816727


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