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Magic Standard Saturdays at Round Table Games

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Round Table Games

128 Main Street

Suite A

Carver, Massachusetts 02330

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What is it? Standard is a weekly social gathering of Magic fans, hosted at your local friendly game store, in this case, Round Table Games. Meet other players, play some games, check out new cards, test your latest deck designs, and most importantly, have fun!

All players are welcome. It doesn't matter if you're just starting out, have played a lot of Magic Duels, or even if you've been playing at home or at school with friends for years

These are friendly tournaments; teaching the game, camaraderie and having fun are just as important as the competition.

What does it cost? $7 or $5 with the purchase of a booster pack (possibly discounted based on attendance and where you are on the Magic leaderboard), or if you are enrolled in our Joust League or a member of the KNights' Inner Circle

What do you get? Prize packs are based on attendance, promos

Earn RTG gold based on where you place (even last place earns 10 RTG gold (see!reward-programs/c1yi0 here for details)

Also earn Nobility leaderboard points based on your matches.

Become ranked in the leader board and get discounts on related products.

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