Magical Activism: Live Digital Ritual Series w/Starhawk

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Join Starhawk for a live 7-part webinar series on deep personal and collective change through ritual, story, and magical activism.

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This year, as we gear up for the most important election of our lives in the U.S., we need magic! That is, we need the ancient art and science of consciousness change, because as Einstein said, “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”

We need magic to help us stay grounded, sane, and able to sleep as the tension mounts—and a little support from our friends would be nice, too! We need magic to counter the manipulative magic that floods the internet and the airwaves every day with toxic energies, to help us discern truth and provide an antidote to the poisons. We need magic not as a substitute for action, but to further our own resilience as we dream the world we want and channel our energies effectively to make it real.

This course will run through seven sessions, roughly coordinated to the seasonal Festivals of the Wheel of the Year—with some adjustments to take into account my travels and particularly relevant dates such as the Fourth of July. And we’ll have a session after the election—which we fervently hope will be a celebration and a springboard for new vision and commitment.

What's Included

Each session includes: a teaching, some practical exercises, a ritual, and homework.

The series centers on our live webinars, which will take place between February and November. Once you register here, you will automatically receive a personal link to join all of our future live webinars. Can't make the live events? We will record them and send you the recording automatically via email within 36 hours of the live webinar's conclusion.

We also have a great discussion group and active community you will be invited to join once you register!

Registering after the series has begun? No problem. You won't miss a thing. Once you register here, you will:

  • Receive all the recordings from the sessions you have missed, one at a time in sequence so you can catch up.
  • Automatically receive links to all future live sessions and their recordings as well, delivered to your inbox.
  • Be invited to join the ongoing discussion in our magical activism community.

Just register here for the series, and then polish up your broomsticks, hold onto those pointy hats, and get ready for the ride!

Series Outline

Session One | February 7th : Can We Please Talk About the Real Witch-Hunts? The World-view and History of Magic

Grounding, anchor to core self, releasing fear and anxiety, sleeping well, concluding with a Brigid ritual.

Session Two | March 2nd: It’s All Energy

What is energy? And how can we learn to work with it? Sensing energy, monitoring energy flows, shifting the energy

Session Three | June 4th: The Power of the Word

The power of naming and framing. Language evokes imagery, and imagery directs energy. Putting it into practice!

Session Four | free video session , released on July 2nd: Fourth of July—A Collective Spell

What is a magical working? Crafting a spell, and casting one!

Session Five | September 16th: Action as Ritual/Ritual as Action

My favorite magical action stories. The power of intention, and how to craft one.

Session Six | October 29th: The Druid’s Lesson

The Mysteries—Goddesses, Gods, ancestors, spirit beings and other realms. Asking for help. The Crossroads.

Session Seven | November 5th: Our Post-election connection time.

And if some miracle happens and Trump is removed from office—we’ll still need all of these skills and tools to make sure we come through the change and move in the direction of resilience and regeneration!

Reading List

I’m going to suggest some ongoing reading for this course—you don’t have to do it all! If you want to delve deeper, here are a few great resources:

  • Sylvia Federicci. Caliban and the Witch.
  • George Lakoff. The Political Mind.
  • Starhawk. Dreaming the Dark: Magic, Sex and Politics.
  • Starhawk. Truth or Dare, Encounters with Power, Authority and Mystery
  • Starhawk. Webs of Power: Notes from the Global Uprising.
  • Lisa Fithian. Shut It Down

This course is open to anyone who wants to learn these skills and tools. My own political perspective is progressive to radical. I’ve had a lifelong commitment to social justice in all its forms, to non-violence, feminism, environmental balance and justice, and undoing all the structures of oppression.

I strongly believe that what we need now is a powerful, welcoming movement for justice in all its forms, one that is truly inclusive of all people, and that generates energy, enthusiasm and joy even in the midst of struggle.

I look forward to sharing with you all throughout the coming adventure!


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Event Is Hosted Online

123 checkyouremail st.

san francisco, CA 94110

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