Make Meaningful Places (with Andrea Resmini)

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Understand how space, spatial relations and sense of place structure our understanding of the world and the way we behave.

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We very often do not even stop at considering how everything we know about the world, even our wildest or most abstract ideas, is primarily experienced and understood by means of a very basic set of spatial constructs.

We literally see, touch, smell our way through the world from before we are born. We have to walk across the room to pick up something we forgot, and we take a step back in front of a sudden fire. But we also keep loved ones close to our heart, we push away an unpleasant memory, and we go to Google to search for recipes.

As we’re increasingly turning our environments digital, and we spend larger and larger parts of our lives online, connected, elsewhere, a conversation on how to make meaningful work cannot leave a conversation on how we shape the world after the world has shaped us aside.

In this session we will discuss space and place and their role in human behaviour, illustrate how these provide the foundations for such diverse practices as film making and introduce the contributions of proxemics and the importance of digital placemaking, and we’ll get to understand how we can create humane, meaningful, actionable, memorable hybrid and blended environments only by making the often implicit rules that come with being “physical beings” explicit.

Key Outcomes:

Understand how:

  • Space is the root element for understanding human behaviour
  • Mind and body are one with each other and with the environment
  • Space structures expectations, behaviour, and a sense of presence and belonging
  • We move from “moving through a space” to “belonging to a place”

Speaker - Andrea Resmini

An architect and a designer, Andrea is an associate professor at Halmstad University’s Department of Intelligent Systems and Digital Design and the Director of Innovation and Research at the Center for Co-production, Jönköping Academy.

He’s the author of “Pervasive Information Architecture”, “Reframing Information Architecture”, and the upcoming “Advances in Information Architecture”. Andrea is a two-times past president of the Information Architecture Institute and co-founder of the Journal of Information Architecture and of the Italian Society for Information Architecture.

He reads way too much, pretends to play the piano, and knows way too much about WWII submarine warfare, J. R. R. Tolkien, and the Whitechapel murders for his own good.

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