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Magically Manifest And Become The Conscious Creator Of Your Own Life

On this webinar I am teaching Conscious Law Of Attraction and the foundational principles of conscious creation

By Jenn Rosner

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July 8, 2021 · 8pm - January 11, 2024 · 6pm PDT



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What we have been taught about success and manifesting is somewhere between incomplete and just plain wrong. We have been programmed to focus on problems and how we can fix ourselves to have what we want. The truth is, YOU DON'T NEED TO FIX YOURSELF. You can be exactly who you are AND create what you want. The key is getting into the right structure.

Take your desires from dreams to manifestation and fruition.


Magically Manifest & Become A Conscious Creator

​Choose the 'End Results' Using the Core 4 Method

Create Structural Tension By Consciously Setting Up A '2-Point' Structure

​Use the Power of Epigenetics To Step Into The Emotion of The End Result To Create Your New Identity

​Unplug From Your Past & Current Identity To Let Go Of The Old (This is different from healing.)

Take The Correct Action So You Magnetically Move Towards Your True Goals

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Jenn Rosner

People feel like they need to constantly improve or fix themselves because the reason they don’t have what everyone else seems to have is that there is something wrong with them and THEY are broken.

What they don’t realize is that it is not them, you see we live in a problem focused world and that structure or focus is actually the problem. We think it’s us because we don’t know any other way. We are not taught any other way . Using the fundamental principles of conscious creationis I help people shift into a different structure , a different “focusing” I show them there is another way, a way where you connect to what you love and and then shift out anything that is in the way of you consistently moving toward that. You are not broken the system is.