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San Ramon, CA

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When you decide that you want to make more money, do you focus your efforts on - increasing income? Decreasing expenses? Acquiring assets? Eliminating liabilities?

Most people focus on creating more income by working more... but is this something that you really want to do? There's also the fact that employees will pay more taxes when they make more money... which means that you have to work even more... You get the idea!

Another common approach is to focus on reducing expenses. The problem with this is that no one gets rich clipping coupons and saving a dollar here and there. It can help limited funds stretch further but will not lead to financial independence.

If your goal is a new financial roadmap, then your primary focus should be on acquiring assets that generate income. The reason most people don't focus on this is because buying and managing assets takes knowledge and skills they simply don't have... Yet. Sadly, this is NOT something that is taught in school, and most people can't learn it from their parents or teachers because they don't know how to create assets either.

Find out how to become a member of our association of local/nationwide real estate investors where you will learn how to build your wealth with different strategies creating a new financial direction by reducing your taxes, pay off your debt quicker, and better prepare for retirement by using Real Estate as your tool.

On Wednesday evening our experienced investors in San Ramon host this Make Money Now wealth building event to help you realize your own potential to open the door of possibilities in the world of investing and are available to answer questions.

• What we'll do at this event
Investors; wholesalers, rehabbers, probate, short sales, contractors, lenders will connect with other investors and lenders and expand their resources. New investors will benefit from the experiences of established investors in our breakout sessions. Your host and co-founders along with top real estate investors and business owners making 7-digit incomes will be invited to speak and share their successes. Emphasis is put on financial literacy, wealth creation through birddogging, wholesaling, fix-n-flip, and buy-n-hold to create cash flows.
Pizza and water served at 6:30 PM during networking. NO food after 7:00 PM

• What to bring
- Bring your notepads!
- Bring 50 business cards, this meeting will grow fast!
• Important to know
- Be prepared to introduce yourself, business and a short what you do statement (15 second intro)
- Business cards will be exchanged. A table will be provided for business cards and brochures.
- Our code of ethics are - no selling or recruiting at the meeting. Please schedule one on one's to build your networks and share deals.

There will be an optional Make Money Now Session offered to those who need an immediate cash flow after the meet up.

We are looking for entrepreneurial minded individuals wanting to invest in their future that are self-starters, ambitious, motivated, and trainable that have the dedication and commitment to work for themselves inside of our proven business model and with the team so... REGISTER NOW to reserve your seat. Feel free to bring family, friends, co-workers, or anyone that you feel might benefit from this information.

Exact Address will be given after registration. I look forward to seeing you there on Wednesday!!

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Date and Time


San Ramon, CA

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