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We all spend a LOT of time at work. And unfortunately, many of us don’t get much more out of that time other than a paycheck. But if we’re going to be at work for the majority of our waking hours every day, shouldn’t it be time well spent?

We all know what it feels like when we're excited about our work - when we actually look forward to going, don't have any trouble getting up in the morning, and know we're doing something meaningful with our time and energy. When we feel that way, it spills over into all other areas of our life as well - our health, our relationships, our state of mind.

When you're in a job that's not a good fit for you, you are more likely to be anxious, unhappy, less able to cope with challenges, and more dissatisfied with your life in general. You might even get to the point of wishing you would get into a car accident on the way to work!

But no matter what kind of job situation you are in, there are things you can do to make it better. In this free, interactive webinar you'll get:

  • A realization of how important it is to have the right mindset about making your job better
  • Guidance on how to clarify what your job requires of you, and what you want to be giving to your job
  • An introduction to the science of job crafting
  • Steps you can take to start making your job better

You'll learn the 3 C’s for making the job you’re in better, and through reflections and exercises, you'll hone in on things you can immediately shift at work.

RSVP now to receive the webinar instructions and the handout. The webinar is from 4:00-5:00pm PT/7:00-8:00pm ET.


About Dr. Kim Geil:

After watching her father be miserable for much of his working life, and seeing the effects that had on her and her family, Kim has chosen a different path. She is the founder of Coaching Heights, a coaching business that specializes in helping people learn how to make their jobs better, or figure out if it is time to leave their job and move on.

Kim has a B.A. in Sociology from Stanford University, and a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology and Research on Teaching from the University of Colorado at Boulder. She is passionate about helping people find satisfaction and fulfillment in their working lives, so that she can help as many people as possible not have to go through what her father and her family did.

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