Maiden, Mother, Crone | A Women’s Passage Ceremony

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Sky Meadow Retreat, Stannard Vermont

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This event is a ritual and ceremony for women to honor their passage into a new stage of life. Be witnessed and welcomed by a community of women as you welcome your transformation into Maiden, Mother or Grandmother/Crone.

Come be witnessed, held in community and honored for whatever transition you choose to mark. We will share our journeys, sing together, journal, drink from the communal tea pot, release and fully step into whatever stage of life we are at.

Come if you feel called to mark your passage. No one will tell you when is the right time, follow your feeling, your desire to be accepted and accept yourself in your new role.

Maiden include young women who have recently experienced their first bleed / menarche. Who look to enter into a supportive community of elder women.

Mother include women who has gone through physiological birth, through this huge initiation and need acceptance and integration, or other women who may feel they are ready to end their maidenhood and be known as Mother in community. A woman becomes a mother through birthing her own child, adoption, surrogacy, or if choosing to not have children, when she feels called to end her maidenhood and step into the community motherhood role.

Grandmother/Crone include women in community ready to step into a role of holding space, support, or teaching/guiding younger generations. Women stepping forward, or stepping back, from the responsibilities held by Mother or ‘Queen’ and entering elderhood. In becoming crone, a woman stops bleeding and turns towards the younger generations of maidens and mothers to impart her wisdom and guidance.

  • We humbly invite any and all women who feel called to participate in ceremony and ritual together.
  • We plan to sing, journal, share, have tea and work with the element of fire to aid us in this transformation.
  • This ceremony space is generously offered by Sky Meadow Retreat center and donations to Sky Meadow are greatly appreciated. You can sign up for free at and bring cash or check donation to the event.

Please bring: Everything is optional

  • A tea cup and a fresh or dried herb to add to the communal pot of tea - don’t worry if you forget an herb, there will be plenty and we can most likely pick something when we’re there!

  • Something to sit on like a yoga mat or blanket, we will be sitting on the ground so we can be more connected to Mother Earth. We will also have extra blankets.

  • A journal and something to write with.

  • Something to offer the fire. Safe burning objects only please, no toxins.

  • Something to put on an alter. You will not be leaving your altar piece, it will come home with you.

  • Wear red if you feel called to. This color of the beautiful liquid that gives life and marks each of our transitions.

On bringing children: We would like women to be able to fully participate in the ceremony without distraction. In order for all women to fully participate without distractions we ask that only babes in arms join. That being said we are mothers and understand finding childcare can be prohibitive. If this is the case, let us know and we can find a solution together.

Your hosts:

Adena Rose Bright: As now a Mother of two, I’m feeling deeply called to hold another ceremony to honor the birth of my most recent child.. I feel the need inmyself for this form Of gathering and ceremony, and can only imagine other women do as well. I look forward to inviting women in other stages of life. I practice Ayurveda and teach classes on Womb Healing and Women’s holistic health. Find me on Instagram @adenaroseayurveda and at

Hannah Pfeil: Hannah Pfeil is a mother of 3 perfectly wild little wombyn. Living in the woods, beginning a homeschooling journey, creating community and holding space for wombyn as they transition into mothers. I am on an ever evolving journey through the biggest and most profound part of my life, motherhood. Soaking in all the love and challenges, listening and sharing. Grateful to be on this road with you and tapping into our collective ancestral knowledge as we navigate together.

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Earth my body, Water my blood, Air my breath, Fire my spirit

Date and Time


Sky Meadow Retreat, Stannard Vermont

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